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Run Away

Image and video hosting by TinyPic She lost everything, her father was killed, Edward never returned, she could never see Jacob or her mother again and everybody thought she was dead. She ran away to England to forget; but as a Vampire. "she never smiles, how can you smile with a broken heart"In need for a banner? japanesegurl@live.co.uk

Oops! the first copy got deleted.... damn... sorry! I think I'll change things too, quite a bit of you complained about a dew things and I kinda agree with you, my imagination got the best of me there! sorry about that! Even though I know many of you have already reviewed for the last chapters it would be SO great if you could do it again! you will be like totally awesome! please please please!

2. Future

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Bella stood in the kitchen, one hand turning a wooden spoon around a pot and the other locked around the frame of a book. Her eyes trailed down the page with mild concentration, whilst glancing down at her cooking now and then.

"Wow smells nice! What's for breakfast?" Hugh asked suddenly appearing by her side in a flashing motion and peering down at the pot.

Bella looked down at his eager boyish face and frowned, "Hugh had I been a human I would have had a heart attack by now," Bella commented slapping the back of his hand with the wooden spoon as he reached for a muffin.

"I'll be more careful at school! I swear!" Hugh reasoned, indifferently grinning at her.

Hugh suddenly frowned, his expression changed so quickly, "Princess I'm going to need another injection of your blood, the last is starting to wear off," Hugh assured seriously, "Humans are starting to smell sweet,"

Bella just smiled and looked up at him, "Alright, I'll give you one after Breakfast ok? I don't think it has worn off that much for you not to be able to satisfy your stomach with normal human food," she said.

Bella turned back to her cooking and dropped the book down onto the wooden counter; she was reading ancient theories on vampires and trying to discover how she could make the blood thirst of other vampires disappear permanently. Bella sighed and turned back to the pot of porridge she was stirring, breathing the flowery warm scent of her home.

Bella smiled, she had always wanted a little cottage in the countryside, with the stone walls and woodsy warm scent. The place was filled with the flowers Lucy had grown and the food was of mostly the vegetables and fruits she grew from seeds.

As a human Lucy was an incredibly talented artist for her age, she sold paintings of flowers and wildlife for she loved the outdoors. Lucy possessed the talent for creating the most beautiful and healthy flowers and also could be more persuasive than other vampires; the young girl was not to be taken lightly.

As a human everyone knew her to have the great potential of becoming one of the best artists in the country. It was so sad how that little girl would never be able to carry on her dream. Lucy had designed the house and each room and the garden. And in the garden is where she spent most of her time.

"You know I never understood why you didn't need to drink blood, I mean it destroys the whole meaning of Vampires," Lucy tweeted appearing from the stairs skipping down to them with her night black hair bouncing around her adorable face.

"As a human I fainted at the site of blood and felt sick at the smell," Bella fixed indifferently, leaning down and kissing the top of the young vampires head fondly.

"Now sit down at the table, breakfast is ready," Bella ordered as Lucy skipped to the table and sat down next to her brother.

"But I mean you're really powerful! Aro from the Voltori couldn't even read your mind when he last came here and when Jane looked at you, you didn't feel any pain!" Lucy said with a shiver as she remembered the Voltori.

"I was like that as a human," Bella said sitting down besides Lucy and eating her breakfast watching the bleak sunlight creep in through the window.

"Hey Princess," Hugh mumbled with his mouth full, staring down at a newspaper, "There has been a sudden drop in the number of bears, do you think it could be one of those vegetarian vampires you told us about?" Hugh said concentrating down at the newspaper.

"Possibly, if it is I'll inject him with some of my blood, make life easier for him for a while, but then again vegetarian vampires are rare so I doubt there is one around here," Bella said with a kind smile.

Lucy looked at Bella and reached up to fasten her small fingers around a lock of Bellas chocolate silky hair "Are we going to school today?" Lucy asked.

"Yes, it is first day of school we can't miss it," Bella said quietly looking down at the grimacing girl, "You know there is going to be a lot of kids staring at you."

Lucy sighed and glared at her brother who was silently sniggering behind his paper.

"That failed miserably Luce," Hugh sniggered at his younger sister playfully.

Bella looked down at the siblings confused, "What did?"

"Lucy was using her powers to persuade you to let her stay at home," Hugh said with laughing golden eyes and he reach up and messed up his chaotic raven hair.

Lucy growled at him and threw a bread bun at his head. Hugh leaned back and caught it in his mouth and grinned crookedly.

"I hate the fact that nothing works on you..." Lucy grumbled and crossed her arms and pouted immaturely up at Bella.

"Hey I know that you look still eight but aren't you supposed to be like seventeen? There for, too old to be that immature?" Hugh said playfully taking another bite out of his bread bun.

Lucy's glare thickened but this time kept her mouth shut.

Bella, during the sibling fight had been clearing up and just mildly acknowledging the traditional morning fight. Bella shook her head good-naturedly and smiled at her family.

Bella turned to another side fridge in the corner of the kitchen with a digital lock, she entered in four numbers and the door of the fridge clicked open. Bella looked at the lines of bottles she had filled with her blood over the years. Bella took out a needle and loaded the content with the substance from bottle.

Bella calmly walked over to the bickering siblings and stepped behind Hugh feeling slightly smug.

"Yeah but you'll be forever smaller than me since you're not growing anymore," Hugh argued playfully at his fuming younger sister about how taller people are better.

Bella smiled from behind Hugh at Lucy and jammed the needle into the side of his neck sharply.

"ARRGH!!" Hugh yelled out in shock, falling on his back and clutching the side of his neck.

"You know for a Vampire you're not very balanced," Bella said smugly looking down at the angry mess on the kitchen floor.

"Shut up," Hugh grumbled before sitting up and rubbing the side of his neck, "Ah that hurt,"

"Pansy," Lucy sniggered from the background.

"Lucy do you need one?" Bella asked the black hair girl looking down at her thoughtfully; Bella was always scared that they would slip one day.

"I don't think so," Lucy replied smiling sweetly up at her.

"I'll take one to school just in case ok? So if you start... well... wanting to eat your partner in science then you come find me," Bella said with a smile.

"Rodger that," Lucy said with a giggle and a wink. Lucy flipped her night black hair and jumped on her brothers back. "Take me up the stairs will you Hugh?" Lucy said with an adorable smile.

Bella hadn't a doubt that Lucy was using her persuasive powers at that moment, and when Hugh sighed and carried his sister up the stairs she couldn't have been more right.

Bella stared out of the window at the grey cloudy sky that so much reminded her of Forks. Her silent heart filled with her hidden grief of a moment as she remembered the day she ran away.

"I miss you," Bella whispered silently staring out across the distant fields with dazed silver eyes, thinking of her friends, her father, her Jacob and her Cullens.

Bella exhaled noisily, grabbing her expensive school bag and placed the bottle in a zipped inner pocket beside her books and slung it over her shoulders.

Bella took a quick glance in the mirror at the pale outstandingly beautiful girl staring back at her with silver mirror like eyes. Bella smiled she couldn't help but like the reflection, after so long of hating what she used to see.

Bella brushed through her chocolate shiny hair with her fingers roughly and walked to the bottom of the stairs.

"Hurry up guys! We'll be late!" Bella called up at the siblings.

Suddenly Hugh and Lucy appeared both sides of her; combed and ready to go.

"Miss me?" Hugh said with a crooked playful grin, pecking her on the cheek with a soft kiss.

Bella rolled her eyes and look at both of them sharply, "Right! you know the drill?" Bella asked with raised eyebrows.

"Yes Sir! We are the Cawood siblings, our parents are aboard on business and so we live by ourselves, Hugh is the eldest and I'm youngest and you are our cousin coming to stay correct?" Lucy recited with a cute smile.

"My name is Bella May and I'm a distant cousin got it?" Bella said focusing on the ‘distant' part to Hugh.

"Rodger that!" Hugh said and then grinned slyly, "That way you can be my girlfriend," Hugh grinned crookedly and winked.

"Saved that for the girls at school that you plan on dumping after a week," Bella said rolling her eyes good naturedly.

Hugh ruffled up his messy raven hair and his brilliant gold eyes smiled at her, "I'm a loved guy! What can I say?"

"You could have tried to say nothing..." Lucy grumbled loud enough for all of them to hear.

Bella smiled and they all walked out the door, her heart glowing with warmth and she knew that one day, she could truly forget.

One day in the near future.

She could truly be happy.