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Ending Dawn

I was engaged! It sounded like a swear word to me, but I couldn’t complain about the results that were to follow. I loved Edward more than life itself, and he knew it. I would die for him. I would be immortal as a vampire, as his wife. I wanted to spend the rest of eternity with the most perfect boy on the face of the earth. But of course, he had his own list of things to do before he would change me into a vampire. We had to get married. Edward wanted me to himself, no one else. CHAPTER 16 Will be up soon! Sorry for the delay...I just graduated from High School!  Banner by ME! Let me know if you would like me to make you a banner! send me an e-mail at weasleygirl_96@yahoo.com!

Hello all! This is my first crack at a Twilight Fanfic and I hope you all enjoy it! I really enjoy writing this story! Please enjoy Ending Dawn!

12. Chapter 12: Meet the Connors'

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Chapter 12: Meet the Conners’

What was I doing, and why was I so calm about it? I was walking straight toward an unfamiliar group of vampires that could potentially kill me! It would have been enough to send any normal person screaming, but I had my own set of worries on my mind. I recalled the last time I had encountered a new coven of vampire and it almost resulted in my, and Edward’s, death on three different occasions. The presences of James, Victoria, and Laurent were enough to turn anyone away from vampires for life, but I was somehow barely scared. All that remained of those encounters was the light scare on my wrist that resembled a crescent moon. Those memories could have given me nightmares for the rest of my life if I didn’t have Edward by my side. And that was another thing; I was more concerned about Edward and his family’s well being, rather than my own. I would die for the Cullens if I had to; they were that important to me. However, if I had told Edward this fear, he would have reminded me again that I was the only one whose safety was at risk, and I couldn’t deny that. I was a danger magnet from the word go.

I heard a light buzzing of sound from below, but nothing that I could actually make out. I knew that Edward and Alice were listening quietly as we walked, their bodies very still and tense. I was the only one that was making any nose, as they had both stopped breathing. This worried me slightly, and my body unconsciously tensed. It was then that I noticed that Edward’s golden eyes were on me, watching my every move.

“What are you thinking?” he asked me lightly, his voice floating through the air like a song. His velvet voice calmed my nerves. His icy fingers ran down my arm before bushing over my reddening cheeks. I was embarrassed because of the fears running through my mind. I knew they were silly, in Edward’s eyes at least, but I couldn’t help but fear that I would never see him again. I knew that pain all too well.

I suddenly felt Alice’s eyes on me too. They were large and full of interest and I could tell that her brain was reeling inside her head with ideas that were being interrupted by this visit. I knew that Alice wanted nothing more than to lock me in her room and make me agree to her every desired plan for my wedding. I was beginning to think that it was Alice’s wedding, not mine. She might as well be the bride; after all, she had done all the work.

Edward’s arm suddenly tightened protectively around my waist, he must have been disturbed by either Alice’s thoughts, or something he heard from downstairs, or maybe a combination of both. I wasn’t sure, but I knew he wasn’t happy about something.

“Please tell me, Bella,” Edward said, his eyes pleading now. He could sense the fear over my body, but he didn’t know what my fear was from. Not to mention the fear of Renee coming to stay in a house full of vampires.

“I-I’m afraid,” I stared, feeling my cheeks flush. I hated that my body gave away my emotions so willingly. It was truly annoying. Edward’s grip tightened around me, making me feel even more self conscious, even though I felt safe in his arms.

“Don’t worry, Bella,” Edward assured me, his eyes determined and slightly distant. “I will be at your side the entire time they’re here, and you wont be out of my sight. You have every reason to be terrified, and I’m glad that you are finally having a logical reaction. On many accounts, you should have been in shock from the fear that should be running through your veins.” Edward said softly, my favorite lopsided smile coming over his prefect face.

I looked down at the floor, my face turning a darker shade of red. Edward looked startled. “You should know by now that I’m not afraid of the vampires,” I muttered under my breath. “I’m-I’m afraid of…oh it’s silly, just never mind.”

Edward suddenly stopped our progression down the hall, his face inches from mine. His eyes were pleading as they stared into my soul, searching for a sign of what was going on in my brain. “Bella, please,” he insisted, his tone pleading with me.

I bit my lip as I turned back to Alice. I wanted to keep walking and avoid the subject. Edward didn’t need to the know the silly little fear of Renee coming to visit and all the little insignificant wedding things. It truly wasn’t important at a time like this. I was calmer than I should have been going to face new vampires and that was part of my shock as well. As Edward had said, I should have been terrified.

“I forgot,” I mumbled, trying to look back at Alice. She let out a light laugh as she continued walking. Alice must have caught onto the fact that Edward and I needed a little bit of privacy. However, it wasn’t like she wouldn’t see it in a vision if she was concentrating on my business hard enough. I was positive she was.

“Hmm…” Edward murmured, pulling me back into the circle of his granite-like arms. “I guess I’ll have to tamper with your memory.” I watched as that perfect smile flashed over his face and humor formed deep in his topaz eyes. I shivered remembering the last time he had done this to me. It was right before we had met James, Laurent, and Victoria. Edward still had that dazzling effect on me when he want information, and I couldn’t resist his overpowering charm.

“I don’t know if that’s possible,” I said lightly, my tone evasive. “I think all the brain damage from not breathing has caused me some severed nerves.” I added, now joking. It made me smile to see Edward laugh lightly at my words. I knew that I hadn’t offended him in anyway, and that was always a good thing.

“I have my ways of obtaining information,” he chuckled, pushing my back up against the wall. I was trapped without any escape now. Edward pressed his body closer to mine so that we were only about an inch apart, his scent filling my nostril’s and polluting my brain. I had forgotten to breathe again. I felt my knees become slightly weak as he smiled down at me. I was in trouble. There was no way that I was going to be able to retain my secret under these torturous conditions. “So,” he breathed, blowing his intoxicatingly sweet breath in my face. I was almost positive that he knew the effects it had on me. “What exactly are you worried about?”

I gulped, knowing the information was just going to start pouring out of me now. I couldn’t help myself. It was as if his very presences put me under a spell that didn’t allow me to keep my deepest and darkest secrets. Stupid vampire powers.

“Well…I-erm…Renee is coming,” I stammered, unable to focus properly. “And I don’t want her to try and talk me out of the wedding.”

Edward pursed his lips as he bent his head down to my neck. His icy lips planted a trail of kisses from the hollow of my neck to the skin right underneath my chin. I couldn’t breathe and my heart started to pound in my chest. “And?” he pressed, his lips tickling me in a pleasurable way. I had chills running all over my body from his very slight touch. It was almost torture in itself.

“Secrets, her finding out yours,” I struggled, unable to keep my concentration. I didn’t want to tell him but my mind was paralyzed. I wasn’t even sure if my words were coherent. Edward’s lips turned up in a light smile as he placed another kiss on my burning skin. My face must have been the color of a cherry at that point.

“And?” Edward asked, his lips brushing my skin with their light motion. “Are you still worried? We do put on a good act.”

“Yes,” I gasped, his nose running along my neck now. It was enough to stop my heart completely before it jumped back to a fast palpitation. “Secrets--Renee--two days.” His lips were now at my jaw. I wanted nothing more than to pull him up into a menacing kiss that I knew would cause him to step away. I knew it would be worth it for the ten seconds that my girlish fantasies would be able to live in that moment of passion. In some ways, the wedding couldn’t come fast enough, while in others, it could have been held off forever. “Death--by chocolate--wedding cake--” I gasped, another part of my fear escaping. I was afraid of Alice’s extravagant wedding plans; it would be too much.

“Bella,” Edward laughed, picking up his face to kiss around my forehead and eyelids. “Do you really think we wouldn’t put on the perfect masquerade for your mother? Or that I would let Alice poison my bride with chocolate?” I could tell that he was amused over my petty fears. I knew I had been overreacting, but I couldn’t help myself. I always seemed to fuss over the small things.

“No, but you know Renee,” I breathed, gasping for air now. His very touch was causing my hyperventilation and if I couldn’t kiss him soon, I was going to go mad. “She’s more perceptive--childlike…” I leaned back into the wall, my back arching ever so slightly. I had hoped to be able to touch his body with this motion, but Edward stayed out of my line of power. He was holding me in a tight, torturous brace against the wall.

“Ah…but has she ever encountered vampires with superpowers?” Edward smirked, his kisses becoming longer and more delayed against my skin. I couldn’t take this type of pain in not being able to touch him back. It was the perfect way for me to spill my guts out to him, and he knew it all too well. His lips were now moving slowly across my cheek to the edge of my lips, just far enough to make me feel dizzy.

“No…but have you met Renee?” I breathed, no confidence in my tone. I knew Edward could taste the easy defeat on the pours of my face, that is if he hadn’t smelled it to being with.

“Would I let those things happen?” Edward murmured against my lips. I couldn’t think anymore. It was as if my brain had melted away inside my head.

“No…” I moaned ever so lightly. I wanted him and all of him right then an there. However, I knew it was impossible. There was not bring up a defense in my part now, Edward was the master player in the battle of mind over matter.

“You see, nothing to fear except life itself,” he muttered against my lips still. I was like putty in his hands.

“I guess not,” I managed to say in a coherent tone, defeat evident in my voice. I felt him smile for a split second before his lips took over mine fully. Edward released my arms, pressing his body against me urgently and almost roughly. His undying lips moved seamlessly against mine, making my head spin in unnatural ways. It should have been illegal to kiss like this, but I would break the law ever chance I got to. I braided my fingers into Edward’s perfect bronze hair, feeling more and more content with myself and the passion we were sharing. Coming at him with such a brilliant force and feeling of lust, I was surprised that Edward hadn’t pulled away yet. My pulse raced savagely in my veins as I gasped and moaned lightly against Edwards lips; I was trying to get a little air to prolong the fire we were feeling. If it were up to me, I would spend every minute of everyday kissing Edward Cullen.

However, I was the one that broke off the kiss, my stupid human needs getting the better of me. I took in short uneven breaths, trying to regain composure over my breathing. It wasn’t working out to well, I could hear Edward’s short shallow breaths next to me. He held me in his arms as I curled against his chest. Edward loved the feeling of my heart beating against him and I just hoped that right now it wasn’t too much for him to handle.

I quickly stole a glance up into my angel’s face to see that his eyes resembled black fire, threatening to let the monster inside him spring on me at once. I knew I was safe, nonetheless, his self-control and love for me was my only saving grace.

“Bella,” Edward breathed after a moment, his breathing even now. “I should lock you up and keep you to myself. It’s not fair that I have to share you with the rest of he world.”

“That isn’t a bad idea,” I retorted, my eyes closed. “That is if you’re going to be with me. I wouldn’t mind having you to myself for eternity.” I smiled into his blue button-down shirt. The happiness and love I felt was overwhelming. I wondered if Jasper could feel it wherever he was at the moment. “I’m your prisoner.”

Edward chuckled before looking up. This caught my attention and I watched his golden eyes fill with irritation. I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. Then I heard what he was picking up on.

“Edward! Bella!” Sang a voice that I recognized at Alice’s. “Get down here! We have guests!”

I groaned inwardly at Alice’s timing as Edward pulled away, leaving my left hand in his right. He carefully lead me toward the large staircase that would take us to the large downstairs. I was slightly anxious to meet the Conners, but it could have been left over from the kiss Edward and I had just shared.

Edward suddenly stopped me. He turned my body ever so gently so that I was facing him. “I love you,” he murmured, placing a light kiss on my head. “And I want you to know that you don’t have to do this.”

“I know,” I said, a smiled coming over my face. “But it think I love you more, and there is no getting out of this now. We might as well--”

“Hey!” interrupted Alice, who was now standing to my left. I was slightly startled by her sudden appearance but I was starting to get used to the sneakiness that came with being a vampire. I would enjoy this talent when I was turned, or at least I thought I would. “Enough with the mushy stuff, Bella and I have plans to get to, Edward. So the sooner you get down there, the sooner we will get back to planning.” Edward glared at the pixie-like girl in front of him. “Don’t give me that look, Edward. Bella is my friend too and you have to share her. Lets go!”

Alice took my right hand and started to tow me along behind her, Edward following with my left. We were swiftly heading down the long staircase before I knew what hit me, and I could feel eyes watching me. My face burned with embarrassment again. Darn my human imperfections. I couldn’t bring myself to even look up at the newcomers as Edward lead me to the all white sofas in the middle of the larger room.

“Edward, my boy!” a cheery voice suddenly boomed, taking me by surprise. The voice was deep yet musical with almost a bass like quality to it. It reminded me of Emmett’s but with more of a darker tone. My eyes flashed up to meet a pair of dark gold eyes that belonged to the man in front of Edward. He was just as perfect as the Cullens, but maybe a little more rugged looking. I figured it must have been from his family‘s traveling. However, I quickly noticed that the large man was the only one in the room. Had he forgotten his friends? I watched as Edward gave him quick nod before pulling me down on his lap. His arms encircled me like a metal cage.

“What happen to Mel and Kylie?” Alice asked after giving the large man a hug. She smiled widely at him. The Cullen‘s must have known these weary travelers better than they had been leading me to believe.

“They‘re outside with Esme and Rosalie,” the man laughed. He reminded me of Charlie in a sense but I couldn‘t put my finger on how. He defiantly seemed like a father-type figure to me. “So this must be the infamous human that everyone’s been buzzing about,” he chuckled.

“Bella, this is Robert. Robert, Bella,” Edward said shortly. He wasn’t one for extravagant introduction. Edward was suddenly still underneath me. I wondered if he was listening to Robert’s thoughts or someone else. I was happy that he could hear mine. I watched Edward’s face as his brow raised slightly in interest.

“How do you sit so close to her? She has such a unique scent, its very floral,” Robert said, looking at me like I was an animal in a zoo. He took a step toward me, reaching out his hand, but then thought against it. I knew they could all hear my heart racing in my chest. I don’t know why I had picked now of all times to be nervous, or anxious for that matter. I think it had something to do with the stiff and fixed stance that Edward held underneath me. He made me nervous when he was like that.

“Tolerance from years of practice,” Edward said curly, not looking at the man. He was still paying close attention to something that I couldn’t hear or see. “It’s not easy sometimes.” He admitted. It surprised me to see him act like this toward another. It reminded me of the my first day of school in Forks.

“I’d think not! She’s the most interesting and appetizing human I’ve smelled in years,” the man responded and by body stiffened. They all noticed. “But don’t worry, I wont hurt you. I’ve been the Carlisle plan for twenty years now.” I smiled, unable to contain myself. He made it sound like Carlisle was the inventor of some new diet craze that Renee would have been pushing, and I guess in a way it was. “Carlisle is a very kind and forgiving man.”

“Extremely kind,” Edward responded. He was struggling to tune into something that I was unaware of. I wished I could read what he was thinking. I hated when he was distant like this. Edward suddenly shot a glance at Alice and a light smirk came over his face. There was the Edward that I loved to be around. “And very generous,” he chuckled.

I watched as Robert looked between Alice and Edward with a raised brow. He looked just as confused as I did. What where they hiding from us. “You two and those special powers,” he finally said, shaking his head. “I bet Kylie could give you each a run for you money though.”

“Hmm,” Alice frown and Edward tried to hide a laugh that threatened to come out of his throat. What was I missing? Obviously the youngest of their coven had a special power that Alice and Edward had neglected to warn me about.

My thoughts were interrupted by Robert. “So is Bella here going to be joining your coven soon?” I nodded, not looking back at Edward. “Carlisle doing the deed? Bless his soul. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to make the transformation. Almost everyone that tries ends up k--” I gapped, my mind freezing as I realized what he had been trying to say. Sure I knew that but I never thought that Edward would have a hard time with it; he was good at everything. I reminded myself of the day he saved my life by sucking the poison out of James’ bite. He wouldn’t kill me, he couldn’t, just like I couldn’t leave him.

“So what brings you up to this area? Weren’t you traveling around down up north?” Alice interrupted, leaning on the arm of the sofa next to me. She was tying to prevent Edward from flying off the handle. Alice had sensed something that I wasn’t aware of. Edwards eyes were dark for a moment but when I placed my hand on the side of his face, he relaxed slightly.

I was suddenly afraid of everything that came rushing back into my mind as the conversation turned to light chatter about nothing remotely important. Edward had even joined in and my heart started to race slightly. I knew I had no reason to be afraid with the two of them in my presence. And actually, I wasn’t scared of the fact that a vampire was standing in front of me, or the fact that I was surround by them. My thoughts were on Renee and her visit! I didn’t have time to sit and socialize, I had to make up a game plan to keep Renee busy while not driving myself insane without Edward.

“Bella?” Edward suddenly whispered in my ear, Alice and Robert still talking in the background. His eyes were looking directly into mine before I had a chance to even think about what was going on around me. His topaz orbs were lined with a bit of worry, yet still distant. I couldn’t tell if he was still trying to tune into someone else’s frequency, kind of like trying to find a station of the radio, or if he was thinking about what was running through my mind. My Edward wasn’t completely here with me, and I didn’t feel as secure as I normally did. I hoped nothing bad would happen and take him of guard. “Renee is going to be fine,” he continued. And I thought he couldn’t read my mind?

“You know,” I muttered back, resting my head on his shoulder. I was tired and it had been a long day full of a lot of information that I was not prepared to handle. I realized that my life with the Cullens would never be boring. “I think you lied to me.” Edward looked at me with a raised brow. He was fully paying attention to me now and his eyes were full of confusion and even hurt. I smiled and continued. “I think you can read my mind.”

Edward let out a laugh, taking Robert and Alice by surprise. It was the loudest I had heard him laugh in a while. It made smile to hear his musical voice ringing through the room. It reminded me of our first visit to our meadow. “You are impossible, Bella,” he laughed. He looked truly delighted by my words. He quieted himself down after a moment, a lopsided grin on his face. “But if you remember, I have an excellent skill for reading people. Most are easy, but you, you are always a challenge.”

“But I’m getting easier?” I questioned, interested by the fact that Edward might finally be able to read some of the emotions that I was trying to hide from him. That thought frightened me slightly. I was relived, however, to know that I could possibly have an even deeper connection with him that I had before.

“At times,” he smiled, pushing a stray piece of my hair behind me ear with his icy fingers. He placed a light kiss on the hollow of my neck. My eyes wandered innocently to Robert and Alice watching us like some kind of science experiment. I blushed and felt Edward’s lips turn up in a smirk against my flesh. It was like a new pleasure in itself. I loved when he was happy.

“Fascinating,” Robert muttered, his golden eyes round like saucers. I couldn’t look at him anymore, my face burning bright red. “You have an amazing restraint, Edward my boy,” he chuckled. Edward’s face was still extremely close to my neck as my head rested on his shoulder. “I’ll have to take up lessons for you and Carlisle.” I could feel the man’s eyes on me, still studying mine and Edwards movements around each other. I felt like a rat in one of his science experiments. I secretly wondered if Robert was interested in the field of science, because it seemed to fit his personality to a ‘t’. “Is she warm?” he asked in a very soft tone. “Like standing in the sunlight?”

Edward pulled away from me, his eyes locking with mine again. His eyes were sparkling as he looked at me, a lopsided grin on his face. I was being dazzled again. If I was putty, I would be a liquid all over the Cullen’s living room floor. I wondered if he could sense my discomfort of being watched by two extra sets of eyes. Alice looked down at me from where she was perched, her smile luminating the room.

“Warmer,” Edward breathed in response, his body and eyes not moving. I was the only thing that interested him right now. I imagined he was even tuning out Robert’s and Alice’s thoughts, or else he could have answered them already. Or, maybe he was just being polite. “You cant even imagine how nice if feels after being cold for 100 years.” Edward’s icy fingers lightly grazed the red blotches on my face, causing them to burn with an odd sensation. It wasn’t painful, it was the opposite. I could see his eyes darken as he looked at me. It was the color they had turned when he offered to give into my demands in the meadow over a month ago. I wondered if he would control himself with company present.

I suddenly caught sight of Robert taking a step toward me, his hand outstretched. “May I?” he asked. Edward let out a hiss from the back of his throat after seeing the sudden distress in my eyes. I wouldn’t have minded if he hadn’t caught me off guard. But maybe I would have, then I truly would have felt like a science experiment.

“Edward,” Alice hissed in return. “Remember that talk we had about sharing Bella? He’s not going to hurt her.” She continued, her tiny fingers running through my hair. She must have been fixing it so it wasn’t in a wad against Edward’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry, that was rude,” Edward said to me more than Robert. “It’s up to Bella.” I bit my lip, hating that he hadn’t stood his ground. Now I would have to say yes and let this stranger touch me. I nodded, my eyes on Edward the entire time.

I felt an icy palm touch the redness of cheeks, but it wasn’t like when Edward touched me. This was alien and even uncomfortable. I hadn’t thought that I would have felt like that around vampires, because every time the Cullens’ touched me, I felt love and compassion. This was something else.

“It’s like fire!” Robert said in an amazed tone. He slowly pulled his hand away and then touched his palm to his own cheek. “I haven’t felt life like this in years…”

And awkward silence settled in the room. I was studying Edward, who was still again, but his eyes were on me.

“Edward, was that you sounding like a dead animal?” called a voice from the direction of the garage. It took me by surprise. I immediately recognized that voice as Emmett’s. It was always cheery and had a bass like quality to it, but not as much as Robert’s. “Did I miss Bella doing something funny?

Emmett and Jasper were behind Robert in a heartbeat, observing the situation that we were in. Where had they been? Had I missed a vampire feeding run, or were they just lounging in the garage? I didn’t know.

“No, she was just showing me the fascinating human emotions,” Robert answered. I noticed that Alice was suddenly next to Jasper, looking into his eyes. Alice’s lips moved extremely quick in something that I had missed but Jasper hadn’t. He nodded. “It’s nice to see you boys again. Did you run into Mel and Kylie outside?”

“No, we just got back,” Emmett said, his eyes watching me with a hint of amusement in them. I could tell he was waiting for me to do something that he considered funny. “We went to go pick up a new TV, as someone broke the last one.” he looked pointedly at Edward. I noticed Edward look away with a guilty expression on his face.

Before I could even breath, something in the room had changed. I was now pressed against the wall on the back side of the living room with Edward in front of me. I hadn’t even felt myself be lifted or moved. He wasn’t the only one standing in front of me though. Emmett and Alice had followed his lead, even though they didn’t look as sure of why they were protecting me as Edward was. He let out a low growl as Robert looked started. I felt a light wave of relaxation come over my body, knowing that Jasper had stepped into the equation.

“Jasper,” Edward hissed, his eye narrow. I peaked out from under Edwards elbow to see two new people standing next to Robert. I felt the rise of panic come back over me as Jasper shrugged and took his place next to Alice. She didn’t move. The four Cullen’s were standing around me like a protective barrier and I had now idea why, my heart racing like mad in my chest.