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A Bittersweet Love

Edward and Isabella's love for each other is stronger than ever. But what happens when it is threatened?

Based after Edward and Bella return from Italy. They had never gone to the Cullens' for a vote.

3. Stupid, Shiny, Volvo Owner

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I closed my eyes contently as cool, marble arms wrapped themselves around my petite waist. A pleasurable shiver ran down my spine as Edward tenderly trailed kisses up my neck, then captured my lips in his. This was what I lived for. These quiet, sweet little moments between the two of us. If I could have him forever…Maybe, just maybe, he would be able to finally do more than simply brush his mouth against mine. But, then again, maybe he wouldn’t. Maybe his love would falter once my luscious blood was drained from my body. But that didn’t matter. As a vampire, beautiful and strong, I could chase him forever. Forever.

After a moment or two, Edward peeled me off him gently. I meekly allowed the distance between us to grow, but still kept my innocent brown eyes locked on him. He glanced at me, that wondrous crooked grin lighting up his perfectly sculpted face.

“Better?” he asked me teasingly, taking my warm hand in his frozen one. I merely responded by standing on tip-toe to kiss his cheek. “Greedy, today, aren’t we?” my angel chuckled, loosening his grip on my fingers to twine his arm around me waist. A smile graced my too-large lips.

I realized that we were outside the house now, heading toward his shiny Volvo. Darn that dazzling-ability of his. I never was able to keep track of time when he was at my side. Suddenly, a memory swam into my mind, bringing with it the emotions it carried.

I had been walking along the streets, looking for a bookstore. Something Angela had said had upset me, and I was fretting over what might happen on Saturday. Then my gaze traveled to a shiny silver Volvo, and my world came crashing down on me. ‘Stupid, unreliable vampire.’

As my attention wandered back to the present, I found myself being held up in Edward’s grip, his hands on my shoulders. The vampire’s glittering topaz eyes were pained, filled to the brim with worry. Not bothering to ask if I was okay, knowing that I wasn’t, he softly held me to his chest. “I’m so sorry,” Edward whispered into my hair as I broke down.

It just reminded me so much of when…it happened. Both times because of him, both unsure, both hurt. Will all of my memories tear me like this? Of course, I was just barely healing, but…And now Edward was blaming himself?!

As my tears dried, I gazed up into his perfect face, now contorted with ancient grief. My sobs quieted, he released me, but still kept contact with my skin, for which I was thankful. My crying fits were becoming common, and no longer alarmed my beloved.

Edward helped into the passenger seat, then dashed over to his side, sliding swiftly into his own, and revved the engine. At too soon, we were speeding away from Charlie’s house, toward the Cullen residence. I leaned against the car door, my cheek pressed against the icy glass in the window. My eyelids drooped closed, and my consciousness slipped away.