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Ending Dawn

I was engaged! It sounded like a swear word to me, but I couldn’t complain about the results that were to follow. I loved Edward more than life itself, and he knew it. I would die for him. I would be immortal as a vampire, as his wife. I wanted to spend the rest of eternity with the most perfect boy on the face of the earth. But of course, he had his own list of things to do before he would change me into a vampire. We had to get married. Edward wanted me to himself, no one else. CHAPTER 16 Will be up soon! Sorry for the delay...I just graduated from High School!  Banner by ME! Let me know if you would like me to make you a banner! send me an e-mail at weasleygirl_96@yahoo.com!

Hello all! This is my first crack at a Twilight Fanfic and I hope you all enjoy it! I really enjoy writing this story! Please enjoy Ending Dawn!

7. Chapter 7: Circumstance

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Chapter 7: Circumstance

I slowly drove away from Edward, an uneasy feeling hitting me hard as I watched his perfect frame disappear. It hit me; my comfort was gone. I had left it back at the boarder with Edward, and my stomach plummeted at the thought. Why was I doing this? I knew it wouldn’t change anything. I was still going to marry Edward and be turned into a vampire. Yet somehow, I couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to check up on Jacob. It was as if a part of my heart longed to make sure he was alright before I could move on. I guess it was closure and closure was exactly what I needed.

I suddenly realized that I had turned off the familiar street in La Push and was now headed down another that lead to Sam and Emily’s house. I had been there a few times before with Jacob, but I would never forget what I had learned there. The scars that marked Emily’s face would forever haunt my memories, that is until I was turned. I realized that I would have other fears on my mind. I shuddered at the thought.

Somehow, the streets of La Push seemed to have lost their flare of interest. To me, the little spark of excitement had been put out with the disappearance of Jacob Black. The idea of werewolves roaming around the reservation just didn’t fit when I knew that he wasn’t among them. That thought stung my heart too. I hated thinking that I had caused Jacob to leave.

As I turned the corner, I saw the small familiar house come into view. My heart started to race faster and faster in my chest with nerves. I knew I had to do this so that I could happily move on with my life, and Edward. I carefully pulled the Volvo to the curb in front of the house, the driveway blocked with Sam’s truck. I felt my face grow pale as I killed the engine and pulled the keys out. I took in a few deep breaths, trying to calm myself though I know it wasn’t going to work. I could feel the blood pumping through my veins and I wished Edward was by my side. I didn’t need to make myself any more anxious then necessary, but I couldn’t seem to convince myself of that fact.

I looked down at my watch as I put my hand on the door handle. I had about fifty minutes until I was due back in Edward’s arms, so I didn’t have time to doubt what I had come here to do. I hoped that it would be enough time to get all the information that I need to feel mended on the inside.

I slowly climbed out of the car, noticing the curtain in the kitchen window flash open. I bit my lip as I shut and locked the door, quickly shoving the keys into my pocket. I shivered light as an icy breeze blew threw my hair and jacket, crossing my arms in front of my chest. It was then that I notice that someone was at the door before I had even reached the little porch. It was almost like the pack had been expecting me.

“Hey, it’s the bloodsucker’s girl,” I heard a voice call from inside as I reached the steps.

“Bella? Bella Swan, is that you?”

I looked up from the ground to see Quil and Embry at the door, each with a large piece of cornbread in hand. I smiled lightly at the sight of them; at least some thing would never changed. They watched me walk with dark curious eyes; it made me feel self conscious.

“Yeah,” I said, my heart racing in my chest again. So much for controlling myself, but at least they couldn’t smell my blood like Edward or the Cullen’s could. As I looked up at the two giant boys in front of me, I longed to see the taller and more muscular form of Jacob standing between them. However, I knew that he wouldn’t be joining them on this small porch in my greeting party.

“So what brings you back to La Push, I thought you were marrying the leech?” Embry asked, as I reached them. They were so much taller than me and much bigger. I felt like a little doll next to them. They could break me with one easy snap of the wrist. I flinched at the thought.

“I take it you’ve heard?” Quil asked gently before I could answer Embry. The two boys lead me into the tiny house.

“Yeah,” I muttered again, trying not to let my voice waver. However, as soon as I entered the little kitchen, I was Sam and Emily seated at the table, eating cornbread and chili. I flashed them a light smile as I heard a light growl from behind me. It was from Paul. The boy had never liked me much and I couldn’t blame him.

“Easy, Paul,” Sam warned his eyes meeting mine. I shifted nervously in the spot where I had stopped. An uneasy tension had entered the room and I felt like running back to Edward as fast as I could. I didn’t feel welcome here without Jacob by my side. It was a mistake to come here, I should have called.

“So how did you let you’re bloodsucker to let you out of the coffin?” Paul asked darkly from behind me. “I though that’s why Jake ran off.” Paul’s words burned me, even though I knew that that wasn’t the real reason for Jacob’s departure. It still hurt me.

“Paul,” Sam said, his voice firm. I could tell that this was a command. “Sit down, Bella,” Sam sighed, gesturing into the seat across from him. I couldn’t believe I had thought him to be an evil hearted man at one point in time. I could see that he was totally the opposite now: Jake had been right. “We had thought that you had given up on our style of life,” he said softly.

I sighed as I followed his instructions. I didn’t want to start the conversation like this, I didn’t have time. “Where is Jake?” I asked bluntly. I couldn’t put it off.

I folded my hands in my lap as I watched the clan exchange glances and then look back at me. No one spoke for a long while and this made me impatient. What where they trying to hid from me? I looked behind me to see Quil and Embry with their nose turned up and away from me. I realized that I must smell like Edward: a vampire.

“Where is Jake?” I asked again, more forceful this time. I had to know. I didn’t have time for their little mind games. “I know you guys are the only ones who actually know where he went. Please tell me!”

Sam sighed across from me, his eye closing and then opening slowly. He seemed to be gathering his temper so that he didn’t have an accident when Emily and I were in the room. I shifted sideways in the chair at the thought of one of the werewolves loosing control with me in the room. The memory of Jacob and Paul fighting quickly flashed into my mind. I winced.

“He’s out of range,” Sam said quietly. He glanced up at Quil and Embry behind me as I looked at him. I didn’t have to turn around to know that they had nodded behind me.

“What do you mean? Is he more than three-hundred miles away?” I asked, not understanding completely. I was confused to say the least.

“No,” Quil answered from behind me, Sam’s eyes flashing up at him again. “He just wont answer us. We can hear him and he can hear us, but he wont respond. It’s like he’s dead to the clan.”

My bottom lip trembled as I listened, twisting my fingers in my hands. I couldn’t believe Jake had turned on his pack and wouldn’t even respond to them to let him know he was alright. But then again, he had to still be alive if they could hear his thoughts, not to mention the fact that Jacob Black was extremely stubborn.

“What-what is he doing then?” I asked in a shaky tone, wanting more information than what they were giving me. “Is he alright?”

Once again, I didn’t get an answer. I narrowed my eyes in anger, glaring at Sam.

“Tell me, I can take it!” I hissed, hating not knowing what I needed to know to set myself straight. And to add to that, I knew I was quickly running out of time.

“He wont phase out, he is determined to stay a wolf forever, not that that bothers me. He was a showoff anyway,” a new voice said from the corner. I turned to see a girl standing in the corner and I recognized Leah. “You left him down an broken and he couldn’t deal with it like a man, so he ran away, just like a pup with his tail between his legs.”

Leah’s words were harsh but I could tell it was the cold hard truth of the matter. I looked down, a rush of guilt coming over me. No matter what choice I would have made, someone was going to get hurt because of me. I just happened to choose the path that would hurt my best friend, as well as my family. However, this would hurt less than not having Edward.

“He might as well go find someone to imprint on as I am sick and tired of hearing his moping thoughts every time I phase. I would love to go find him in the woods and give him a big kick in--”

“Leah!” Sam said firmly again, his eyes dark. I could tell that between Paul and Leah, the alpha leader had a lot on his plate. He was probably missing his second in command more than the rest; more than me. “That’s enough!” He looked at me, his eyes almost frighteningly dark. “He doesn’t want the pain offered by the human world, and I don’t blame him.”

“He wasn’t supposed to get that invitation,” I said, closing my eyes. I knew that they all would understand what I was talking about. “I didn’t want this to happen!”

“You chose this path when you decided to marry him,” Sam said, shaking his head. “You made your choice to be a devil’s creature and leave humanity behind. Why do you care about Jake’s well being?”

“Because he’s my best friend!” I yelled, angry at them now. “And where is he?”

“Werewolves and vampires are not friends, Bella,” Sam said shortly, pushing his chair back. I could tell he was starting to have to fight to control his temper now. Jake was right, even he hadn’t mastered the art of phasing. “What does it matter where he is if you are going to run off and become one of them?”

“I just need to know that he is okay!” I said, tears forming in my eyes. However, I refused to let myself cry in front of the La Push boys.

“He’s in the Washington Mountains…” Embry said lightly from behind me. “He wont come back, so don’t go looking for him. It’s dangerous. There are more than just wolves in those mountains.” There must have been some tribal legend that I hadn’t heard before about the dangers that loomed in those mountains miles away from the reservation. It had, however, been all their land at one point in time.

“He will come back, after he has calmed down,” Sam said in a confident tone. “He just needs to take this time to move on.” He sent a dark glance at me. It was my fault and I knew it. I had caused the pack to lose their strongest member and technical leader.

“He needs to imprint and grow up!” Leah cut in again. “The little--”

“It doesn’t matter,” Sam said, interrupting her. “But you shouldn’t come back, Bella. You are now going to be considered one of them as you have plans to become one. If you cross the line, it will be considered a breach in the treaty. That is, unless you change your fate.”

I gapped at the nodding clan members. “But-but Jake said--”

“He’s not here and obviously doesn’t want to be one of our brother’s any longer,” Paul said. “He has his new friends now.”

“Paul,” Sam growled. I could tell that Paul was the only one who felt that way in particular but I couldn’t blame them for considering me to be one of the Cullens. I was going to be one in two weeks after all.

“He has not found a new pack, Paul, and you know it. He has just found refuge with a real wolf pack,” Embry fought back. I turned around to see the tall boy with his fists clenched. I bit my lip, hoping that a fight wouldn’t break out in my presence. “It’s the best thing to do besides joining up with the--”

“Embry,” Sam interrupted again. He looked mad this time. Obviously he was trying to keep some type of information from me, something that was also living in the mountains where Jake was hiding. I watched as Embry glowered at Sam but stop talking nonetheless. This worried me.

“Joining who?” I pressed, turning back to Sam. I hoped that they would tell me. “What else is living in the mountains? Is Jacob safe?”

It was Sam’s turn to glower up at Embry and Quil. They must have disobeyed orders concerning this topic. I tried to hide the light smile that was coming over my face brought on by their loyalty to Jacob. I would have liked to hug the both of them.

“It’s nothing,” Sam answered, taking Emily’s hand in his. She smiled at him with loving eyes but didn’t say anything. “And Jacob is safe as long as he stays away from them.”

“Are their vampires there too?” I asked, wanting more information.

“Not in those parts,” Quil muttered behind me. “No leech would dare set foot on their territory…” Sam’s eyes narrowed. However, it wasn’t Sam who spoke next.

“Don’t you have to get back to your bloodsucker soon?” Paul sneered before I could open my mouth to ask who they were referring to. I suddenly remembered that I had to be back to Edward within a timely fashion. Looking down at my watch, I noticed that I only had ten minutes to get back to the boarder. I didn’t have to see Edward to know that he was getting antsy. I would have to take up his style of driving to prevent a war.

I scowled at Paul but pushed my chair back. I slowly got up, nodding toward Sam and Emily.

“Thanks for your help,” I said shortly. As I turned, I threw Quil and Embry a thankful smile, letting them know that I appreciated everything they had been trying to do.

I pulled the car keys out of my pocket and headed toward the door without another word. As I opened the door, I swore I could have heard them talking in low whispers.

“I bet he’d come right back if she saw that she was here looking for him!”


“Come on, Sam, you know that we could use him back in La Push, he’s not doing anything out in the middle of nowhere!”

“Let him stay in the woods, maybe he’ll find someone with his arrogance.”


I slowly shut the door, unable to put off leaving any longer. My heart sank again as I heard the door click. It would be my last meeting with the members of Jacob’s pack and it felt odd to me. I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t allowed back in La Push unless I wasn’t involved with Edward any longer. I hated ultimatums.

However, as I climbed back into the Volvo, my mind switched back to the words that the group had been uttering about others. Who could these others be? I had no idea, but I bet Edward would.

I turned the key and the engine roared. I smiled, as I was enjoying this more than I thought I would have. Maybe I would let Edward buy me a fancy car, but nothing too fancy. I would, of course, pay him back with interest over time. I imagined that he would take other forms of payment as well, but I would make sure he would have all his money back. I couldn’t take what he had work so hard to get for the past 104 years. I quickly looked down at the car clock before I pulled away from the curb; I had five minutes to get back to Edward before he came to find me. I floored the gas, driving down the road as fast as I dared. It scared me but having Edward cross the line and endangering his safety was even more frightening.

The trees zipped by me as I raced back to that familiar spot in the road: Three minutes left. I pressed the gas peddle harder, hoping that nothing would come between me and Edward, making it more dangerous for Edward and I both. I couldn’t live with myself. A sigh escaped me as I looked down at the clock again: two minutes. I couldn’t get to him fast enough. They couldn’t start a war on my part, they just couldn’t. How could I live forever, knowing that I had caused such a battle between two groups of people that I cared so deeply for. One more quick glance: one minute. As I looked up, I saw the familiar form of beauty in front of me in the middle of the road. My heart leapt as I slowed, come up to him quickly. I could breath again, knowing that I had made it just in time. Edward and I were both safe, back on the Cullen’s side of the line. I carefully pulled up next to him, his eyes searching for my face. I parked the car and launched myself out of the drivers seat and into his arms.

“Edward,” I muttered, my head press to his cold hard chest. I didn’t think that I would ever be comfortable in anyone else arms. Edward was the only one that I could happily spend eternity with. His cold lips pressed to my forehead as he wrapped his arms around me.

“Bella,” he breathed, taking in my familiar scent that he loved so much. I couldn’t help but wonder if I smelled like a werewolf; I hadn’t touched any of them. “I was about to cross the line. You nearly gave me a heart attack, and that is saying something.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, looking up into my favorite set of golden eyes. I melted in his arms. “I had to…”

“I know,” he said softly, taking my chin under one of his icy fingers and pulling my lips up to his. He kissed me gently, not letting it get to an extent where he might give me the wrong idea. It was soft and passionate at the same time; love etched through each motion. I could die happy now, as long as Edward came with me. “I was going crazy from the anxiety,” he said when he broke the kiss, leaving me breathless as always. He looked down at me for a few more seconds before scooping me into his arms and taking me to the passenger side of the Volvo. Edward set me in carefully, giving me a light kiss before he ran back over to the drivers side. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Edward,” I said, watching him in awe. He always amazed me.

We were speeding back toward the Cullen house before I could even think of how to start telling Edward about what the pack had told me.