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Run Away

Image and video hosting by TinyPic She lost everything, her father was killed, Edward never returned, she could never see Jacob or her mother again and everybody thought she was dead. She ran away to England to forget; but as a Vampire. "she never smiles, how can you smile with a broken heart"In need for a banner? japanesegurl@live.co.uk

Oops! the first copy got deleted.... damn... sorry! I think I'll change things too, quite a bit of you complained about a dew things and I kinda agree with you, my imagination got the best of me there! sorry about that! Even though I know many of you have already reviewed for the last chapters it would be SO great if you could do it again! you will be like totally awesome! please please please!

3. Our Princess

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Bella looked down at her sister and sighed. The girl just wouldn't stop glaring at all the kids in her class that were brave enough to steal a glance at her beatific face.

Bella nicked her cheek with the side of her fist softly, "you... be nice," Bella said gently her cool smooth voice lacing through the air; soothing Lucy's ridged tiny frame.

Lucy looked up and stared at her with wide innocent golden eyes, "I hate having to go through this every year..." Lucy whimpered and nestled her face into the side of Bella's waist, locking her arms around her tightly.

Lucy felt a sharp knock in her back and she swivelled around to glare at her older smirking brother.

"Live with it kid," Hugh said with an angelic smile that caused a few of the kids to sighs dreamily. Lucy on the other hand growled and whacked him in the stomach before storming off down towards her classroom.

"I'll just leave with the princess," Hugh called down to his little sister with a bright teasing smile.

"Like hell you will..." Bella mumbled walking in the opposite direction towards the building across the street.

"Aww come Princess! Don't run off, you're my girlfriend!" Hugh insisted playfully slinging his muscled arm across her shoulders.

"Ha..." Bella sarcastically pretended to laugh, "How would you like to be hit with a bolt of lightning?"

"Well I always have room for a little danger in my life," Hugh cooed with a wink.

Bella grinned despite herself, threw her head back and laughed a twinkling heart lifting laugh. Bella rarely laughed anymore in case her emotions abruptly changed the skies. But Bella was slowly learning to have better control over her powers.

Hugh's smile widened and his heart lifted slightly, "I love it when you laugh," Hugh said with dazed golden eyes.

Bella turned her head and glanced at him with sparkling mirror like eyes, smirking casually with an eyebrow raised, "You don't when I'm laughing at you," Bella commented pointedly.

"Well that's different, you sound evil when you do that," Hugh pouted very much like Lucy, a twin version of her strawberry pout, before looking down at his timetable and with great speed stepping down to a corridor.

"See you after school Princess!" Hugh called not turning around but Bella could tell there was a humorous tone in his words.

Bella rolled her eyes good-naturedly as a couple of girls of 17 swooned as he smirked casually at them.

Bella turned around took a deep breath and marched toward her classroom. "Another year... oh joy" she thought dully before entering the room full of staring boy and envious girls.

She smiled politely and nodded in greeting at the teacher before sitting down at the back of the class where everyone would have a hard time seeing her.

Edward sat miserably still trying his best to block out all the babbling thoughts from the students in his class that rushed into his head like an ocean current.

Alice was be sides him rather excited about the new area they decided to live in, having already foreseen that there was some new vampires to meet that were also vegetarians. The visions she had seen were a little vague than her other ones for she didn't see any faces but she saw enough to see that they were good vampires.

Edward wasn't as excited; just plain miserable as he always was on the first day of school, he was trying to ignore the soothing signals his brother Jasper was sending his way, they only comforted him slightly.

The first day of school always reminded him too much of Bella, Edward winced as he repeated the name in his head. It had been nine years. Nine unbearable lonely years; since he had left her blindly to let her move on with her human life, a life she never had the chance to live.

Edward had returned in pain after his struggles to keep away to see her face but he never got a chance to see it again. Bella had been killed. Victoria; the vampire he had been aimlessly searching for had got to her first in revenge. Charlie and Bella were said to have fallen off a cliff, Bella's body was never found.

Jacob Black the werewolf had been protecting her, he loved her and it nearly killed him that he couldn't save her.

But nothing compared to the grief Edward felt, guilt and pain, raw and fiery gnawing at every corner of his mind and heart. He was held down by his family as he desperately tried to kill himself, years of numb grief as he lay lifeless.

Carlisle insisted on moving, moving from the continent. This was there first day in England after unpacking last night; they decide Yorkshire was a quiet beautiful cast over place good enough for them. They now went to a grammar school where they were starting six form. Rosalie and Emmett were in upper six whereas Edward, Jasper and Alice were in lower six.

"Jasper?" Alice asked in her high musical voice as she saw the pained look on his face as he stared thirstily after a young girl. Jasper shook his head to alert him out of his daze; he turned to smile at his loved one.

Suddenly the door bolted open and a ruggedly handsome young man stepped in with a playful smirk laced in his features. The boy had a very pale complexion and wide jolly golden eyes that danced with mischief. He shook out his messy raven hair, walking through the door with a light skip in his step, catching site of a group of girls that couldn't take their eyes off him. He passed them slowly and winked. He smirked widely as they swooned and sighed dreamily.

Alice had her eyes on him carefully before a large smile stretched across her face, "Now that..." Alice started joyfully, "Is a vegetarian vampire,"

Edward looked up at the handsome boy that rivalled his looks greatly with narrowed eyes. The vampire looked too familiar with humans, he didn't understand how this was possible, didn't he have a thriving thirst for there blood? Yet he looked like he would happily have a make out session with several of the human girls.

At inhuman speed the boy had arrived at their table and was staring down at Edward intently. Could they be vampires as well? They look like it! I can't wait to tell the princess!

Edward looked up at him confused, who was the princess? But his thoughts were quickly interrupted as the boy plonked down next to them without asking. Seemly forgetting manners and polite greetings and just boldly smiling at them as if they were old friends.

"This is fantastic" The boy said loudly looking at them with wide golden excited eyes, "I've never met any guys like you before, I'm Hugh Cawood," Hugh reached forward and held out his hand happily.

Jasper seemed to be overwhelmed by how enthusiastic Hugh was and he looked a little windswept. Alice on the other hand bounced up and reached for his hand immediately.

"It's a pleasure, I'm Alice Cullen and these are my relatives Jasper and Edward," Alice trilled with a beaming smile.

"I KNEW that there had to be some of you guys around here! This is brilliant!" Hugh cried out in joy, "You must come round later to meet the rest of us! My Younger sister Lucy and The Princess!"

"Princess?" Jasper asked in confusion.

"Nah it's just a nickname, she looks like one anyway," Hugh said with a warm smile, "almost everyone who meets her falls head over heels in love with her, she's beautiful and very kind."

Edward looked away from the dazed vampire and attempted to block out his rather loud happy thoughts.

"We would love to come! I'll get our parents and other siblings to come, I'm sure they'll be happy to," Alice said with a wide smile. Having a vision of her parents' delighted faces.

"Hey carrot top, why so quiet?" Hugh asked Edward with a kind warm smirk. Hugh leaned on his arm causally and they could all sense the confident but playful air around him as if he didn't have a care in the world.

Edward looked up in surprise, "Carrot top?" Alice and jasper snorted in the back ground.

"Well the top of your head is kind of orange," Hugh reasoned with a loud cheery carefree laugh, smiling at them brightly. His golden eyes were sparkling and shining with innocence, making it very difficult for Edward, Alice and Jasper to believe he was a vampire.

"I'll think you'll find it is reddish brown," Edward retorted listening to his teasing thoughts with an irritated frown.

Hugh let out a bark like laugh, "Well at least I got you to speak; you look a little lifeless mate! You need to get a girl," Hugh grinned mischievously and winked at him.

Edward glared at him before turning away and watching the Professor walk in ignoring the troublesome Vampire next to him.

Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Esme, Carlisle and Edward all walked together down the village path followed by Hugh and his little sister Lucy. They had met the young girl straight after school when Alice had gone back to fetch their parents, who as she predicted were delighted that they were going to meet another smaller vampire family. Lucy had greeted them with as much enthusiasm as her brother with an adorable smile and cheeks that almost had a rosy touch; she was politer than her brother and had a gentle cute easy going character.

Edward noticed that the young Vampire girl, Lucy, was a strangely kind being, rather innocent and gentle, he noticed Alice had taken to her straight away and strangely Rosalie's thoughts were usually kind toward the adorable little girl.

"Luce! Where's the Princess?" Hugh exploded loudly with a wide goofy grin on his face.

"She went home to play her violin; if she knocks down my garden shed again I'm blaming you!" Lucy grumbled at him her lips curling into an irritated strawberry pout.

"Why is it always my fault?" Hugh demanded, "Maybe you should just get a stronger shed?"

Edward tried his best to ignore the bickering Cawood siblings. When Carlisle said they were moving he wasn't expecting to have to socialise with other vampires. Edward just felt like curling up into a ball and staying there.

"So you have been living here for 6 years Lucy?" Esme asked Lucy with a kind smile,

Lucy looked up at her with a beaming golden gaze, flash out two rows of sparkling white teeth into a cheery innocent smile.

"Yes my brother and I first moved here after The Princess saved us from a vampire attack. We were living with our parents at the time but our family was wipe out and The Princess came just in time to stop the vampire killing us," Lucy said shaking out her night black hair sadly, "We escaped with a bite and she looked after us as we turned into Vampires and finally became our family; she had been wandering alone for three years and was trying her best to escape the Volturi's persistence to make her join, she has looked after us for six years and has been trying to protect both Hugh and I from joining the Volturi as well."

"Why did the Volturi want you two to join?" Rosalie asked quietly.

Hugh looked at her rather sharply then glanced at his little sister with a hard expression.

"Well I guess it won't harm to tell you," Hugh said with a sigh, "Lucy has a persuasive power and if she wants you to do something it's almost a hundred percent guaranteed that you will do it, she can also make flowers grow quicker which is a strange power to have."

"And yourself?" Alice asked Hugh curiously.

"I'm just a good fighter I guess, and have a familiarity with humans most vampires are not capable of" Hugh said with a cheerful laugh.

"Do any of you have extra powers?" Lucy asked sweetly with large adorable golden eyes that were hard to resist.

"Edward here can read everyone's thoughts, Alice has visions of the future and Jasper can control the emotions in a room, Emmett is very strong" Carlisle said calmly with a wise expression on his face.

"WOW! That's amazing!" Lucy said enthusiastically staring up at Edward in awe that caught him by surprise.

Edward looked down into her innocent golden eyes that were framed with thick black lashes.

"Yeah that really is, you're quite the clan ain't ya?" Hugh said with a crooked grin

Edward looked down at the beaming little girl and passed her a small smile that didn't go unnoticed by the rest of them. Everyone started thinking surprised thoughts but settled quietly.

A thundering growl from the sky immediately alerted Hugh and Lucy's attention; they stared up intently at the thick dark clouds and watched the snapping of lighting whip across the sky. The wind started to violently twist and roared around them in a passionate anger and the droplets of rain danced with it; sharp needles of shower scratching their faces. The violent weather was followed by a vicious violin melody dancing with dynamics and notes in rapid hustle.

The sky roared again and the dark clouds poured across the skies. The Cullens looked up in surprise never had they witnessed such a weather change in such a fierce way.

"Uh oh..." Lucy started with a groan, "My shed..." she ended with a whine.

Hugh and Lucy immediately sprinted off down a narrow path in haste. The Cullens glanced at each other; shrugged and followed behind.

They soon found themselves in front of a small but beautiful cottage; the wooden handmade fence supported an open wooden framed gate that welcomed them to a straight path made of pearly bricks. On both side of the pearly path were divided rows of flowers: roses, forget-me-not, sunflowers, and lilies; a bird bath where a robin curled it's talons around the basin. Close by a rather beaten grey shed lay knocked over. But the cottage itself out shone the beauty of the garden; creamy bricks and stones bedded within the walls and wallflowers crawling up its face with candlelit buds and soft pink tips. The house surged with beauty with a warm homey touch.

"It's stunning!" Esme breathed in admiration as did the rest of the Cullens.

"Rivals the houses that we have lived in before," Carlisle said with approval.

"It's too flowery," Emmett sated rather bluntly ruining the beaming moment for the rest of the Cullens.

Jasper and Alice sniggered in the back ground whereas Carlisle and Esme glared at his frankness.

They were alerted out of their trace when the same zealous violent melody sang into their ears that echoed into their souls with so much passion.

They looked up to where the music was coming from and their eyes caught sight of a girl standing on the roof of the house facing the other way.

Her skin was so white it almost glowed like the surface of the moon, her chocolate silky hair twisted and whipped around her and her pure white dress roared out into the wind surrounding her in a spiral.

The sky around her was a thicker more intense black and deranged beams of lightning stroke out at her as she stood as still as a pillar of marble in the centre of the thick passionate air. She was playing her violin along with the current of the aggressive wave of the storm and thunder with an entranced passion that separated her from the world.

Hugh and Lucy glared up at her with weary looks before turning back to the Cullens and gesturing to her, "Now that," Hugh started with a sigh, "is our princess,"

Rosalie glared at the so called "princess" envious of her beauty but Emmett locked his arm around her waist reassuringly that made her feel slightly better. Alice was already constructing a plan of what to dress her next fashion victim in already having visions of her. Esme and Carlisle admired the music while Jasper flinched at the emotions he was receiving from the mystery Princess.

She certainly looked like one, beautiful and unmoving. Even though they couldn't see her face they could imagine that she had no ordinary features.

Edward's eyes bored into her back intently; there was something familiar about her that he couldn't put his finger on. There was something odd about this beautiful person that glowed like the stars under the darkened sky of the storm.