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Never Let Go (The Fog)


(Previously The Fog) My heart stopped, the world stopped, and then in a rush it flooded back. My mind buzzed with thoughts as I ran as fast as I could, knowing I was too late. I could smell it too now. My nostrils flared and my knees buckled underneath me, an all too human feeling. My breathing coming in frantic sobs, I finally made it. I threw myself at the heat, like a sacrifice on the altar. I roared against the flames against the voice in my head. But the velvet couldn’t be drowned out, “Bella, What if I can’t save you? What if I’m the super-hero and the bad guy?” I screeched in defiance at the flames. My body wouldn’t stand the inferno much longer, but I didn’t leave. Then I saw it, my proof, and I finally allowed the strong cool hands to pull me from the fire. After the wedding and Bella’s change Edward and Isabella are looking forward to their happily-ever-after, forever. But fate doesn’t like to be predictable. Full of never ending questions, intense suspense, and drama The Fog definitely questions the picture-perfectness of Breaking Dawn. "I love it!" "This is a fantastic story..." "intense" "well written..." “I’m waiting for an update on the edge of my chair!”

enjoy. the begining is a little slow but it picks up well, or so i'm told! i would love constructive reviews!

6. The Fight

Rating 5/5   Word Count 763   Review this Chapter

"Edward you can't do this to me," I whispered letting all my pain show through in my voice. "Don't shut me out again." Edward flew in silence. We were headed back to Forks, to home, and he still hadn't explained anything to me. Apparently I wasn't deemed worthy. "Edward! Damn it, answer me! What the hell is going on? I am a big girl. You don't have to be so protective of me all the time." He ignored me, refusing to even acknowledge my tirade. A minuet or two passed and I broke down a little, we didn't have to fight. "Please, love. You can tell me. We are supposed to share everything. Talk this all out...just don't leave me in the dark. Is it me? I didn't mean to wander off...did I scare you?" He still stared straight ahead, jaw clenched, eyes unblinking. What was I saying? ‘I didn't mean to wander off!?' He wasn't my ward or anything - I was quite capable of taking care of myself! I didn't need his permission to go ANYWHERE!

"Edward stop this, now. Is this how you expect our lives to be? Am I some toy to you, just something to play with when you're in the mood? I have feelings and thoughts and desires, just like any other person. You can't shut me out like this! I don't have a damn turn-off switch. I am not a trinket to take out for fun and then make love to whenever it suits you! What happened? Tell me now or this is over."

"Oh, everything has to be about you, then. I want to know this, I want to do this, you say and you just go on and on! Just let it be, Isabella Swan." The surprise on my face registered a second later and he was immediately contrite. "I didn't mean that. I'm not going to let this little tiff ruin our marriage. It's just that I haven't gotten used to calling you Isabella Cullen yet. I don't use your last name often."

"Justify it however you want to. You spoke without thinking. Maybe that is how you really feel. If it is, then - tell me. You don't have to lie to me, I can handle the truth. There you go again protecting me from the truth because it might hurt my feelings!"

"Damn right, Bella. I want to protect you. It's kind of what you try to do when you love something; you try to keep it safe. And, Bella, you definitely don't make my job any easier!" Edward was close to shouting and his arms flew through the air to demonstrate his point.

"I am not a job, Edward. I am not a thing. I can take care of myself-" I broke off at his laughter and glared at him. "I am not here to be taken care of; you hover over me, waiting for me to step into a hole so that you can pull me out. Stop worrying about it all the time and live. I am here to live beside you, to love you... Whatever. I always thought this was too good to be true. I was right. They were right, maybe it all went to fast... I'll pack my stuff and leave when we get home," by time I finished my voice was only a whisper. Wow. This fairy-tale is over, Bella. I wouldn't hold on to us. It would just hurt more. Standing I walked out of the cock-pit to sit on one of the couches, away from Edward. I stopped with my hand on the knob when I heard him speak.

"Is that it then?" He bit out. I didn't answer I just stood there staring into his eyes, they were pitch black.

"You tell me." It was barely more than a whisper, but it was firm and I was sure he would hear it. He didn't give me an answer; he just turned his head to stare back out the window, pretending to concentrate on flying.

"Okay." I walked away and shut the door behind me. I ran to the couch and curled up on the cushions. Don't cry. I was determined not to cry. He would NOT hear me cry. I held in the sobs, but I couldn't hold in the silent tears slipping down my cheeks. How had that happened.