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Ending Dawn

I was engaged! It sounded like a swear word to me, but I couldn’t complain about the results that were to follow. I loved Edward more than life itself, and he knew it. I would die for him. I would be immortal as a vampire, as his wife. I wanted to spend the rest of eternity with the most perfect boy on the face of the earth. But of course, he had his own list of things to do before he would change me into a vampire. We had to get married. Edward wanted me to himself, no one else. CHAPTER 16 Will be up soon! Sorry for the delay...I just graduated from High School!  Banner by ME! Let me know if you would like me to make you a banner! send me an e-mail at weasleygirl_96@yahoo.com!

Hello all! This is my first crack at a Twilight Fanfic and I hope you all enjoy it! I really enjoy writing this story! Please enjoy Ending Dawn!

14. Chapter 14: Beyond Repair

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Chapter 14: Beyond repair

My mind had exploded. I had no idea what to think, do, or feel. Why was all this happening to me now, after all this time? I guess I was the danger magnet that Edward had always claimed that I was. I guess I knew it was true on the inside, even if I didn’t want to admit it. Why was life so unfair? Why couldn’t it just be easy? I suddenly realized that nothing would be easy ever again, not with the life style I had chosen. I would stick with Edward, no matter how hard it was.

I guess I could deal with Renee coming, as it was part of the closure that she needed; the closure I needed to move on with my life. I would be okay in the long run, and I knew that. But what was I going to do if Jacob did come back? I couldn’t deal with that, and I knew my body couldn’t either, as my mind and heart were all racing at once and there was nothing I could do to slow them down. I loved Jacob, but I didn’t want him to come back. He would just make it that much harder for me to give up life the path that I had chosen. And I thought Jake was going to be the good guy? But then again, when did the boy ever follow the rules? I didn’t want any doubt in my mind that I wasn’t doing the right thing, and Renee and Jacob were the two people who would be more than happy to put that feeling inside my heart. I knew neither were happy with the decision I had made.

“Bella?” Edward’s nervous voice sounded in my ear. I realized that I had been sitting there on the porch swing with my eyes squeezed shut. I opened them to see Edward’s startled eyes looking down at me. He looked like he was afraid that I might combust. “Bella what is it?”

I looked into Edward’s startled eyes as I tried to compose my breathing so that I could answer him. It was proving to be more difficult than I had expected. Edward looked like he hadn’t expected this reaction from me at all. I think he was expecting me to be excited, not hyperventilating and nauseous. I was so concentrated that I didn’t hear the door open on the side of the house, and I knew Edward hadn’t even looked away from me to see who it was, but then again, he didn’t need to.

“Bella,” he breathed. I could tell he was having a hard time trying to control his emotions because he had not idea what my problem was. It was killing him not to know what was going on inside my head. If I were in his situation, I probably would have shaken me to try and get some information out of me. I’m not sure how effective it would be, but it felt like the right thing to do at a time like this.

“He-he cant!” I breathed. Edward looked taken aback by my words. He hadn’t been expecting this in the slightest. “He can’t come back and ruin everything now! I’m happy with you Edward, and I don’t want that doubt in my mind. I made my choice and I don’t want to have to go threw that goodbye again…it was hard enough the first time.”

I could now hear footsteps creeping along the old wooden porch, but I was too busy trying to figure out why Edward had looked away from me, his eyes distant. I didn’t like this; he couldn’t turn away from me again. It would kill me.

“Are you sure, Bella? I’ve never seen you in so much pain as you were that night, I cant bare to think that you gave that up for me,” Edward said quietly. How silly of him, how could I not want to give up everything for him?

“Edward, how could I not want anything but you? I’ve known a greater pain, and that was when you weren’t with me, Edward. I know what I can’t live about and that is you,” I breathed, unable to fathom why he kept doing this to me. Why couldn’t he just accept that I loved him, loved him more than life itself? “I love you, Edward!”

I didn’t give Edward time to respond. I put my hands on the side of his icy face and forced my lips upon his, letting my fingers twist themselves in his hair. At first, Edward didn’t move, his body going through the shock of my sudden touch. After a moment, I felt his arms wrap around me, kissing me back like he had never done before. Edward’s sudden movement against me felt like he had sucked all of the breath out of me, causing me to gasp, more with pleasure and surprise. It was as if he would never let me go, his passion for me leaking into my own body at his every touch. My heart rate was increasing, my blood pumping savagely through my body. I was dizzy from his icy touch and my vision was blurred, but I didn’t care. I held on for as long as I could, trying to prolong the breath that I needed to take. However, I wasn’t the one who broke off the life-changing kiss.

“Fascinating, really, I’ve never seen anything like this!” said a familiar voice as Edward slowly pulled away from me. I took in a raspy and shaky breath as he freed me from his powerful lip lock; he was stronger than I had given him credit for.

I opened my eyes to see Edward looking back at me with his dark onyx colored eyes, the passion searing out of them. They were the same color they had been that day I had decided to tell Charlie and Renee about our engagement; the day Edward had tried to seduce me and make me change my mind about our plans. It was the color that his eyes turned when he was loosing control of his senses, the predator in him taking over. At that moment, I would have done anything to let him take over, my human hormones raging. I couldn’t even imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t been interrupted. I probably would have passed out from lack of oxygen to my brain, but to me, that would have been the best way to lose consciousness. Both of us were breathing heavily as we stared at each other, we couldn’t move our gaze.

“She is so warm, look at her cheeks flush, Mel!” continued Robert’s excited voice. “Can you imagine what that must feel like, to have that warmth? It must be exhilarating! I told you the boy had magnificent control, we could really learn from him.”

“Honestly, Rob, give them some privacy!” said the soft and peaceful voice of Mel. I realized that this was the first time I had actually heard her talk in her musical tone. “But you’re right, her skin tone is remarkable.” How was it that two scientific vampires had gotten paired together? The world seemed stranger to me every day.

I suddenly felt like a rat trapped in a cage for a science experiment. My face reddened considerably as I realized that the pair had been standing there watching us kiss, the private moment stripped away from us. I watched as Edward’s eyes turned back to the perfect shade of topaz, reality bring his control back. His eyes were angry however, and I wasn’t expecting such a change in his emotion so quickly. Before I knew what had happened, Edward had left my side and was now standing dangerously close to Mel and Robert. My mouth dropped slightly as Edward let out a light snarl.

“How could you bring her here when you knew she was thirsty?” Edward hissed. “You know how she acts! And you would dare to put Bella in danger like that when you knew that she was still a human?” He was furious and I could tell just by looking at his stance. I had never seen Edward this angry about anything before, with the exception of Jacob. I couldn’t help but feel bad for Mel and Robert for being on the other side of his deathly gaze. I was just thankful that I couldn’t see the anger in his perfect eyes.

I understood, by the look on the couples’ faces, that they had no control over Kylie. She was the leader of their coven and there was no getting around that. The little nine-year-old was like no tyrant I had never seen before. She was terrifying, and with her ability to control your muscular system, I knew that once the child had her mind set on something, there was no way of getting around it. Even if Mel and Robert had wanted to prevent Kylie from coming to the Cullen’s house, they couldn’t have stopped her; Kylie would have controlled them to make them her slaves. They were there to be parental unites to Kylie, as I saw it, but that aspect didn’t always work out for them. The child was her own ruler.

“Edward,” Robert sighed, his eyes soft in the gentle moonlight that streamed down onto the porch. I wondered if Edward’s topaz eyes would sparkle brilliantly. “We couldn’t stop her. Kylie has her own mind set and when she wants something, we have to go along or else she will control us.”

“We never expected her to misbehave so badly around your human,” Mel said softly. Her beauty was also radiant in the moonlight.

“Bella,” Edward hissed.

“We’re sorry that she acted so out of hand and we cant control her when she gets like that. The only logical thing to do is knock off her eye contact. The Hoh Clan didn’t even stand a chance against her when we passed through. It was remarkable to see a clan so large and so divers--”

My mind suddenly wheeled. Did he just say the Hoh Clan? That was the same clan that Jacob had been facing and I wondered if they had to do anything with his return. Kylie had faced them? I understood that the child was strong, but did she really have that much influence over those around her? I didn’t want to think about Jacob and the Hoh Clan right now, I had a bigger issue on my plate, and that was dealing with Renee. I had forgotten about her in my moments of panic around Jacob and the clan in front of me.

“Rob,” Mel interrupted. “That isn’t important right now. The point is, Edward, we are extremely embarrassed by her behavior and she would like to apologize to you and Bella for her behavior. We hope that you can forgive her for her rudeness and accept her apology.”

I looked up at Edward as I joined his side, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. I felt the toned and hard muscles on his back tighten and a light chill travel up his spin. I was happy to see that I affected Edward in the same fashion that he affected me. I hated being the only one to show distinct physical changes when he touched me, as my heart raced at unnatural speeds with something as simple as him holding my hand.

Edward was silent for a few moments, as if he was considering what Mel and Robert had just said. I hoped that he had realized that the child had all the control in their small coven.

“No,” Edward responded a few moments later. “Get her out of her. She doesn’t need to be around to but Bella in danger like that again, especially not under my hand. I forgive you but you can’t stay any longer. Kylie is endangering our family from being here, and with the treaty we have with the dogs, we don’t need a reason to start a war. I expect the Denali clan is awaiting your arrival anyway. We shall meet up with you there in few months.”

I gapped at Edward. A few months? I thought that I was going to be changed after our wedding that was in two weeks! I had expected us to leave for Alaska after the extravagant wedding that Alice had planned for us. A few months were more than I had bargained for. Edward gave me a look that told me to relax and that he would explain his rational to me later. I was starting to believe that he could read my mind and that he had just been acting before. It was the most logical explanation that I could come up with.

“Your family warned us that you would react like this, and let me say, young Alice was correct, it is your choice, Edward my boy,” Robert said softly. “We shall leave at once and meet up with you after Bella has changed. Her power will be spectacular, no doubt.” The large man turned back to my, his hand reaching out toward my flushed cheek. “She is a treasure, keep her safe, Edward.” Edward nodded as he shook Robert’s hand. I could feel the tension and sadness radiating off the situation and it was more than it needed to be. “Kylie will not be a problem any longer. Carlisle gave her some medication to calm her down. She should be safe when you come.” Robert turned back to Mel with a warm smile. “Until we meet again.”

I watched as the two graceful vampires turned to go back into the house, leaving Edward and me alone again. He smiled a crooked smile at me before turning and taking me fully in his arms. A lone chill traveled up my spin. I suddenly noticed the darkness seeping back into his golden eyes. My heart rate started to increase as he ran his fingers down my arms, my brain going numb. He was dazzling me, and he knew it all too well.

“Now, what were you saying about werewolves?” Edward asked with a mischievous smirk. I knew that he had been referring to the kiss we had shared after I had explained to him about Jacob.

“Erm—Jacob coming back and Renee,” I gasped, Edward having extreme effects on my body. He was coming closer and closer to my face, his eyes dark and anxious.

“Do you want me to kidnap you? No one will ever know where you went, and there is no need to have an actual blushing bride,” Edward chuckled, one hand now on the side of my face.

“Funny,” I murmured as he placed my arms up around his neck. “But what about—“

“Shh,” Edward whispered, his lips tickling mine with their slight movement. “Bella, my love, you worry too much. You have nothing to worry about. We will put on the best human act that you have ever seen and if you want, and Emmett would be more than happy to take care of the dog.” He gave me a light a kiss that seemed to brainwash me. “Are you still worried?” I could tell he was smirking as his icy lips brushed against mine again.

“A little,” I admitted, the shock of his touch still running through my body. And before I could open my mouth to say another word, Edward had taken my lips prisoner again. He gracefully scooped me up into his arms, not breaking our kiss, and ran me up to his, soon to be our room. I felt myself sink softly into the gold and white comforter in the large bed.

“How about now?” he murmured, his eyes glowing with excitement in the darkness. He was hovering over top of me. My heart thumped against my ribcage with a force that was threatened to jettison my heart out of my chest. Edward chuckled lightly before his lips took mine again. The way he was kissing me should have been illegal. “And now?” he chuckled, his lips moving against my neck as he gave me a moment to breath. I could tell he was enjoying the effect he was having on my body: it amused him.

“Still terrified beyond belief,” I gasped, my breaths paralyzed inside my chest. Edward laughed.

“Let me get this straight,” Edward chuckled against the hollow base of my neck. “Out of all the things that should scare you, the thought of your mother coming or that dog returning is worse than almost loosing your life at the hand of a vampire?” He found my silly human fears to be funny.

“Basically,” I mused, thinking about what he had just asked me. It was true that the whole idea of vampires around was not frightening to me, just rather odd. I actually felt more comfortable in the company of vampires than I did with regular people. It just felt natural to me. Edward chuckled again.

“There has to be something wrong with your brain, love. Why else would you not be afraid of us or my powers not have any affect on you?” Edward asked, his voice full of thought and reason.

“That sounds reassuring,” I said with a frown. “But maybe I was destined to be one of you so that is why I accept so easily?” I offered as a suggestion. I heard Edward let out a sigh, and I could tell he didn’t like the way the conversation had turned.

“Bella, nothing besides your unhappiness would make me want to take away your humanity. It is worth more than you give it credit for. Any one of us, Esme, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, would give anything to be human again. We all missed out on a great part of our lives that we can never get back. That is why I want you to have as many human experiences as possible before you change,” he sighed.

“But I don’t care about those things, and you know it. I only want to be with you, Edward! It makes me feel sick when I’m not around your and I hate it when we are apart for more than a few moments. It is like torture. I am more than willing and ready to give up everything for you. I love you,” I said, feeling extremely emotional at what I had just said. I was tired of telling him this, time after time. Why couldn’t Edward just accept that I was ready to be one of them?

“Bella,” Edward sighed, looking down at me with concerned eyes. “You don’t understand what you’re giving up to be one of us. Your soul will be damned, and you will be the same Bella, but with differences.” He leaned down so that his lips were touching my ear. “I don’t want to lose you,” he whispered, sending chills down my spin.

Would Edward lose me once I was a vampire, or would he just lose the things that made me human? I wondered if he would still love me when my heart stopped beating. I understood that he had never had a chance to really fulfill his life because of the disease that should have killed him, but I was ready to end my human life. I hated the things that came along with being human, including my clumsiness and embarrassing moments. I would miss my family though, but I would have lost them at some point in time anyway. It was all part of the cycle of life, and no one could deny that, not even Edward. I just hoped that I would be the same person that I was now, with some added benefits.

“You won’t loose me,” I breathed, praying that it was true. “I’ll be the same old Bella, without the clumsiness or the embarrassing red spots on my face.”

“Those are part of your charm, love,” Edward said, his eyes focused directly on me. “They are what I will miss the most, not to mention the sound of your heart beating.” He gently laid his head on my chest listening to the sound of my heart. Edward was right, I wouldn’t have working organs, but that was a price I was willing to pay for love.

“Will you still love me?” I asked in a very low tone. This was my biggest fear and I couldn’t live without knowing that Edward was still with me. I would die from the pain in my beating, or un-beating, heart.

Edward’s perfect eyes suddenly became totally serious as he looked at me. “How could I not love you Isabella Swan? Silly, Bella,” he chuckled, hearing my pulse increase as his lips brushed mine. He lowed his body slightly so that I could feel a little bit more of the pressure. I took in a shaky breath as I tried to calm my increasing heart rate. “I love that,” Edward said with my favorite smile. I remembered the first time he had truly discovered this effect when I was in the hospital after James attacked me. It was embarrassing on my part.

Edward’s icy lips took mine again, but he quickly pulled away with a sigh. He climbed off of me and sat down at the edge of the bed, pulling me onto his lap. My heart was still beating like mad in my chest. “Come in,” he groaned. I was taken by surprise when the door opened to reveal Alice and Jasper.

“Sorry to interrupt your ‘private time’,” Alice said; a smirk on her face. There was no denying that Jasper and Alice couldn’t hear my heart racing. And to make matters worse, Edward sat there with a smirk on his face. What did he know that I didn’t? “But I need to steal Bella for a moment.” I giggled as Edward wrapped his arm arms tighter around me, like he didn’t want to let me go. “Yes, I know it’s late, but come on! It’s important! I even brought Jasper as a make up toy for you! You won’t even know she’s gone!”

Edward rolled his eyes but didn’t let me go. “I can’t make Jasper’s heart race in amusing ways,” he said with a mischievous smirk. I heard Jasper chuckle from behind Alice. He was finding this amusing, as was I.

“Oh, Edward, what did I tell you about sharing? Honestly, you think that you were selfish! Where are your manners?” Alice said shaking her head. “Unless you would like to try on Bella’s wedding dress after the alterations?” Jasper snorted with laughter.

“I think that would be a good look for him,” Jasper chuckled, leaning up against the door.

I turned to Edward and put my hands on top of his. “I promise I’ll be right back,” I said in his ear. He gave me a light kiss before he released me. I knew he hated to be apart just as much as I did.

I quickly followed Alice out the door, leaving Jasper and Edward alone. I had no idea what the pair of them would be doing when we were gone. Alice led me down the stairs and to the first door of the third floor, which I recognized as her and Jasper’s room. She grabbed my arm and pulled me inside with one brisk movement. The next thing I knew Alice was dancing back toward me with a gown in hand.

“Well I lied, it’s not your dress that is here, but the bridesmaids dresses came in when you were gone and lets just say the UPS guy got more than he bargained for when Rosalie answered the door,” Alice giggled. She opened the bag to reveal a beautiful long silk dress. It was Edward’s favorite shade of blue, and I knew from the plans with Alice, that the boy’s would be wearing gold. I ran my hand over the soft fabric that had a little bit of gold trim. They were almost as beautiful as my wedding dress, but not quiet. They were the best bridesmaid’s dresses I had ever seen; and I had only seen one and that was the one Renee had picked out for her own wedding to Phil. “So, what do you think?”

“Amazing as always, Alice,” I said in a breath taken voice. She was always right about everything, and I knew it wasn’t wise to bet against Alice. I let out a yawn. It was getting really late.

“Alright, back to bed. Go play with, Edward,” Alice said, waving her hand at me. I quickly jumped off the bed and returned to Edward’s room, ready to fall asleep in his arms.