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What would have happened if Edward and Bella never met? What would have happened if Edward had met Haley Williams from Paramore, instead?


1. Crash

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Edward Cullen paced back and forth in his third story room in the four story brownstone the Cullens owned in London. He looked out the window at the rainy street down below. Taxi cabs inched by on the right side of the road. Edward hadn't been in a foreign country in many years. The last place he and his family had lived was in Forks, Washington. The presence of werewolves and the growth of their family persuaded the family to relocate.

Werewolves were the sworn enemy of what Edward and his family really wore. Sure the assumed the identities of humans, but human they certainly were not. The Cullens were vampires. They were a kind of vampire that were able to adapt to human life by their diets. They only drank the blood of animals. The color of their eyes managed to show that. Normal vampires had ruby red eyes, but the Cullens had butterscotch colored eyes.

Edward wiped a strand of his bronze hair out of his eyes and gracefully sat on a red plush chair to the left of the large plated window. He stared at a picture on the wall of his entire family – all seven of them. Seven, an odd number. And for many, many years, Edward had been the “odd man out.” He had never felt an attraction to any other being, living or undead, that the couples in his family felt for each other.

“Edward!” a high pitched voice carried up the stairs. “We're going to be late!”

With a sigh, he closed the crimson velvet curtain in his room and grabbed his school bag. He flew down the stairs to meet a short, petite girl with spiky hair. The girl stuck her tongue out at him as if she had seen a dirty look given subconsciously. Edward smiled and shook his head at her.

There were definite similarities between the two of them – the eyes, the almost white skin, and the unnatural attractiveness. They both seemed to have an inhuman build as well. The small girl seemed to be made like she was a gazelle or something of that nature, and Edward was made like a cheetah, or some other ferocious, yet graceful, animal.

The impatient girl was tapping her foot as if she was waiting on something or someone else. As if on cue, three other bodies appeared at the bottom of the stairs as well, and another appeared behind Edward and the girl. The entire family had definite similarities – the same eyes, the same skin color, and the same unnatural attractiveness.

“Now, children, behave. I know this time it's a private school, but do try to be on your best behavior,” said the dark haired woman that had appeared behind Edward and the girl.

“Awh, Esme, you worried to much,” said a large, brawny boy that had appeared at the bottom of the stairs just minutes after Edward.

“Emmett, don't run into anyone, or accidentally hurt them,” Esme told the broad boy. “Edward, do try and make some friends.”

Edward looked up from the girl with spiky hair to Esme, as if he had been reading Alice's mind, “Why subject some poor human to the lifestyle we live?” He sounded almost martyr-like.

“Edward, you know you have been alone all too long. You need a friend outside of the coven,” the short girl with spiky hair said.

“Alice, please, I can't consciously or subconsciously subject an innocent person to our ways,” Edward said quietly.

“Edward,” a smaller, blonde boy said as a wave of solemness engulfed the group, “try and make just one friend. They aren't saying you have to bring them home today, or ever. Just a friend.” The boy looked calmly into Edwards topaz eyes with a hint of pleading.

Edward nodded and re-situated his bag, and acknowledged the blonde boy, “I suppose you're right, Jasper.”

The blonde girl, dressed in a slightly grown-up version of Alice's school uniform, who had appeared with Jasper and Emmett laughed a sarcastic, spiteful laugh and walked toward the door. Emmett and Jasper looked at each other and rolled their eyes. The whole family knew all too well of this girl's tenacity.

“Rosalie, leave Edward alone. He can do it,” Emmett pleaded after her.

“Whatever,” Rosalie said, adjusting her gray backpack and heading out the door.

The Cullens looked at the door as it shut after Rosalie. They all knew that she resented what they were more than any of them. She utterly hated it, but she coped. They all did.

“Hey, Esme, where's Carlisle?” Alice asked, as if she didn't know just to change the subject.

Esme smiled a motherly smile, “He's at the hospital. There was an emergency and they wanted the best doctor on staff to take a look at it.” The remainder of the family nodded solemnly. Carlisle was the only known vampire that could work around human blood and not get excited or “hungry.” Thus, his learned profession – a doctor.

“Better head out kids, don't want to be late!” Esme said, and the kids headed out the front door on their way to Hillcrest Secondary School.

Haley Williams groaned at the sound of her alarm clock. She had been up till four in the morning practicing with her band, and she was not ready for the seven o'clock morning she now had to pull. Her manager thought it would be better for her to finish her junior and senior year away from the states so that she could focus on school and the band. The Fueled By Ramen record label paid for her to attend Hillcrest Secondary School and the band's brownstone in London. The school had consented on allowing Haley to miss school for upcoming tour dates as long as her homework was turned in via email.

One of Haley's bandmates, Josh Farro, came into the room to make sure she was awake. He shook her and turned off her alarm clock. Haley felt his body sit on the bed next to her side.

“Hales, you got to get up!! You've got to go to school!” he pleaded with her. He waved a plate brandishing a warm muffin under her nose. Haley inhaled deeply. “I made you a nice, tasty blueberry muffin!”

Haley's body inched up, and she looked at her friend. She glared at him and hit him with her pillow. She then took the muffin that he had in his hand and began eating it. As she chewed on a bite of muffin, she looked up at Josh. He was her best friend and like a big brother to her. She often wondered if Josh had ever thought their friendship could ever amount to more. But, then, band relationships tainted the band's future.

“Do you want me to put your uniform in your bathroom so you can shower?” he asked, as if he were a big brother.

“Yeth,” she said with a mouthful of muffin.

He nodded and went to her closet to retrieve her uniform. He opened the door to her bathroom and placed the hanger of clothes on the towel rack. He then took the empty muffin plate from Haley as she threw her legs over the edge of the bed and slid into her green fluffy slippers. She slid her green bathrobe over hr shoulders and tied the belt.

“I'll have another muffin ready for you when you're ready to leave,” Josh said.

She nodded as she stumbled into the bathroom for a shower. Haley washed her face in the bathroom sink, and ran a brush through her bed head. She quickly showered and threw her uniform on. Haley, then, blow dried her orange hair and ran her Chi Flat Iron quickly through it. After ensuring that her hair was perfectly straight, Haley quickly searched for her bag. She found her black and white checkered back pack under her bed and slung it over her shoulder. She slid her black and pink Vans skate shoes over her feet and threw her wallet and keys in the pocket of her lavender Element hoodie. She straightened her skirt and tucked her shirt in under her hoodie. She put her iPod ear buds in her ears and selected My Chemical Romance. Haley looked at her watch, dashed down the stairs, and grabbed a muffin from Josh's ready hand.

“Bye Hale!” Josh called after her.

“Mmm!” Haley said raising her muffin with a mouthful.

Haley dashed out the door and started jogging down the street, scarfing her muffin down. She began to get lost in thought as she was getting closer to the school. She started singing along with her iPod as she jogged around the corner.

The next few seconds where a quick blur. Haley felt herself bump into something cold and hard and then suddenly felt her bottom on the cold cobblestoned walkway.

“Ow,” she said looking up at the hard wall she bumped into. She saw the most beautiful boy she'd ever seen right in front of her. He had an odd bronze tint to his hair and the strangest ocher-colored eyes. He had the palest skin she had ever seen, and he was utterly beautiful.