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Midnight Dreams

LILY SAWYER- When Lily moved to Forks with her "parents" to start over again, little did she know her life would change dramatically. She meets a boy- actually a werewolf- and begins to fall for him. Will she learn to love again? Or is her heart still broken after all this time? And what if her past comes alive again in a very surprising way... JACOB BLACK- After running for days, Jacob decides it's time to turn back. On his way home, Jacob encounters someone in the forest- and she is just has damaged as him. Can Jacob help her? Will she help Jacob get over Bella, without hurting him herself? Or is she worse for Jacob... Could something so wrong, be so right? Revised the summary. Chapter 2 is coming very soon!

I kept hitting a writer's block while writing my first story, so I decided to rewrite it. This story is based off the same idea I had, but taking it in a different direction. I decided that it wasn't necessary to start all the way from Twilight.

1. Chapter 1: Bittersweet

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My feet began to slow to a stop. I had been running for days now - possibly even weeks. My mind was disconnected from everything except the cool wind stinging my face and the crunch of the ground beneath my feet. The voices of the pack hadn’t bothered me. Whether I was too far to hear them, or I was very good at blocking them, their thoughts hadn’t troubled me during my escape.

The pain I felt was gone, not permanently, but at the moment it was gone. I didn’t want to think about her. If I thought her name, I was afraid the agony would wash over me again. She loves you, but it’s not enough. She loves him more. I shook the memory of her out of my head.

I wasn’t sure where I was. At some point I had turned back around and headed towards home. How far was I from La Push? I wasn’t sure. Did I want to go back? I wasn’t sure about that either.

Phasing back, I began walking through the trees. I could hear the chirping of birds and the bustling of forest creatures. The sky was covered in light gray clouds, it was dark but a faint glow was visible through the cover. I judged it was just breaking dawn by the light. My stomach grumbled loudly. I had literally lost track of everything, I somehow even forgot about my hunger. In human form, my throat burned from lack of water.

In the distance I could hear a rushing stream. Exhausted, I changed my direction and headed towards the sound. The landscape began to become hilly. For a normal human, it would’ve been more difficult to walk, but for me it was easy. After a few minutes of walking I caught a heavenly scent. It was floral, wafting in the wind. I stopped in my track. The aroma was so sweet and alluring. What kind of flower could produce such a beautiful scent?

Curious, now, I began to walk quicker as I approached a large hill. I could see a break in the forest approaching as I restrained from running up the steep landscape. The scent was so much stronger now, enthralling. I inhaled deeply letting it fill my lungs. I pushed through the trees faster and approached the top of the hill. As I stepped out of the trees I approached a small, low valley. Cutting through two hills was the bubbling stream I had heard.

Standing there, the aroma surrounded me, filling me with its heavenly scent. My eyes raked across the valley for the source. There was a colorful array of flowers spread throughout, violets, pinks, yellows, and blues. And there was also a girl, sitting next to the sparkling stream. She was staring off into the trees, daydreaming. All of sudden she laughed, a tinkling, musical laugh. It was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. Scared I looked around, but there was no one else- just her and me. Surprisingly, she was unaware of my presence.

I stood there in awe, too scared and shocked to move. She had long, dark brown hair that waved down her back and spilled across her shoulders in silky tendrils. Her knees were pulled up to her chest, her thin arms hugging them close. Her smooth, pale skin glistened softly in the dim light. She was smiling, a warm, inviting smile. Every thing about her was perfect, beautiful, and exotic.

In a quick, graceful, movement she sat up and turned to look towards me. With her lovely smile still in place, her wide, slanted eyes stared straight at me smoldering, a warm honey color. It hit me. Like a giant wave crashing over me, our eyes locked and I knew.

My breath caught in my throat, time stood still, the earth stopped revolving, and all that mattered to me was her- sitting in such breathtaking beauty. Not two seconds had passed, as we gazed into each others eyes, when suddenly her smile dropped. Realization overcame me. Not only had I imprinted, found my other half, but I had fallen in love with a vampire- my enemy. I didn’t need to take a step further to see what she was. She knew also, I could tell by the look on her face. Her gorgeous honey eyes were filled with the sweetest sadness. Yes, she knew.

Standing up cautiously, she began to walk towards me and I eagerly did the same. We met at the foot of the hill, inches away from each other. I longed to reach out and touch her, to hold her in my arms. This sudden impulse shocked me, had I not realized what she was? I knew that my natural instinct should be to kill her and rip her to shreads, but it didn’t matter to me anymore. All I wanted was her.

Uncertainty and sorrow colored her beautiful face. She was petite, tiny compared to my massive self. I looked down into her blazing golden eyes, a foot below mine. Suddenly her lips curled into a smile and she laughed the same sweet melodic laugh again. I laughed with her, committing the sound to memory. Her small, delicate hand reached out, hesitantly, and touched my cheek.

As I suspected, her hand was cold. Her touch sent an electric shock through my body. The urge to embrace her was so achingly strong- she was so close I had trouble controlling myself. She sighed and the sweet aroma hit me again- it was her, she was the source of the delicious scent. Instead of reeking of a repulsive smell like the other bloodsuckers, she smelled lovely.

She pulled her hand away and took a step back. Her beautiful face was crumpled in pain. The longing to comfort her and hold her washed through me again. But I knew the truth- we could never be together. She knew this, too, as she stepped farther away from me. “Wait…” I spoke aloud for the first time, reaching my hand toward her.

She smiled weakly and responded in a smooth, muted whisper, “I’m so sorry.” Her voice, although a whisper, was more dazzling than her laughter.

I closed my eyes, fighting the tears. An unnatural breeze swept by me. When I reopened my eyes she was gone. Would I ever see her again? I didn’t even know her name.