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Run Away

Image and video hosting by TinyPic She lost everything, her father was killed, Edward never returned, she could never see Jacob or her mother again and everybody thought she was dead. She ran away to England to forget; but as a Vampire. "she never smiles, how can you smile with a broken heart"In need for a banner? japanesegurl@live.co.uk

Oops! the first copy got deleted.... damn... sorry! I think I'll change things too, quite a bit of you complained about a dew things and I kinda agree with you, my imagination got the best of me there! sorry about that! Even though I know many of you have already reviewed for the last chapters it would be SO great if you could do it again! you will be like totally awesome! please please please!

1. Violin in the Wind

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It was Friday night, the end of a long week that seemed to take forever to past by. Time seemed meaningless now, and it seemed strange to Bella how important it used to be in her once beating human heart.

But this meaningless time had changed her, she wasn't the same anymore.

The bright moon beamed down in streams of silver on her radiant white skin, so she shined out standing as still as a pillar of marble. Her glossy brown hair fell over her shoulders and danced with the thunderous wind. She stood high above perfectly balanced on the high wall; east of her house; staring out to the miles of green earth that was known to be her property.

Her eye lids were shut peacefully but her head was tilted up towards the blazing moon. The wind roared around her, so the hem of her white dress rushed out and danced with the angry storm.

In her hands she held a beautiful violin with a bronze polished surface and markings in the handle, her hands were moving quickly so they were a soft blur. But the music was careful and delicate, angry and passionate.

The wind roared fiercely again and the music became more violent, her moonlit face was still and picture of absolute peace in the centre of chaos. She shined out like a light; a guarding light in the middle of the black gloom.

"Princess?" a soft voice called out so quietly human ears wouldn't have been able to hear, but Bella heard and stopped playing, she lifted the violin from her chin and dropped her hand gently by her side.

The roaring wind had stop and a cool breeze replaced it, a silence echoed around her. She looked up and the sky and watched the dark angry clouds drain away to uncover the twinkling stars that smiled down at her scattered around the full moon.

"Hmm?" Bella had turned round and stared down a the boyish youthful face to a 20 year old boy, his messy raven hair framed his perfect handsome face that was lit up by the crooked smile and brilliant gold eyes.

"You're going to knock down the house if you keep messing with the weather," The boy said with a playful grin, "ever thought that it maybe preferred you left it alone?"

Bella's eyes had finally opened to uncover luminous silver irises, misty and almost mirror like. Her face was of brilliance and beauty, like a silver angel with a serene peaceful smile.

Bella's composed face broke into an awkward smile as she laughed sheepishly, "Ah sorry Hugh I guess I got a bit carried away again..."

"I would say... that storm knocked the shed down... for a second time," Hugh said wearily and grimaced, glaring up as Bella in annoyance. He looked round his shoulder and stared at somebody with and uneasy gaze.

"Ah well I'll fix it tomorrow," Bella said scrunching up her features into a frown. She leaned down and gently placed her prized possession back into her case, her back to Hugh.

"You better because I'm not; I was already nailed by Lucy for knocking my car into it, and it was the car that got the damage. I had to fix it to perfection. I have no idea why that girl is so obsessed with gardening..." Hugh grumbled in irritation.

Bella jumped down smoothly through the window to land carefully next to Hugh. The cosy room was warm and had a earth like woody smell, the fire was lit and in front of it was a young girl lounged across a softer; book gripped gently in her hand and her arm rested behind her head.

Bella walked quietly behind the girl and smiled fondly down at her soft black head, "You alright Lucy?" Bella asked as she stroked her hand through Lucy's night black hair.

Lucy lifted her head up; her brilliant long black hair framed her heart shaped face. Her eyes were wide and a glowing gold, though her skin was as pale as any other vampire her cheeks almost had a rosy touch.

The eight year old smiled brightly; her eyes sparkling as she reached up and curled her fingers around a lock of Bella's beautiful chocolate hair.

"You were out all night Princess! I was getting worried," Lucy cooed with a strawberry pout, her snow white fingers fiddling with Bella's hair.

"Sorry Kid I got a bit carried away," Bella replied with a smile, "I knocked down your garden shed I'm sorry,"

Lucy pushed herself of the softer and skipped to Bellas side with a graceful bounce in her step and coiled her small hand around Bellas.

"Nah don't worry Sis I'll get Hugh to fix it," Lucy said with a delightful giggle looking over at her brother adoringly.

"Like hell you will..." Hugh grumbled in annoyance, "Friggin' sisters..."

Lucy turned around as pouted with cute puppy eyes, "pleeeeeease?"

"Grr! why don't you do it yourself? Or persuade those blokes down the road to do it with your crazy extra persuasive powers?" Hugh growled at his younger sister immaturely.

Bella had been living with Hugh and Lucy for the past 9 years; it was an easy carefree life. Charlie had been killed by Victoria. Bella escaped with a bite. Edward never came back. Jacob thought she was dead. Everyone though she was dead. Her mother was now trying her best to move on with her life. Bella had run away from Forks and planned on never going back, she knew The Cullens had moved back there.

This of course was a very vague summery of the past events but details were draining away from Bella's locked up mind, and so memories she wished to forget were very gradually becoming forgotten.

It was easier that way; to live without Edward and to pretend he never existed, and as for Jacob, he had said to her once that he would have preferred her to be dead than a vampire. She didn't want to hurt him anymore.

It was when Bella flew to England and discovered her rejection for human blood, she detested it. She was a natural vegetarian and was even disgusted with the blood of animals; she found that she was in need of normal human food instead. It was a strange but pleasant gift she had. She also had the power to temper with the weather due to her emotions and with enough self control she could master the weather at will.

It was then she met Lucy and Hugh, they were siblings as humans she had managed to throw off the vampire that was feeding on them, but it was too late to save them from the fate of vampires. Bella had gone into deep research and discovered that if she injected her own blood into the blood stream of vampires she could dampen their thirst of blood.

Bella had become quite a famous vampire and was invited to join the Voltori though not many of them wanted to be injected with her blood due to the brilliant taste of human blood they didn't want to give up.

As meaningless time pasted Bella found life much simpler and bearable.

"Um Bella?" Hugh asked Bella hesitantly before pointing outside at the flooding fields, "The weather?"

Bella snapped out of her dazed and it immediately stopped raining heavily, "uh sorry,"

Hugh looked at her with a frown, "are you sure you are ready to go back to school? I know you don't like all the attention..." Hugh asked with concerned eyes.

Bella looked up at him and smiled, "Don't worry about it, I'll get through in time," I said before staring out the window and the beautiful green fields of Yorkshire.