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Ending Dawn

I was engaged! It sounded like a swear word to me, but I couldn’t complain about the results that were to follow. I loved Edward more than life itself, and he knew it. I would die for him. I would be immortal as a vampire, as his wife. I wanted to spend the rest of eternity with the most perfect boy on the face of the earth. But of course, he had his own list of things to do before he would change me into a vampire. We had to get married. Edward wanted me to himself, no one else. CHAPTER 16 Will be up soon! Sorry for the delay...I just graduated from High School!  Banner by ME! Let me know if you would like me to make you a banner! send me an e-mail at weasleygirl_96@yahoo.com!

Hello all! This is my first crack at a Twilight Fanfic and I hope you all enjoy it! I really enjoy writing this story! Please enjoy Ending Dawn!

16. Chapter 16: Bridal Torture

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Chapter 16: Bridal Torture

Dread was the only word that I could use to describe the feeling that was pulsing through my veins as the doorbell rang. I knew the end was near as I sat in my small kitchen. It would only be a matter of time before I was forced into activities that I never would have done on my own. This was Alice’s fault and she would feel my wrath as soon as I had her alone, if Edward didn’t get to her first. How long was I going to be put through the torture that I had yet to discover the source of? I didn’t know but I wasn’t happy with the thought of an Edward-free night. I hated when he was away from me, and it had been too long already. But now I knew why, Edward must have known about this whole ordeal and he wasn’t planning on telling me. I bet Alice threatened him into not saying anything. That would have described the worried expression on his face when I pulled out of the driveway. I thought it had been my truck he was worried about, but now I saw the truth: Alice and her party plans.

“Coming,” Charlie called as I got up and started to pick up the dinner plates to busy myself. I was going to stall as long as possible, and they couldn’t make me go if I didn’t want to. The only thing I wanted right now was Edward, and he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. It made me feel empty inside.

“Hey, Alice, come on in,” I heard Charlie say as I slowly started to wash the dishes in the sink. “You look lovely this evening.”

“Thanks, Charlie, you don’t look too bad yourself,” Alice’s soprano voice sang. It wasn’t more than a second before I felt her presence in the kitchen. “Renee, it’s so nice to see you again, and you must be Phil,” she said, though I could tell it was only an excellent mask of surprise. I had no doubt in my mind that she had seen this moment coming before she arrived. She would have had to, I thought.

“Alice,” Renee said. I took a peek over my shoulder to see them embrace before I picked up another plate from the soapy water. “It’s so nice to see you again too. I was so happy to talk to you and your darling mother on the phone.”

“Yes, Esme wanted me to tell you that she will see you later and thank you for all your help with the wedding,” Alice said with no doubt one of her beautiful smiles. Alice seemed too perfect to be standing in my old kitchen, just as Edward did. It was then that I felt her eyes on my back. I shivered unconsciously. I didn’t want to go and I would be as stubborn as ever.

“You’re mother is too kind,” Renee said as I set the plate that I had been scrubbing for the past five minutes into the strainer. I didn’t know what was happen next, as the room was suddenly quiet. I assumed that they were all looking at me. They’re not staring at you, I told myself. No one is staring at you. You’re just being paranoid.

“She’s being stubborn,” Alice said. It was a statement, not a question. “I had a feeling that this was going to happen.”I bet she had a feeling, I thought bitterly. Stupid vampires and their special powers…

I suddenly felt an icy hand on the small of my back, and if I hadn’t been expecting it, it would have scared me. Her lips were at my ear in a fraction of a second, just as I had feared. “There is no way out Bella,” she whispered so only I could here. “I’ve seen all your decision to flee, and I’ve blocked each one. You’re just going to have come and have some girl fun with us for the night.”

I turned to look at Alice with wide eyes. I hated when she knew how to stop me. It wasn’t fair.

“Don’t pout, Bella,” Alice scoffed. “I think you’ll enjoy this more than you think you will. Trust me, I know,” she added with a smirk.

“But what about Dad and Phil? What are they going to do all night? We cant just leave them here all by themselves. What kind of daughter would I be?” I said, trying to use every excuse I could to get out of whatever it was Alice had planned for us this evening. I wasn’t going without a fight.

Charlie’s laughter surprised me. “Don’t worry about us, Bells,” she said with a chuckle. “Billy’s coming up to watch the big game. They didn’t pick just any old night for your outing; it is also the night of the play offs. And speaking of which, we’ve got to get going, Phil. Don’t want to miss the start of the game,” Charlie said and then disappeared into the living room with Phil. I felt like my father was a traitor to my cause.

“Well—what about E--” I started, trying another excuse.

“Edward is out with Jasper, Emmett, and Carlisle for the evening,” Alice said with a grin. She could see the defeated look in my eyes as I set the plate I had been washing into the strainer. I opened my mouth, but before I could get the words out, she answered my question. “Rosalie and Esme are going to meet us there,” she laughed. “You have no way out, Bella. Now come on before I make you come with force,” she said, baring her shinny white teeth at me. I hoped Renee hadn’t been watching. My child-like mother was all too perceptive toward things and I didn’t want to put any ideas into her head.

“There?” I questioned, still not knowing where they were going to take me. I was trying to fight the panic that was rising in my throat. Alice laughed in a musical tone.

“That I can’t tell you,” Alice said with a twinkle in her golden eyes. It made my stomach churn. I suddenly wished that I hadn’t had a second helping of potatoes. I felt sick whipped my hands with the dishtowel. “That would ruin the surprise.”

“I hate surprises,” I grumbled. Didn’t she remember how all the rest of my parties had turned out: disastrous? “Can’t you just tell me? You wouldn’t want Edward to find out that you have upset me,” I said, taking as many chances to get out of this predicament that I could.

“Bella, I know, but just trust me,” Alice insisted. I sighed, defeated.

“It’ll be fun, Bells, don’t worry about it,” Renee told me with a smile. Her and Alice both looked at me, waiting to give into temptation.

“Fine, let’s go,” I sighed, knowing that I couldn’t fight them any longer. “I’ll get my coat,” I moaned and ambled over toward the coat rack.

Alice rolled her eyes and caught up with me in two quick steps. “You think you were going off to death row or something, Bella, honestly,” Alice said shaking her head. I gave her a look and raised my brow at her. I was on death row, technically. After my wedding, I would be turned into a vampire and my life as a human would be over. I would be gaining more than I would be loosing, and I was okay with that. “Not funny,” Alice said in response to the look I gave her. I couldn’t help but smile in response.

I dragged my feet as we made the way out of the house. I scowled at my father as he called goodbye to me. He was a traitor for letting this happen to me. As soon as I was outside, I saw the familiar Black family truck pull to the corner. My heart did a light flutter, but I soon realized that it wasn’t Jacob driving, but Sam rather. I bit my lip as Alice gabbed my arm, pulling me in the opposite direction. I could feel his eyes on me as I move, and for the brief second that we made eye contact, he nodded. That hurt me to know I wasn’t welcome in the La Push anymore.

“I’m sorry, Bella,” Alice murmured in my ear as we walked. “But it’s for the best,” she said and I nodded. I had Edward and I wouldn’t need the pack any longer. My favorite mechanic was gone and there was nothing left for me there, even if he did come back.

“I know,” I said and looked up at the car. I wasn’t expecting what I saw next. “The Volvo? You have the Volvo? What does Edward have?” I asked, concerned. I was hoping for another way to escape.

“They took Emmett’s jeep,” Alice laughed and then exchanged a glance with Renee. She nodded.

“What is going on?” I asked, taking a step backwards. I didn’t like that look in my mother’s eyes, or Alice’s for that mater; it was too innocent. I wanted to run and just get away from this party. How could Alice, or Edward, think that I would want a bachelorette party. I didn’t like parties, or surprises, and yet here they were, forcing me into party.

Alice put her arm around my waist as Renee came up behind me. I didn’t like this. “We have to blindfold you now, Bella. Don’t worry, you’ll love the outcome so don’t throw a fit, okay?” Alice urged before a piece of fabric went over my eyes.

“Too late,” I said with a sigh. I felt myself be put in the familiar seat in the silver Volvo. That’s when it hit me; I could smell him in the car. It hurt to know that Edward wasn’t actually there, and that I was trapped without him. I felt somehow lost.

“Relax, honey,” Renee said in a soothing voice behind me. I felt her hand on my shoulder as she rubbed it like she did when I was little. I smiled nervously as I heard the car start and pull away from the curb.

We drove silently down the road for what felt like an eternity, me heart pounding in my chest. I was glad that I had the blindfold over my face so that I couldn’t see the nervous glances Alice was surly giving me. I knew that when Edward looked into her mind later that he wouldn’t be happy with what he saw. That gave me some joy in knowing that Alice would pay. I smiled to myself at the thought. It was then that I felt the car turn onto a dirt road. I didn’t like the sound of this either.

“Where are we?” I demanded as the car pulled to a stop. No one answered me. “Great,” I said as the car door shut. I felt alone and anxious all at once. This torture needed to be over. I secretly wondered that if I ran now if I would be able to get away.

A hand suddenly took my arm and pulled me out of the car. I stumbled to my feet as the blindfold was pulled off of my eyes. In front of me was a large wooden cabin in the middle of the woods. It looked so calm and peaceful in the small clearing. I smiled at the perfect scene in front of me, wishing that Edward were there with me. He would have enjoyed this old-fashioned style cabin and some alone time with me. Maybe this was the location of the secret honeymoon that he wouldn’t tell me about, but I wasn’t about to get all worked up about that right now.

“It beautiful,” I gasped, still taken back by how perfect it was. “Thank you, Alice and Mom!” I said with a smile. They both embraced me and kissed me on the cheek.

“Not worth the hard time you gave us is it?” Alice asked with a knowing smirk. I figured that she must have seen my reaction to the cabin in a vision of hers. “And wait until you get your bridal beauty treatment!” Alice sang and started to drag me toward the cabin. I groaned and followed reluctantly. “Smile, Bella!” Alice sang again, and Renee laughed.

The rest of the night was endless beauty torture of things that I never even would have thought to do to myself. It included mud masks, massages, eyebrow waxing, and makeovers, and not to mention the talk about makeup that should be worn for the wedding. Plus, to my surprise, Esme and Renee had made a connection that I would have expected. They acted like they had known each other for years and that they were best friends; it was a comforting thought. I knew that there wouldn’t be any problems among in-laws that is until they found out that I would never be able to see them again.

“I can’t believe you’re getting married, Bella,” my mother said in a teary tone as she ran her fingers through my hair. “But I’ll know you’ll be happy. You’re not like me and you need to make your own mistakes, but I’m not saying that Edward is a mistake, of course.” I could tell there was a smile on her face.

“Edward’s a great son,” Esme said with a smile. “I’m so happy that he has finally found someone to be happy with. I hated to see him so unhappy for so long.”

“You and me both,” Alice chimed in as she painted my nails with a clear gloss. She claimed that it was to keep the red polish on my nails. It was then that I watched Alice throw a scowl in Rosalie’s direction. Obviously she was planning on saying something that would turn the mood sour. I would have to thank Alice for this later, though I hated to admit it. “Bella would you like some more popcorn?” Alice asked me, taking my gaze away from Rosalie’s beautiful features.

“Ah, sure,” I said and took some up in my free hand. “Want some, Mom?”

“No, thanks, Bells,” Renee smiled, moving out of the way so that Rosalie could test a hairstyle on me for the wedding. She and Alice were scheduled to be my personal stylists in two days, and that was slightly frightening. I remembered the hours they had spent on my head for Prom last year, and that was without letting me look at myself. I admit that I couldn’t complain with the results that followed and Edward was pleased. That was all that mattered to me.

“You’re going to look beautiful, Bella,” Renee commented as Rosalie played with my hair. I blushed at their words and I knew that Edward would think so. “I don’t think I’ll be able to stop crying…”

“Mom,” I groaned. “It’s not a big deal. I don’t want it to be a big deal,” I claimed. In truth, I was extremely excited to finally have Edward all to myself and not have to bother with any other problems. I would be in my own special place, like the one I always imagined.

“But it is a big deal,” Renee said. “My baby girl is getting married and going off to Dartmouth! It’s exciting and your world is never going to be the same again.’

Renee would never know how much truth was actually behind her words. I felt a slight knot rise in my throat as I thought about it, my heart rate increasing slightly. Alice’s eyes were in front of my face before I could even blink. Her perfect features were etched with concern and I stubbornly looked away. Alice wasn’t buying it.

“Will you excuse us for a moment,” Alice said and pulled me to my feet and into the bedroom I would be staying in for the night. “What’s wrong, Bella? You’re not having second thoughts are you?” I could see the worry in her perfect golden eyes.

“Of course not!” I retorted, shocked that she would even ask such a thing. “I told Edward I wouldn’t leave him at the alter, and I’m not going back on that promise. Not now, not ever. I love him, Alice. It’s just…” I trailed off and looked down, not wanting to explain the pain I was feeling by leaving Renee and Charlie behind.

Alice seemed to understand and she nodded. “I know it’ll be hard,” she said with a comforting smile. Her icy hand started to rub circles on my back. “But you’ll get through it. You will happy with Edward and I really don’t want to have to put up with him if he loses you. Let’s just say Edward wasn’t the easiest person to live with for the past seventy years,” Alice said, making me giggle. “We’ll all be there to help you through it, Bella. You’re in good hands.”

“I know I am,” I said, wrapping my arms around Alice. “You’re my sister and I couldn’t ask for anything more.” It was the truth. I could have never asked for a better family to be entering.

“And just so you know, I love you just as much as Edward does,” Alice said as she pulled away from my embrace. “So don’t think you can hide with him all day and not come and see me, you got that?”

“Of course, Alice,” I said before hugging my sister again. I was happy with how things had turned out. She was right, and I learned once again to never bet against Alice.