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Eclipse Cover

This is my Eclipse Cover...I drew it before the actual one came out but I haven't had time to post it until now. O and apparently, I started a "trend" in coverart. -feels special- ^_^


1. Eclipse Cover

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Ok here's the story:

The eye has a lot of symbolizm that its gathered in the past. I used the cliche "window to the soul" thing because Edward has none and Bella wants him to take hers. The tear is emphasizing that too. Also the sad element in which Edward doesn't want to. The pupil of the eye is dark because that's the "eclipse." But since I didn't draw it in color, I don't know what color I want the iris to be. I guess topaz would be the easy way out, but I kinda like a maroon color since that's what a normal vampire's eyes are. Hmmm.