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Run Away

Image and video hosting by TinyPic She lost everything, her father was killed, Edward never returned, she could never see Jacob or her mother again and everybody thought she was dead. She ran away to England to forget; but as a Vampire. "she never smiles, how can you smile with a broken heart"In need for a banner? japanesegurl@live.co.uk

Oops! the first copy got deleted.... damn... sorry! I think I'll change things too, quite a bit of you complained about a dew things and I kinda agree with you, my imagination got the best of me there! sorry about that! Even though I know many of you have already reviewed for the last chapters it would be SO great if you could do it again! you will be like totally awesome! please please please!

4. Storm of My Soul

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"She can control the weather?" Esme asked, stunned, as the black stormy sky drained back into a pale grey with sweeping white clouds brushed across the horizon.

Hugh grimaced, turning to her, "Not well enough to stop knocking things over," Hugh grumbled, as he looked over at the smashed shed that lay on its side, with a ruined face.

"The weather reacts with her emotions," Lucy explained with a resentful sigh.

They could see many questions in their topaz eyes, but they didn't voice them aloud.

Edward still had his narrowed eyes on the girl that was no longer playing her violin. Instead her arms had dropped by her sides as she stared off across the green lush fields.

Edwards jaw tensed, who could this girl be?

"We have a lot to talk about I guess," Lucy said softly but her piercing gaze could see right through them.

Hugh suddenly interrupted his sister by jumping toward Emmett who he had been eyeing for a fight all the way to the house.

"Well now Emmett!" Hugh boomed at the strong vampire looking him up and down, "I bet you ten pounds I could beat you in an arm wrestle!" Hugh grinned up at him crookedly.

Emmett laughed hearty, "Better get your money ready Cawood!"

Lucy looked at them and rolled her eyes before gesturing to the Cullen family to follow her as she turned skipping down the path. The Cullens smiled at the Cawood siblings and followed them inside, but Edwards eyes still trailed after the girl on the roof.

She sighed throwing her bronze violin into its case. Her beautiful chocolate hair flowed around her and the white light summer dress she was wearing made her look cold under the pale grey sky.

Several tendrils of soft chocolate curls had escaped from the tight bun Bella kept them in and fell around her seemingly delicate face. On closer inspection one would see that her features were quite hard.

Her sharp and chiselled complexion was as emotionless as marble. She had learned quite early to keep her composure void of any feeling. Once her face was soft and innocent but the daunting life as a wanted vampire had stolen that complexion from her.

She knew that Lucy and Hugh were probably back but she wasn't ready to come down yet. A lot of things ran through her mind at a racing speed. The day had lasted longer than she hoped; she was being eyed by every person in the room - either by hunger or envy - and the teacher couldn't stop babbling at her.

Bella barely befriended anyone these days; she was never that sociable as a human; but as a vampire it was even worse. She couldn't help but miss Jacob; but she knew their relationship would never last under the circumstances. He was better off thinking she was dead.

There was another thing that was echoing in her mind.

The Volturi. How long could a lone vampire run away for? How long could she protect her family for? Not long. They wanted power; and Lucy and Hugh had it; and - admittedly - so did she.

The back of Bella's neck tingled, and she spun around with a placid expression on her face to watch a chair crash though the window. Bella's expression barely changed, except the flash of irritation in her silvery mirror eyes.

Bella positioned herself at the edge of the roof and agilely jumped from the top, cutting through the air and landing soundlessly on her feet.

Everyone watched Emmett dive to rugby tackle Hugh to the ground, who dodged out the way with surprising speed. The happy grin on his face not altered from the powerful attacks.

The Cullen's hopelessly watched the two bold Vampires that seemed to possess no manners at all; and the closet thing to a greeting was in fact a wrestling match.

Edward sighed at his brother as his rather predictable thoughts trailed though his head.

"Is that the best you can do?" Hugh teased, dodging another attack with ease.

Lucy raised an eyebrow at as a chair flew through a window.

"Hey, guys..." Lucy started, despairingly, with a drained look, "wasn't this supposed to be an arm wrestle?"

Hugh was thrown into the next room, with Lucy following a few steps behind.

The Cullen's looked alarmed at the destroyed state of the room already hurrying to apologize for the amazing amount of mess their relative was creating.

Lucy waved them away with her hand kindly. "Don't worry. Hugh does this all the time," Lucy said, not looking at them but at her brother, in annoyance, (that the rest of the Cullen's could no longer see) who had begun walking backwards towards the door. "Hey Hugh you might want to watch where you're going or you might..."

"Bump into someone," a clear cool voice cut through the air and ended the sentence.

Hugh cried out in surprise and fell onto his back with a thud; staring up at the stranger with a sheepish grin.

Bella appeared with a calm expression on her face, she stepped towards Hugh gracefully and stared down at him with a thoughtful look, "Serious balance problems," she said, addressing him with a slight teasing smile.

"Can't you appear like any normal person?" Hugh cursed bitterly, picking himself up.

"I'm not exactly normal," Bella said with a composed expression on her serene face.

"So what brings you here, Princess?" Hugh hooted at her with a bright smirk; his brilliant golden eyes suddenly smiling at her.

"Yes, about that," Bella started, advancing slowly towards him with an arched smile, "I was just peacefully minding my own business when I saw a chair smash right through my window; you wouldn't know anything about that would you?"

Had Hugh been a human, he would have been sweating by now as he backed away from her; her kind smile and tone making her threatening words sound, surprisingly, more threatening.

"Did you know ‘Belle' means beautiful in French?" Hugh informed her, hopefully trying to take the edge off of her temper for breaking the window.

Bella looked at him with a kind yet arctic gaze, "Nice try," Bella said in a gentler voice which seemed a lot more hostile.

The Cullen's sat up straighter in the living room; why was her voice so familiar? But the tone was wrong, it sounded... off.

"Busted," Lucy sniggered in the background with a satisfied look on her face, "Hey, Princess, we have some new vampire friends like us! They come from Forks,"

Bella froze at those words "Vampires from forks..." she thought in panic, her form becoming uncomfortably ridged and her eyes widened as though they looked insane.

Out of the corner of her eye she could see them. She didn't dare turn round and look properly. It was impossible, after so long. How could they possibly be here? Did they recognise her? Did they know what she was? Had Alice already foreseen this?

She could run now, and they would never know it was her. But it was too late. She could feel his eyes burning on her now.


A sudden strike of pain cut through her heart and she winced at the sudden ache. Then everything came back to her, all those memories, all those haunting dreams.

Please don't leave me.

I don't want to be alone.

I'm scared.

So scared.

It's dark, Edward.

I can't see.

Edward stared at her, her face was more beautiful than any of them had predicted. Pale skin and a heart shaped face with wide mirror-like eyes that seemed to hold logic and gentleness as she stared away from them, with shock frozen onto her face. Her silky hair fell over her shoulders in a rich chocolate stream and skimmed the back of her white cotton summer dress that hugged her curves. Edward's heart almost started beating. There was something so recognisable about her; her face, her voice, something that he didn't dare think of.


Bella's heart ached with pain; the same day flashing over and over in her head. She couldn't stand it, him being there.

It's like losing him all over again.

They waited for her to react, but she could feel nothing; just like that day. The same feeling as that day; where she watched Edward fade away with the breeze, unmoving and lifeless. It felt like everything had backfired. Bella had spent years trying to forget them, and all that progress she had made seemed to burn into ash in that one second of recognition. The harsh wind hissed through the broken window and rattled the frame violently.

Why can't I reach you?

"Oh my god... Bella... oh my god," Alice chanted, her hands clutching her face in disbelief, "I can't believe it..."

Bella couldn't move, she just swallowed the pain in her throat as she didn't dare to face the person she thought of every moment of her slow routine. He was there, he was behind her. How could she face him without her already broken heart smashing into dust?

How can I love you so much?

"Princess?!" Hugh started urgently, suddenly latching onto her arm firmly, "Princess, you have to calm down!"

Bella looked down and realised she was shaking violently, and the weather shook along with her. Bella's eyes widened and she started to panic; she couldn't let her emotions run out of control; she couldn't - what would happen? The same thing that happened when she felt the true power of her emotions when she had been first transformed.

Her breaths became shallower and everything began to rattle ferociously; the violent noise of thunder starting to roar outside and she could feel the fiery energy build within her.

She tried desperately to fight it down; she had to calm herself because she didn't dare imagine the consequences. The aching pain jeered at her for making the effort to keeping her feelings under control. But her emotions were going wild; she could feel them clawing at her to strike out.

Are you that pathetic? He doesn't love you. He never loved you.

You are unwanted in this world.


She crashed to her knees and her hands shot to her forehead. The scream of agony burned her throat on the way out and she began shuddering in pain. An earthquake began to ripple through the floor, under the feet of the many vampires present. Hugh and Lucy stepped swiftly backwards from her, and urgently turned to the Cullen's who were observing the sudden earthquake in bewilderment.

"RUN!" Lucy yelled, running into them and throwing them out the way, "QUICKLY!"

Then she broke.

It was like fiery claws tearing into her, the scorching pain piercing through her skin like no fire could ever have done. She tried to hold in her excruciating scream; gritting her teeth fiercely; but the terrible cry branded the insides of her cheeks and hollered out. Lucy was blasted away from her by the sudden explosion of energy that erupted from Bella. Lucy crashed to the ground and looked up at her; her black hair flying over half her face and her hand clutching her ankle in agony.

Bella would never forget the look of horror in Lucy's eyes; the golden pools reflecting shock and fear.

"LUCY!!" Hugh bellowed, his eyes wild and fear drenched his facade.

It was as if the weather was pouring from the skies and dancing around her, trapping her in a thick wall of storm that reflected her deepest emotions.

The wind roared through the house and smashed the windows. Bella didn't look up; she kept her eyes tightly shut and concentrated on calming herself, but she knew what horror that surrounded her must look like - and that she was causing it.

No matter how I try, I can't bury the grief I feel.

"What's happening?!" Esme yelled above the storm and wind.

"This is what happens when Bella's emotions go out of control!" Lucy yelled back, "Don't go near her! The air around her will crush you!"

Then Bella glanced up with difficulty, and her eyes met Edwards. He stared at her in astonishment, his eyes wide open, not a deep gold but opaque black mirrors reflecting her broken visage. Her face was a grimace of pain as she faced him, and her mirror-like irises were so empty and dull, as she stared into the depths of his soul, that had been longing for her love ever since they parted those 10 years ago.

What have I done to you?

"BELLA!" Edward roared above the noise and raced towards her, but he crashed into the wall of wind and lightning and was launched backwards from it.

He turned to run towards her again but Hugh smashed into him.

"Are you stupid?!" Hugh spat at him, "You go anywhere near her you'll burn to ash"

You can not save me now.

"Impossible..." Alice breathed with wide confused eyes, observing the wild release of energy in astonishment, "How could I not see this coming?!"

Bella's scream was as black as death; so full of her emotions, her grief, that she buried her face in her arms and gently hummed a tune to herself, her emotions and surrounding noise slowly calming. Gradually the atmosphere lightened and turned back to normal.

The thick black clouds that swept around her started to dissolve into the air. Soon it was just gentle rain that showered down on them. The sky was dark and angry but calmer than before.

Everyone slowly looked up; they were buried in the ruins of the Cawood's home. Glass covered them like a shower of ice, also accompanied by bits of wood and furniture. The beautiful room was destroyed.

"Jesus Christ..." Emmett breathed in astonishment and lifted himself off the ground; then reaching down to help Rosalie, who was frozen in shock.

Alice looked down at Jasper, "Couldn't you calm her?" she questioned him.

He shook his head, "Her emotions were too wild to cool down,"

Alice looked sadly in Bella's direction "What has become of her?"

Bella curled up in the corner, blocking out every noise and every feeling. She failed again, it had been five years since her last explosion, and she promised herself that she would never put her family in that danger again. But she couldn't stop it, she wasn't powerful enough.

I nearly killed them.

If Bella was human again, she would have cried. She would have cried herself to sleep, but she couldn't do that, she just had to wait and endure her misery. She didn't have the strength to speak, look up or cry out in despair.

I wish I could forget.

Bella's voice turned back towards the Cullen's quietly, "Forgive me," she whispered, brokenly, but she didn't glance up at a single one of them.

Let my memories grow silent in the depths of my cold heart.

Let them stay there, never to be reached.