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Simple Bliss

In the meadow, with Edward and Bella. Its as simple as the summary.


1. Heart To Heart

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Send out the morning birds
To sing of the damage
Now that the calm's returned
I know I can't manage

He reached his marble arms over his head, and firmly grasped her forearms. Twisting her faster than she could ever hope to see, her feet landed gracefully on the wispy swaying grass. He let go, and brushed his pastel hand over her bronzed honey locks. She peered up at him, shyly, with her milky chocolate eyes, and flashed his a stunning smile, her eyes dancing. Leisurely, he moved his hand and brushed her cheek, leaving a blazing scarlet trail. His ocher eyes laughed as he returned her smile, more dazzling than the sun. Dazed, she stumbled, and he flashed out his arms and caught her, like the river catches the moonlight. He laughed, elated and besotted with the stunning girl in front of him. All subtle curves, and inelegance, shyness and curiosity, the most beautiful thing on the world, he knew, more precious than anything else could ever be. Like a falling star, she glistened and shimmered and sparkled in front of his eyes. His bell like chuckle rang across the meadow, lighter than a cloud and more brilliant than a rainbow. Even more deeply dazzled, she stared at him. And love deeper than the universe sparkled in them, along with a smothered pain. But the pain was nothing, like a grain of sand to all creation, of a lesser love lost.

He moved his hands down her cheekbones, and cupped them on the sides of the willowy jaw. Like a light, the pain in her eyes flashed out. Slowly, he brushed his fingers across her jaw and onto her cheekbones, back and forth. She trembled under the touch of this angel, the sculpted perfection who loved her. Almost as if he was reading her thoughts, he gazed deeply into her eyes.

His, liquid topaz, deep and unfathomable but held love that rose like the moon from his eyes for the girl in front of him. Hers, endless mahogany pools, shimmering like a thousand opals. Oblivious, they held each other’s gaze.

Time passed, but neither knew how much exactly, when the golden sun burst out from behind the murky clouds. Iridescent light danced across the jade grass. The boy unwillingly broke his gaze from her eyes. She lifted a slender hand, and shielded her young face from the sun, and smiled. Glancing at him, thrilled, she eagerly tugged his hand. She laughed passionately and urged him into the meadow. Blissfully the pair took a small step into the circle, and the boy burst into light. Shimmering. Shining. Glimmering. Gleaming. Splashes of rich vibrant colors sparkled and winked off of his perfect marble skin, like millions of diamonds.

Almost shyly, she reached out a trembling hand, and brushed his cheek. Lips parted slightly, he closed his eyes and felt her warm pulse through his skin. Playfully, he pounced on her and rolled her onto her back, and landed lightly on top of her. She laughed appreciatively, but he rolled over and plopped onto his back beside her.

She made a noise, almost like a cry of protest, but he leaned into her ear and whispers a word. A word that held more love and hope and adoration and promise than almost anybody could ever hope to understand. Her eyes close into slits as she curls up against him. He smoothes back her hair to the nape of her neck and just watches her, which is more than he ever hoped for. Bending his neck slightly, he whispers in her ear the word again. An oath of love to her, than he would rather die than break.


You're the finest thing that I've done
The hurricane I'll never outrun
I could wait around for the dust to still
But I don't believe that it ever will

And since the roof fell in
I'll lean on what matters
Caught in the slightest wind
Everything else unravels