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Never Let Go (The Fog)


(Previously The Fog) My heart stopped, the world stopped, and then in a rush it flooded back. My mind buzzed with thoughts as I ran as fast as I could, knowing I was too late. I could smell it too now. My nostrils flared and my knees buckled underneath me, an all too human feeling. My breathing coming in frantic sobs, I finally made it. I threw myself at the heat, like a sacrifice on the altar. I roared against the flames against the voice in my head. But the velvet couldn’t be drowned out, “Bella, What if I can’t save you? What if I’m the super-hero and the bad guy?” I screeched in defiance at the flames. My body wouldn’t stand the inferno much longer, but I didn’t leave. Then I saw it, my proof, and I finally allowed the strong cool hands to pull me from the fire. After the wedding and Bella’s change Edward and Isabella are looking forward to their happily-ever-after, forever. But fate doesn’t like to be predictable. Full of never ending questions, intense suspense, and drama The Fog definitely questions the picture-perfectness of Breaking Dawn. "I love it!" "This is a fantastic story..." "intense" "well written..." “I’m waiting for an update on the edge of my chair!”

enjoy. the begining is a little slow but it picks up well, or so i'm told! i would love constructive reviews!

4. Honeymoon Pt. 1

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Magical, Surreal - but, I suppose that's the way it has always been with Edward. I smiled to myself, recounting the first week or so of our honeymoon. We climbed the Eiffel tower, went swimming in the reefs near Australia, we went to see movies; Edward took me up into the mountains of Scotland, walk through jungles, and lazy mornings in Santorini, my favorite Greek island, so far.

It was amazing that we could have as much fun sitting in the plane for hours as we could swimming next to dolphins. I knew why. It was the key ingredient, Edward, he could make anything fun.

"What are you thinking about, Bella. How I wish I could get inside your head."

"Nothing much, I was just thinking about everything we've done."

"Are you happy? Are you having fun?"

I laughed. "What do you think? I'm deliriously happy."

"Good, then this is a good time to push you a little farther. Come here."

Surprised and a little puzzled I leaned over my seat, a little closer.

Edward laughed. A light, musical sound. "No darling, you can unbuckle your seat belt. Come sit on my lap, please."

The thought of getting out of my very safe seat was a little nerve racking. It's not that I didn't trust Edward's flying. I was completely confident of Edward's abilities; I just didn't trust the plane itself. "I think you should concentrate on flying, Edward. In case something was to happen."

"Bella, please. I promise to concentrate on the plane. Just come over here. I can't believe you're scared of this!"

My chin unconsciously jerked up a little higher. Reaching down I pushed the button that would unbuckle me before leaping across the small space between the co-pilot an pilot seat.

"There you go, Bella." Edward said taking his hands off the wheel and sticking them into the air.

"What? Edward Cullen! What are you thinking?"

"You're going to fly, love. It's amazing. Here." He said taking my hands and placing his over mine on the wheel. "I'll teach you."


a couple of hours later

That afternoon we flew to Kenya to have a safari picnic amongst lions. We bought food in a nearby village and then we went looking for wildlife. That didn't take long. We found lions and elephant as well as wildebeest and many others. Edward left me in the shade of a tree to eat as he went off to hunt. What a sight. His strength and full grace always amazes me, though.



"Edward, what are we going to do here?" I said as he landed the jet in the middle of a winter wonderland. I followed him out of the cockpit and into the rather large sitting area waiting for his response.

Edward grabbed a blanket from off of a couch in the jet. "You'll see." He said wrapping the blanket around my already warmly dressed frame. "Come for a walk with me?" He suggested, placing a cool kiss on my cheek bone.

I gasped, those words, those quietly spoken, lethal words. My steps faltered and my heart rate increased. Those were the words that he had spoken before leaving me in Forks. They shouldn't matter anymore. They didn't. But somehow I couldn't stop my body from reacting a little. I didn't want to look into his eyes because I knew from his stiff position that he understood my reaction. He didn't need to hurt. Lifting my head a searched his face. Jaw clenched, bottom lip jutted out just a little, eyebrows together. I dreaded his expressive eyes and so saved them for last. Yup, his eyes held so much sorrow, regret. They even looked a little waterier than normal...he had venom almost overflowing out of his eyes.

"Edward, I..."

"Shh, Bella. I know. I'm sorry. I will-" He broke off and turned away resting his hands on the back of the couch. "Damn it, Bella. Will it ever be the same? How can I make it up to you? What do I do?" I knew he wasn't paying attention to what he was doing to the couch so I walked over and took his hands into mine, but it was too late the frame of the couch was already snapped in half.

I held one of his hands in both of mine. Using the tip of my fingers I traced the infinitesimal lines in his palm and long graceful fingers as I struggled to find the right thing to say. "Love me," I said simply. "Let me love you, we'll get over it. You're here now, and that's what matters to me. It's just that this has always been ‘too good to be true' and part of me, a very small part, is scared you'll leave again someday. I don't know what else to say except someday we'll have all these great memories and that will fade into the background. It will just be a chapter in our love story. You know how they say ‘every great love has one great trial,' well; at least we've got ours over with." I finished with a half smile. Lifting my eyes from where my hands entwined with his I was slightly surprised to see the gentle warmth in his eyes.

"How did you get so sweet?" He whispered roughly.

"I ate a lot of chocolate when I was little." I smiled brightly, relieved to have his happiness restored.

Edward laughed and wrapped me in his arms. "Mmm, I love you."

Noticing the other, thankfully unbroken, couch behind Edward I pushed him back. Unsuspecting Edward fell back onto the couch and I jumped onto the cushion next to him, leaving the blanket behind. "Can we stay inside the jet for a little longer?"

"No, Bella, I want to go on a walk with you."

"No dazzling, Edward Cullen!" When Edward didn't stop and I could feel myself starting to give in I changed tactics. I moved closer on the couch, slowly so that he couldn't guess what I had planned. "Edward? Can we stay in this warm plane for a little while longer?" When he shook his head no I launched into him, tickling him helpless. It was so funny to see my Edward, the strong brave man that he was reduced to gasping and laughter, impotent.

"Bella...okay...no more! You win." Edward couldn't talk anymore he lapsed back into a bout of laughter.

"Good answer." I said smugly, cuddling into his chest.

"Are you sure you don't want to change your mind, love? Of course it's up to you but I have a wonderful surprise for you outside," He whispered. Edward's cool lips fluttered across my face placing light kisses. "We have to hurry if you want to see it," he coaxed, taking my bottom lip into his. "And Bella," he breathed and his breath made my head spin. "You'll love my surprise; it's almost as beautiful as you." Edward's lips moved to my neck and I smiled.

"You've disarmed me. Let's go see your wonderful surprise. And it better be good or I'll make you pay." I joked half-heartedly.

"I have an idea, let's take this couch outside with us!"

We must have painted the most absurd picture ever. A young girl curled up next to a breathtakingly beautiful boy, so pale he matched perfectly with the snow and ice landscape. Edward wore only a jacket and jeans while I was covered in multiple heavy layers to ward off the cold; we sat there under the stars, entwined together on a couch in ‘The Middle of Nowhere,' Canada.

Leaning my head back against Edward's arm, I sighed, content. "Is there reason behind your madness, Edward?"

Edward laughed lightly. "You wait and see. I have another thing to show you."

I let my imagination run, wondering what else Edward could have to show me. We had already seen so many amazing things. A pride of lions lolling about, fish and sea turtles, dolphins, the Eiffel tower, elephants, the list ran on; we'd already visited almost every continent in under two weeks! What else could make Edward's list of ‘things to show Bella'? I ran over the clues. Well, Edward had said it was beautiful, we had to be outside, it was very late at night and there was no sign of civilization on the horizon. We were surrounded by one lonely jet and a sea of white all under a dark sky with twinkling stars. Very romantic - maybe that was it! The scenery was beautiful; maybe we were just here to enjoy it.

"Am I seeing it right now?" I asked, hedging.

I watched as a puzzled expression settled on Edwards face. He turned his head to look around. "No, I don't think so. Your eyes can't see it yet, but I see it coming."

What? I snuggled deeper into my cocoon, closing my eyes and leaning into Edward's marble arms I drifted off...

"Bella, love?" Edward whispered a few minuets later. He had apparently shifted us on the couch in my sleep; now I could feel his cool arm under my head and his sculptured body fitted alongside mine. I smiled, still half asleep - we fit perfectly, snugly.

"Hmmm? Oh! Is it here?" Opening my eyes I looked straight up into the sky and gasped. It is beautiful. I had never seen it before, well, besides in movies. I never thought it was very special before, I imagined it as overrated and not that spectacular. I was very wrong. As I gazed up into the sky marveling at the colors, Edward watched me and I became uncomfortable under his scrutiny. "It's beautiful."

"Yes, it is," he whispered, barely loud enough for me to hear.

I blushed as I realized he was not looking up at the northern lights, as I was, but at me.

"Dance with me, Bella? I have another song for you." Edward murmured as he stood up and presented me with his hand. Courtly manners, one of his many characteristics that signified the he had been born in an earlier century.

"I always love dancing with you." I responded taking his hand and setting in close between his arms, against his chest. I tucked my head into his neck as the beginnings of a beautiful song drifted to me from an invisible stereo that Edward never seemed to be without.

Two lovers, soul mates, their great trial behind them and a bright eternity ahead danced slowly to a lovely song under the neon green, baby blue, and iris purple sky.

"I've been so many places in my life and time
I've sung a lot of songs and I've made some bad climbs
I've acted out my life in stages with ten thousand people watching
Oh, but we're alone now and I'm singing this song for you
I know your image of me is what I hope to be, I've treated you unkindly
Oh, but Darling can't you see that, there's no one more important to me
Baby, baby, can't you see through me, 'cause we're alone now
And I'm singing this song to you, you taught me precious secrets
Of a true love withholding nothing, you came out in front
When I was hiding, yeah, yeah, but now its so much better
If my words don't quite come together, please listen to the melody
'Cause my love is in there somewhere hiding
I love you in a place where there is no space or time, I love you for my life
You are a friend of mine, and when my life is over
Remember, remember, remember when we were together
And we are alone now, and I was singing this song to you
We were alone, and I was singing, yeah singing
We were alone, and I was singing this song for you
Singing my song, I'm singing my song for you..."

Sitting in the plane on our way to our next destination, which Edward had yet to disclose to me, our conversation flowed from future plans at Farleigh and Forks to the possibilities of getting a puppy. Edward argued that his instincts would cause him or her to be fearful of my new family. I countered by saying that we would just have to teach it to trust us, and make sure everyone was aware they were not to eat any small puppies running around the house...

"Thank you, Edward."

"For what, mon amoureux?"

"Making this incredible, this last two weeks has been so much more than amazing."

"Have you experienced everything you wanted to as a human, Bella?"

"Almost, Eddie."

"Eddie? I must protest. Eddie?"

"Just experimenting with nicknames, love. What do you think about leone?"

"Fine, then...Arrossimente."

I laughed. Edward was fluent in many languages, by the sound of it the one he used now was Italian. "And what, pray tell, does that mean?"

"It means blushing, and you are, quite frequently as well as now. I think it fits well." Edward teased with a grin.

"You have an unfair advantage in that category, I thing we should stay clear of other languages until I have had enough time to learn all of them."

"Okay, sweetheart, I promise."

"Sounds good, Fabio."

"Fabio? I look nothing like him, he looks like-like...Tarzan. Tan and very heavily muscled, long dark hair and what's up with his jaw? I'm more not dark and -"

"You're more Greek god, I get it. How do you know so much about Fabio? Besides that doesn't matter, Edward. He's someone everyone associates with amazing good looks. It's not the man, it's the symbol!"

We talked and joked casually, as always, and it went on like that for awhile before I fell asleep in his arms as he flew to his next surprise destination.