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Ending Dawn

I was engaged! It sounded like a swear word to me, but I couldn’t complain about the results that were to follow. I loved Edward more than life itself, and he knew it. I would die for him. I would be immortal as a vampire, as his wife. I wanted to spend the rest of eternity with the most perfect boy on the face of the earth. But of course, he had his own list of things to do before he would change me into a vampire. We had to get married. Edward wanted me to himself, no one else. CHAPTER 16 Will be up soon! Sorry for the delay...I just graduated from High School!  Banner by ME! Let me know if you would like me to make you a banner! send me an e-mail at weasleygirl_96@yahoo.com!

Hello all! This is my first crack at a Twilight Fanfic and I hope you all enjoy it! I really enjoy writing this story! Please enjoy Ending Dawn!

3. Chapter 3: Considerations

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Chapter 3: Considerations


I couldn’t talk, my voice trapped in my throat. I quickly slammed the phone down, panic and anxiety taking over. I gapped at the receiver that was now back on the wall, I couldn’t believe that I had just hung up the phone on Renee. I couldn’t have prevented that reaction, even if I had prepared myself further in advanced. I froze. This task was proving to be more difficult than I had thought, and I hadn’t even told Renee yet! I knew it was a matter of seconds before Renee would call back, her voice etched with concern and panic. That’s just how my mother was.

“Bells, what is it?” Charlie asked, looking startled from my sudden action. However, I wasn’t looking at Charlie, my eyes were locked in with Edward’s. His golden orbs hypnotized me. By the expression on his face, I could tell that he was reading the panic in my eyes.

“Bella,” Edward started in a low tone. His velvet voice calmed me slightly as I sat on his knee. I ignored the budge of my father’s eyes. He would have to get used to my closeness with my future husband. “You don’t have to--”


I jumped, the phone sounding like a screaming foghorn compared to Edward’s voice.

“That must be Renee,” Charlie said, looking between me and Edward. My face must have given away my fears as Charlie got up and answered the phone for me. He must have decided to take pity on my nervous state.

“Hello, Renee,” Charlie answered, his eyes locking on mine for the first time. He must have been trying to read my thoughts, just like Edward: neither would prevail. “No, no, everything’s fine. Bella just had to…erm…had to answer the door.”

I watched Charlie, his brows contracting slightly, my heart racing again. I had just toned out his words as I felt Edward’s icy breath on the back of my ear, his voice sounding like a gentle breeze.

“Your heart sounds like the wings of a hummingbird,” he said, barely audible. I would have missed it if I hadn’t been listening. “Relax, love, everything will be alright. I promise.”

I twisted my body so that I could look him in the eyes. He was wearing my favorite sideways grin, my grin. Obviously Alice had had a vision that the pair had neglected to tell me about. Why else would he be so confident?

“No, Renee, it’s not that,” Charlie’s voice moaned, interrupting my thoughts, and my fixated glance on Edward’s eyes. I heard Edward chuckle underneath me and I made a mental note to ask him about it later. I hadn‘t been listening to Charlie‘s conversation, but Edward had. “Bells wanted to tell you her news, so I’m going to let her.” He paused. “Sure, sure, Renee. Yep. Bye.” Charlie handed the phone in my direction, his eyes eager.

I looked down at the receiver like it was a poisonous snake, ready to snap at me as soon as I made my move. I bit my lip, taking in a slow but deep breath through my nose as I grabbled the phone. It was now or never.

“Bella? Bella?”

“Hi, Mom,” I breathed nervously, unable to speak any louder. I absentmindedly twisted the phone cord between my fingers.

“It’s so good to hear your voice, Bells,” Renee said with relief. “I thought something bad had happened. My heart was racing like mad in my chest!” I knew the feeling.

“No, Mom, everything’s fine.” I looked back at Edward, my hand now squeezing his tightly. The whites of my knuckles showed, the palm of my hand sweating despite Edward’s icy touch. “I just wanted to talk to you about something important…” I was glade Edward’s fingers were so hard, as I could have broken all the bones in his hand.

“Yeah, your dad said it was important. And don’t worry, he already ruled out my fear of pregnancy,” Renee said, giggling about he last part. “So what is it?”

My face flushed bright red at these words. I looked down at my feet so Edward and Charlie wouldn’t see my flush, although, Edward could probably smell it. This must have been what he was laughing about a few moments ago. I took a deep breath before I continued, not wanting to say the next piece of information that had to come out.

“Mom, I--I mean,” I stammered. My mouth was having a hard time forming those words. “What I’m trying to say is that-that…”

“Spit it out, Bella!” Renee said anxiously. She had always been a child at heart, why change her ways now?

I sighed. “Edward and I are engaged, Mom,” I said, my words flying out of my mouth at hyper speed. I was bracing myself for the nuclear explosion from the engines: my mother’s reaction.

However, I was surprised by the silence on the other end of the line. I couldn’t even hear Renee breath. Had my mother died from shock?! I looked at Edward, my mouth gapping, trying to find something to say. He gave me a light smile, nodding for me to continue. I couldn’t even bare to look over at Charlie.

“Mom?” I asked in a whisper, afraid that if I spoke to loudly, something might explode from the inside. “Mom…are you there?”

My hands were shaking and my face was as white as paper. I didn’t hear anything for a long time, my heart sinking lower and lower into my chest. Edward held me tighter in his arms, his lips pushing lightly on the side of my head. I felt comfort to know that he was there for me, but anguish because my mother may have fainted on the other end of the line.

“Mom?” I whispered again. I felt like I was about to vomit and faint all at once. I was lucky that I was sitting, or else my knees would have given out from under me.

“Bella,” Renee’s voice said suddenly, taking me by surprise. “Are you sure about this? You know how I feel about marriage at such a young age,” she sighed. “I felt like I threw my life away while I lived in Forks. You were the only positive thing that came out of that time, Bells, even though Charlie is a nice man. He wasn’t the right one for me, and I would have known that if I had tested the waters more at your age.”

I bit my lip, twisting the phone cord between my fingers again. I wished that I could tell her exactly how sure I was of my decision: how much I would be getting out of it in return. It would hurt me to leave them, but it would hurt more not to be with Edward. It was something I had to do.

“Yes, I’m positive,” I said firmly. I surprised myself with this new strength. I had never been more sure of anything in my life. “I want to marry Edward.” I felt Edward’s icy lips touch my cheek for a fraction of a second. Charlie could have missed it in a blink. I knew Edward was smiling behind me.

“But don’t you want to go to college? Test your waters?” Renee pressed, her voice urgent. “Think about what you’re doing, Bella. I don’t want you to throw you life away like I did. Please, just consider your other options.”

Consider my other options. That was exactly the same thing Jacob had asked me to do before the battle with Victoria. My mind drifted back to that time that I had worked so hard to block out. I couldn’t relive the pain I felt for hurting Jacob. I couldn’t go back to Jacob. I loved him, but I loved and needed Edward more. I just wished that I could have both. I knew that I had hurt Jacob, and I hated myself for that. It was that I realized that I couldn’t appease everyone. I could only make myself happy. It made me feel selfish. I took a deep breath before I continued.

“I have,” I said, my strength returning again. “I’ve thought everything through and I am sure that this is what I want. I know that you don’t think I’m making the right decision, but I couldn’t be more sure of my self.” I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of my mouth. Where had this vocalized power and passion come from? Was it because I was finally getting what I wanted? Or was it because Edward was at my side? Either way, I would have to test out my new boldness later.

I heard my mother sigh. “You know what’s best, you always did, even as a child,” Renee said. I could tell that this was hard for her to do. “I give you my blessing, Bell. I just want you to be happy. Tell Edward I said hello.”

I was suddenly beaming, a little bit of colour coming back into my face. I felt giddy and ready to skip around the room. I would even consider running with Edward!

“Thank you, Mom! You have no idea how much that means to me,” I gushed, tears forming in the corners of my eyes. I quickly wiped them away, my happiness overwhelming. I thought that Renee would be much more difficult to convince than Charlie. However, both of my parents seemed fairly open to the idea. They must have seen it coming.

However, as I opened my mouth to tell Renee more details about the wedding and thank her, Edward took the phone out of my hand. I tilted my head as I looked at him with a confused expression. What was he doing?

“Hello, Renee,” Edward’s velvet voice said. “Yes, thank you. I just wanted to assure you that I will do everything in my power to take care of Bella and make sure she is happy. That is my one and only goal.” He paused, listening to what my mother had to say. I was still stunned at his boldness. At least Renee wasn’t around to shoot him with a revolver as I feared Charlie would have. “Yes, I promise I will do that. Bella will be perfectly safe. And we are planning on attending university in Alaska next year.” Edward paused again. “August 13 of this year. It was against my better judgment, but Bella insisted.” Edward laughed. “Of course. Good bye.” He gracefully hung up the phone. Once again he was a perfect gentleman.

Edward looked at me for a moment, his topaz eyes sparkling with happiness. I’d never seen him happier. My breath caught in my throat, his beauty stunning me in a new way. He was going to be mine forever and there was nothing that anyone could do about it. I smiled as he wrapped his arms around me in a tight embrace. Edward lifted me lightly off my feet, spinning me around in a circle. My husband to be never ceased to amaze me. I loved him more than words could express.

When Edward set me back down on my feet, I stood up on my tip-toes, lightly pressing my lips to his. However, Edward pulled away after a fraction of a second, reminding me that Charlie was still in the room.

“Thank you,” I muttered to Edward. His being here in my time of need meant the world to me. I knew that he would always be there for me: for now and forever.

“For what?” Edward asked, looking slightly surprised. He looked down into my brown eyes, trying to read my expression since he couldn’t read my mind.

“For being you,” I said lightly, his hand’s still holding my hips. “You’re perfect.”

“Not any more perfect than you, love,” Edward said, causing a shiver to run down my spine. I wanted to kiss him but as soon as I started to lean into him, Edward pulled away. Charlie had let out a grunt after this action, turning to go back out to watch the Lakers game on the television.

I knew that one day I would match his brilliance, but for now, I was just average human Bella. It was just the way that Edward wanted, but not the way I wanted it. I wanted to be just like him, matching his strength with ease. It would make things so much easier. However, I would have to wait until the torture of the wedding hand passed before I could share that same pleasure, not to mention the years of taming myself so that I wouldn’t always be blood hungry.

I let out a sigh of relief, knowing that the hardest part was over. It was comforting to me to know that everything was going to work out how I wanted it.

“So what now?” Edward asked, his arms pulling me closer now that Charlie wasn’t watching.

“I have a few ideas in mind,” I said with a smirk, taking his icy hand in mine and pulling him up the stairs to my room.

“I thought you wanted to wait?” Edward asked, looking confused as I shut the door behind him. It was the first time that I had ever taken Edward up to my room with Charlie knowing about it. I was engaged and I assumed that it would be acceptable.

“I do,” I said, smiling sheepishly at him. “But just because I want to wait doesn’t mean that I don’t want to do other things with you.” I took a step toward him but he beat me to it. Before I could even blink, Edward’s lips were pressed against mine. There was a certain urgency about this kiss, but in a good and passionate way. I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like kissing him when he didn’t have to hold back all his power.

The world seemed to stop spinning as Edward cradled me in his arms, my fingers knotting in his hair. I pressed myself against his body as hard as I could, not able to get enough of him. Fireworks exploded in my stomach as he moved me over to my bed, genteelly laying me down across my quilt comforter. He was careful not to crush me with his weight but he was touching me just enough so that I could feel the pressure of his body. I pushed myself hard against him, his body fitting perfectly in mine. Edward’s icy rock fingers were now tangling themselves in my hair, allowing himself to kiss me in away that should have been illegal. He knew how to make my heart race. If it was possible, my heart was beating faster than I had when I was going to talk to Renee and Charlie. It was an amazing experience.

Suddenly, Edward pulled away, causing me to groan. He rolled over on his side next to me, his eyes closed. Both of our chests heaved up and down, as if we had just run a mile. A light smile came over my face as I looked at him. I took Edward’s hand kissing his palm as I waited for him to say something.

I looked over at Edward as he let out a sigh, his sweet breath enchanted my nostrils. It was almost intoxicating to me. I closed my eyes, taking in the scent like a drug. It was more powerful than before. I had never noticed this much sweetness before, it made me feel like a little kid in a candy store. I unconsciously cuddled my head into the knap of his neck, his arm wrapping a blanket around me before holding me in place.

“You’re breath is sweeter than normal,” I commented after a few moments silence. I could feel Edward chuckle underneath me, causing me to turn and look at him with a questioning expression. “What?”

“You are too observant for your own good,” Edward said, smiling my favorite crooked grin. He arched his neck, kissing my forehead quickly before resting back on my pillow.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked, slightly confused. “Is something wrong?”

“Nothing for you to worry yourself about,” Edward said softly, pulling my wrist to his nose and lips. This sent small chills down my spine.

I looked up at him, flipping myself around that I was laying on his chest, my eyes looking directly into his. I stared him down until he looked away, I was pressing him for the information that he was trying to keep from me. Edward slowly leaned forward to kiss me but I pulled away.

“No way, Mr. Cullen, you’re not going to distract me!” I said, a mischievous smile coming over my face, still looking at him. I pulled my body down his chest slightly, making it harder for his lips to reach mine. “I want to know what you’re trying to keep from me.”

“Bella--” Edward said, his eyes darkening slightly.

“Honesty is the most important part of a relationship, and if you’re not going to tell me, I don’t think I can be your wife.”

Edward groaned, I knew that what I had said had hit him below the belt, but at least I would get an answer.

“Alright, if you must know,” Edward said, his topaz eyes locking on mine. This let me know that he was telling the truth. “The sweetness you smell is the venom that was forming in my mouth. I had to stop because I was having an urge to bite you…” He trailed away, looking ashamed of himself. Edward wouldn’t look me in the eye.

I looked at him, studying his expression. I had never seen him so ashamed of himself before. I had never thought it could have been possible. It made my heart ache, my emotions screaming. I couldn’t bare to see him like this.

“Edward…” I said, putting my hands on either side of his face, forcing him to look at me. But I didn’t know what good it would do as I didn’t know how to comfort him. I was lost of any words that would make him feel better. “I-I…don’t want you to be ashamed. I’m not afraid of you and I never will be.”

“But you should be,” Edward said, closing his eyes. “You are too generous toward my self control. I could kill you if anything gets out of hand. If you weren’t so appetizing…” He stroked my hair, taking in its scent.

“But you wont,” I said confidently, my heart starting to race again. “I remember you saying something along the lines of smelling the bouquet while resisting the wine?” I flashed Edward a light smile, resting my head and my hands on his chest. Even though he was hard as a rock, he was still more comfortable than my pillows.

“Bella,” Edward moaned, pulling me up towards him by the elbows so that he could kiss my neck. “You are too trusting of me.” His lips tickled my skin as he whispered. My fingers gently stroked his face as he made a pattern of kisses from the hollow base of my neck, to my jaw line, to my lips. Each kiss burned my skin with pleasure.

“And you are to analytical,” I stated after his lips had left mine. “So we balance each other out.” I ran my fingers through Edward’s perfect hair, loving its softness. “And what’s wrong with being trusting? Isn’t that what the foundation of a relationship is built on?” I giggled. I sounded like one of those silly romance magazines that Renee used to read.

“Well maybe if you weren’t so delicious, then we wouldn’t have this problem,” Edward teased, his nose now touching mine.

“Well you know how we can fix that, don’t you?” I teased in return, wrinkling my nose as Edward’s hands wrapped around my waist, pulling me on top of him and then pressing me to his body.

“Bella, I will, just give me time,” Edward warned.

However, I didn’t give him a chance to continue. I pushed my lips forcefully against his, hoping that we would never have to part again…