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A Bittersweet Love

Edward and Isabella's love for each other is stronger than ever. But what happens when it is threatened?

Based after Edward and Bella return from Italy. They had never gone to the Cullens' for a vote.

4. Angst and Death Traps

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I woke up as Edward lifted me in his marble arms, holding me to his chest. My fingers curled tightly over the fabric of his shirt, and I rested my head on his shoulder, as he carried me swiftly to his family’s white mansion. Alice was there, waiting, to open the door silently as we crossed the threshold.

“Bella?” I heard my angel ask, but I understood the hidden question. Is it alright for me to leave you with Alice? As a reply, I loosened my hard grip on his shirt, and unwillingly peeled my eyelids back. His ‘adopted’ sister stood there, worry etched plainly on her perfect face. I forced a wavering smile as Edward carefully lowered me to the ground, keeping a hold on my waist just incase I managed to fall.

My lips dipped into a frown. Instead of soothing me and smiling that lovely crooked smile, he was looking at the ground, his brow furrowed and his expression slightly pained. It was clear that something was troubling him deeply. “Edward?” I whispered, reaching up to brush his icy cheek with my fingertips. The vampire caught my hand in his, and drew me to him, kissing me lightly on my plump lips. Then, abruptly, he was gone, leaving the door to swing shut sadly behind him. Crestfallen and confused, I turned to a surprisingly bouncy Alice.

“Don’t worry, Bella,” she chirped, shepherding me up the grand staircase, “Edward’s just being angsty and troubled, as per usual.” She giggled sweet-naturedly. “You’re in good hands!” I kept a strong grip on the railing, just in case I slipped. Of course, being a vampire who could see the future, it was unlikely that Alice was going to let me be injured.

“You got her?” a lilting voice inquired. Rosalie appeared from around the corner, armed with makeup and hair products. A wicked grin lit up her beautiful face at my horrified expression. “By the way, Bella, we’re not allowed to say what all this preparation is for.” Chuckling, Rosalie took my from Alice, and the two vampires dragged me into a bathroom larger than my bedroom.

My attention wandered as they painted my face and did something rather odd to my hair. I fell into a sort of hairspray-induced daze about five minutes into the torture. Finally, blessed relief came in the fort of Alice squealing, “We’re finished!” She plucked me out of the chair and herded me in front of an elaborate, full-length mirror. My breath caught in my throat as I caught sight of the reflection.

That wasn’t me. It couldn’t be. My hair was curled, in a pile atop my head, with two chocolate locks framing my heart-shaped face. They had done something (and I most likely wouldn’t understand if they bothered to explain) to my eyelids, with seem to make the color of my eyes become enhanced. I glowed with radiance. It couldn’t be me. However, before I was able to voice my observation, Rosalie appeared at my side, holding one of the most gorgeous dresses I had ever laid eyes on.

“You aren’t getting that thing on me,” I growled through gritted teeth, glaring at the stunning reflection of Rosalie. She laughed: a light, tinkling sound. “Bella,” she said gently, “It is two against one.” After a pause, she added, “Plus, the two are vampires.” Grinning at my defeated expression, Alice bounded forward, and they proceeded to wrap me in a garment that was never meant to be worn by someone as klutzy as I.

The dress was a deep, rich blue: Edward’s favorite color on me. The neckline swooped into a low v-cut, causing my cheeks to redden. The back of the dress, since it was a halter-top, barely existed. The hem reached just below my knees, revealing slender calves. The true horror, however, lay in the footwear. Silver, sparkling, strappy, death-traps.

“You’re ready,” Alice sang. “Time to go!”