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A Bittersweet Love

Edward and Isabella's love for each other is stronger than ever. But what happens when it is threatened?

Based after Edward and Bella return from Italy. They had never gone to the Cullens' for a vote.

1. Dazzling Topaz

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A smile curled my lips as I awakened, uncurling myself and stretching my limbs. My vampire sweetheart had taken to waiting by my side as I slept, and it was rather enjoyable to wake up at his cool touch. “Edward?” I asked sleepily, rolling over to see his perfect face. But where he should have been, lay a delicate red rose. How had he known that it was my favorite flower? However, I could live without the blood-red color right now. Unknowingly, a shiver ran down my back. Underneath the flower hid a small white piece of paper.

I have a surprise for you, dearest Bella. Be ready at noon, and tell your father that you’ll be spending the night at Alice’s. For my sake, please try to stay out of trouble. Love, Edward

A sigh escaped my parted lips as I closed my eyelids, feeling droplets cling to my lashes. Every moment I was away from him was a moment of agony, of worry, of despair. But his note had promised that I would gaze upon him today: that, and that alone, propelled me to the shower. As a stepped into the too-hot water, feeling the droplets hit me like shards of ice. I gasped as my skin turned red, pouring shampoo into my long dark tresses.

As the hot water swirled in creeks and rivers down by skin, I leaned against the wall, musing what Edward might be planning for tonight. A romantic dinner, perhaps? He has been acting playful lately; a good sign. the atmosphere was always less strained when he was in a good moon. Whenever his eyes were black, however, I would feel frightened, unable to shove back the memory of that chamber in Italy...... When the shower turned icy, I stepped out, unable to see my reflection through the steam that hid the mirror. I wiped it clear with one hand, using my other arm to hold my towel in place. What I saw surprised me.

Perhaps it had been from constantly comparing myself to my drop-dead (excuse the pun) gorgeous boyfriend, or maybe Alice was finally getting somewhere with me, but somehow…I was pretty. My face was pleasantly flushed, my chocolate eyes sparkling, and my body had seemed to inch farther away from childhood every day. But no matter how attractive I became, no one could compare to Edward. What would a vampire like him see in me, anyway? It was no wonder he had left me…

My trail of thought screeched to a stop. I fell to my knees, my breath coming in ragged gasps. What if that was what he was doing at this very moment; leaving me? Just like he had done before? I bowed my head, pressing the skin of my cheek to the slippery bathroom tile. Then, suddenly, I felt an icy touch as the back of my neck. Heart beating madly, inhaling his sweet scent, I gazed up into the worried, topaz eyes of my beloved. My too-large lips parted, and I croaked, "No. Just another dream...." It was impossible. He would never have returned to me. That note was just a clever, kind way of saying goodbye again. It was just too unlikely that he was here, right now, pulling me to my feet.

"Bella, silly Bella," Edward whispered into my neck, his lovely scent washing into my senses. I closed me eyes to enjoy the fiasco my overactive mind was getting my heart into. "I'm here. Right here. With you." Carefully, so not to startle me, he slowly pulled away to look me dead in the eye. "And I'm not going away again."