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Ending Dawn

I was engaged! It sounded like a swear word to me, but I couldn’t complain about the results that were to follow. I loved Edward more than life itself, and he knew it. I would die for him. I would be immortal as a vampire, as his wife. I wanted to spend the rest of eternity with the most perfect boy on the face of the earth. But of course, he had his own list of things to do before he would change me into a vampire. We had to get married. Edward wanted me to himself, no one else. CHAPTER 16 Will be up soon! Sorry for the delay...I just graduated from High School!  Banner by ME! Let me know if you would like me to make you a banner! send me an e-mail at weasleygirl_96@yahoo.com!

Hello all! This is my first crack at a Twilight Fanfic and I hope you all enjoy it! I really enjoy writing this story! Please enjoy Ending Dawn!

13. Chapter 13: Manipulation

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Chapter 13: Manipulation

With my body pushed forcefully against the wall, I had no idea what was going on. The world was spinning around me and I felt out of breathe. I did know that my heart was beating so fast in my chest that any vampire within a ten mile radius could hear it pounding. My chest felt as if it were about to burst open at any given moment. It was almost painful the way it pounded in my ribcage. I caught a nervous look from Edward and Alice as they heard my heart accelerate faster. I wasn’t aware that my organs could work so quickly.

Something in the room had changed in an instant and I was the only one left in the dark from what I could tell, with the exception of Robert, he looked just as confused as I did. It was something that the Cullen’s could see that I couldn’t, something outside the realm of my senses. They were all standing around me with their teeth bared at the two newcomers that had joined Robert’s ranks. I was taken by surprise when Edward let out a threatening growl as one of them stepped toward us. I didn’t know what was happening, and I had a feeling I didn’t want to.

I suddenly felt another wave of calm wash over me, but it didn’t help ease the extreme felling of anxiety that had taken my body prisoner. I saw Edward throw Jasper a warning glance from the corner of his eye. Evidently, Edward didn’t think this was a time for the calming effect. It must have been a serious situation. Why else would Edward go into defensive mode, along with the rest of the Cullen children?

My eyes suddenly traveled to the two newcomers. The first was a beautiful woman with long sandy brown hair that flowed down to her lower back in gentle waves. Her pale skin was pulled over her perfect bone structure of her face and her lips were a bright rosy color. In my opinion, she didn’t compare to Rosalie in the slightest, and she would have been pleased to know that. The woman’s eyes were a darker gold but still nothing like the color Edward’s eyes had been on my first day of high school in Forks. I knew from the color of her eyes that she was slightly thirsty, but nothing that would put my life in danger. I had learned these different warning signs from hanging around with Edward and Cullen’s. I now had it down to art of knowing when Edward would be leaving me to go hunting, just by the color of his eyes. It made it a little easier to let him go, though not much.

My eyes then caught sight of the second newcomer. She wasn’t anything like had ever seen before and it caused me to take in a sharp breath. The girl chuckled as my eyes met hers. She was wearing a smirk on her extremely youthful face as she returned the Cullen’s gaze. The girl that was now standing in front of Edward was short with shoulder length jet-black hair. She didn’t look any older than nine-years-old. I hadn’t expected a child of that age to be able to go through the painful transformation. I couldn’t fathom it! I suddenly realized that that wasn’t the most frightening thing about the child; her eyes were a mix between blood red and a chocolate color. I had never seen any vampire with that deathly combination of colors, and I had seen more far more vampires in the past two years than any human should see in a lifetime. They were even different from the Volturi’s eyes, and I didn’t anything could have been more frightening than that.

I shivered, her eyes looking directly into mine with a menacing glint. I gulped. My heart, if possible, thumped faster in my chest. The demonic child in front of me laughed, causing Edward to growl.

“This is the human that every one is making a fuss about?” the girl hissed in a non-impressed tone whatsoever. “Oh, she looks like a sack of bones!” she laughed, her eyes meeting Edwards. I watched as he looked away from her, not wanting to meet her gaze.

“Kylie,” Robert said in a shaky tone. “There is no need to be rude. We are guests!” I wasn’t sure if he himself was afraid of the girl or if he was nervous about the Cullen’s.

So this must be the infamous newborn that they had been talking about. I could see why Edward was worried, she looked dangerous. I had never know a child to look so frightening. How did she go about in public? Her presence would stop traffic! I wondered what talent she possessed that would prevent Edward from looking at her. That was usually how he connected with people’s thoughts in the best way.

Kylie laughed again, her child-like laugh echoing through the Cullen’s high ceilinged living room. “But she’s just a human! There is nothing special about her except her scent!”

Edward suddenly let out a growl, turning on Robert and the other woman that I took to be Mel. I couldn’t see Edward’s face, but I could tell it was dangerous. “Why would you bring her here when she is thirsty?” he snarled.

Kylie snorted with laughter again as she paced in front of us. “Don’t worry, Eddie,” she sneered. Her youthful voice felt like nails on a chalkboard to me. I frowned with an angry look on her face. I had never heard anyone refer to Edward like that before. I imagined he hated that nickname. “I wont hurt your little girlfriend, though--” the black-haired demon turned her gaze directly on Edward, not letting his eye shift. I heard him take in a raspy breath as he slowly stood up from his crouched stance. Was this against his will? I gapped as I looked around at the other Cullen’s, seeing them look just as nervous as I felt. I no longer felt Jasper’s feeling of calm over me. “Don’t try and be the tuff guy, Eddie, it only makes what you’re about to do harder!”

My heart was about to explode, all my emotions in an uproar. She couldn’t do this to him! I wasn’t even sure what she was doing but I didn’t like it. I had to do something to stop it.

“Kylie!” Mel yelled, but the child ignored her. “Stop it!” Kylie waved a hand at her. She obviously was the leader of this coven.

I watched as Edward tried to fight his body from moving. He was slowly turning to face me with his teeth bared at me. I could see the pain in his eyes as he looked at me. This wasn’t his doing.

“Stop it!” I cried at Kylie. I could feel my eyes becoming wet as I looked into Edward’s eyes. I hated the pain that was there. He was too good for that. I wanted to charge at Kylie, but what could I do? Plus, I was trapped behind Edward. Kylie only laughed again, she was having fun.

“Bella…” Edward moaned at me, his eyes pleading with me to not be afraid. He said this through clenched teeth, I could tell he was trying to fight her control.

Edward was coming closer and closer to me. I could feel his icy breath coming down toward my neck as I realized what she was trying to make Edward do.

“No,” I breathed. I couldn’t die or turn into a vampire yet, I didn’t have my affairs in order. What about Charlie and Renee? What about Jacob and the Hoh Clan? “Edward…” His lips were forming a snarl as he inched closer and closer to my neck, Kylie cackled in the background. It was happening in slow motion for me, but I realized that it must have been moving too fast for any of the Cullens or Mel and Robert to step in yet.

“Emmett!” Edward hissed, his mouth opening as his teeth touched my skin. I closed my eyes, preparing my body for the pain of Edward’s teeth sinking into my skin. I realized how appetizing I must be, standing here with my blood pumping freely through my veins. I was like the only piece of candy in a candy story full of children, except these children liked blood.


Edward’s arms were suddenly around me, pulling me away. I had no idea what was going on. One minute I had been near death at the mercy of a nine-year-old and now I was flying in Edward’s arms through a field. I was hyperventilating when he finally set me back on my feet, nauseous as I clung to the front of his shirt.

“Bella,” Edward said, holding me tight and not letting me go. I was in the protective circle of his granite arms. “Bella, are you okay?” I nodded against his chest, tears running unwillingly from my eyes. I had been terrified of a child and she had made my worst fear come to life. Edward could hurt me, even if it was against his will. “I’m so sorry,” he whispered, feeling the tears shake my body lightly. “I should have never have put you through that. I knew what the danger was, and I didn’t do anything to stop it. That little newborn is--”

“Edward,” I said in a tear-filled voice, pressing a finger to his stone cold lips. “Don’t you dare blame yourself for what that child made you do. And if I remember correctly, I was the one who thought it would be a good idea to go down and meet them.” I let myself glance up into his cold and worried eyes. It hurt me to see him like this, with such grief.

“It wont happen again,” Edward said darkly, his eyes distant now. That scared me. “I promise you, Bella. I wont put your life on the line. You’re too important.”

Edward held me in his arms as I slowly sank to the ground. I was too exhausted to stand, it had been an extremely long day. I couldn’t think straight anymore and I hadn’t even noticed the sun setting behind the mountains that surrounded us. I didn’t even have any idea where we were.

“Edward,” I mumbled, half asleep about ten minutes later. I looked up at his beautiful face with dazed eyes. “What did she do to you? Is that her power? Mind control?” My voice would have sounded anxious and interested at the same time if I hadn’t been so tired. It was as if Jasper was standing next to me, making my body relax. I realized that it was all from Edward’s comforting touch. I love him more than anything else in the world.

He sighed underneath me, causing me to look back up at his face. Edward looked away from me. I wondered if he was trying to think of a good way to tell me. “Yes,” he said slowly. “Kylie is very unique with her skill. She has the power to manipulate the body. She can take control of the muscles in your body and cause them to move in ways that your brain is telling them not to.”

“So it’s like possession almost?” I yawned. Edward smiled at me and chuckled.

“No, love,” He whispered into my ear. “But she has a greater control on those with a weaker mind. I wonder how Emmett stood up to her?” He let out a light laugh. “But it’s only if she gets eye contact with you. I made that mistake.” Edward let out a sigh and I could tell that he was angry with himself. I let my hand reach up and trace his features, twilight taking over us. He smiled at me, leaning back so that I was on top of him. He had never felt so comfortable to me. We could sleep here.

“Edward,” I murmured again, almost being taken by the sleep that my body was begging for. My eyes were closed.

“Hmm?” Edward asked, his eyes watching me. I couldn’t see their golden perfection, but I could feel them.

“What will my power be?”

I felt Edward stiffen underneath me. He didn’t even let out the breath of air that he had just taken in. I knew he had been avoiding this topic, hoping that I would forget about it. Not a chance. “I don’t know,” he answered quietly. “But don’t wish your life away just to find out. It’s not worth it.” His voice was stern and pleading. I knew he wanted to drop the subject. “Go to sleep, Bella, and dream of pleasant things. You are my life.”

Those were the last words I heard before I slipped into unconsciousness. It was the most peacefully dreamless night sleep I had ever had, and was all thanks to Edward.

I was flying through the air, the wind spinning my hair around my face. It was really cold as I cuddled myself against the hard mass that was holding me. I realized that it had to be Edward and my eyes quickly fluttered open. There was his perfect face, looking straight ahead and concentrated. I felt my heart flutter slightly as I looked up at him. I realized that Edward was carrying my body in his arms like a small child.

“Edward?” I asked in a groggy voice, drawing his attention away from where he was running. He smiled down at me my favorite lopsided grin.

“Go back to sleep, Bella,” he said in his musical voice. I felt my eyelids becoming heavy again. “Your muttering is soothing.”

I raised a brow at him, wondering what I had been talking about in my sleep. That thought always scared me. I had no control over my mind when I was asleep and I was probably rambling about my deepest and darkest secrets. And to make matters worse, Edward didn’t always clue me into what he was saying. He just kept that lopsided grin on his face when he watched me do something. I realized that he must have been laughing inwardly about something that I had been saying in my sleep, but I couldn’t be to sure.

“But I can mutter when I’m awake too,” I said in a tired voice. Edward chuckled lightly.

“You’re exhausted,” he said in the same velvety tone. “Do you want me to sing to you?”

I sighed, cuddling up against his chest. “Where are we going?” I muttered. However, my question was answered for me. I suddenly heard a howl in the distance, and it wasn’t far away from where Edward and I were. I looked up at him with nervous eyes. “What’s going on?” I asked nervously.

Edward sighed as he slowed, my feet gently touching the ground in the Cullen’s front yard. All the lights were off in the house except for one upstairs on the far left. I wondered if that was Alice and Jasper’s room. I imagined that she was waiting for us to return. I also wondered in Robert, Mel, and Kylie were still there. I had not idea.

Edward took my hand and led me up toward the porch. I was still waiting for him to answer me, afraid of what was to come. I stopped him as we sat down on the white porch swing.

“Edward? What’s going on? Don’t make me go find Alice!” I threatened, as he rolled his eyes at me.

“It’s late,” he said, pulling me closer into his embrace. “And there is no need to put you in a state of alarm.”

“A state of alarm?” I asked; my eyes wide. I remembered the howl I had heard a few minutes ago, my heart starting to race again.

“Calm down, Bella,” Edward muttered in my ear. He lips were moving along my neck again. “I was just given a message from one of the dogs.”

My heart stopped beating in my chest. Was Jacob alright? What had happened that had made one of the wolves cross the lines.

“Relax, love, it’s nothing big,” Edward sighed, sensing my distress. He turned my head so he could reach my neck better. “They just wanted me to tell you that Jacob phased back. Those two friends of his must like you, because it could have caused a battle if Emmett were around.”

“So he’s okay?” I breathed; a little too excited. Edward’s face fell.

“They wanted you to know that he is doing better and you have nothing to worry about,” Edward said, a frown on his face. “They said they think he’s coming back…”