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Hopeful Wishes

Bella regrets her choice of being changed. Will this affect her love for Edward? How will Jake react? What does this mean for the people around her...

This is my first fanfic so go easy on me!!! :S

1. New Beginnings

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It was like any other day, rainy and cold. And yet, through the endless, sleepless nights, thoughts plagued me. It had been only six months since my transformation. Things were still new to me, and every day brought new experiences.

Edward, Jasper, Emmet and Carlisle were gone for the weekend, which did not surprise me. More-so it brought feelings of nostalgia, memories of me and the love of my now, immortal life. I hated when he was gone. I always missed him so.

A familiar tap on the door sounded, and I looked up.

“Come in, Alice.” I said, not even second-guessing who was at the door.

Her small round face peeked around the doorframe, and the daily conversation initiated.

“Something tells me you need to go on a shopping spree!” She giggled.

“Not today Alice.” I retaliated calmly.

“But you said that yesterday…” The excitement from her face, vanishing.

“Maybe because I don’t want to?” I suggested.

“Come on, please????” She begged, pouting her face. “I’m sure we’ll find some great things.”

“Alright…” I gave in. I had nothing better to do. Wallowing happened to be one of my more boring past times.

“Where to?” Alice asked, bouncing down the stairs.

“How about, I drive, and you can choose where we shop?” I negotiated, hoping I could at least get my mind off of him by concentrating on the wheel.

She had to think about this for a second, and looking into the future a bit to see if I would crash her priceless Porsche, she agreed.

“Okay! I decided…and remember, you promised. Rodeo Drive!” She squealed.

I sighed. She knew I hated spending a ton of money, and of course, Rodeo Drive would be the most typical place to do that. And on the other hand, there would be an endless supply of human blood.

I had become very good at refusing the cravings of blood. I was always stronger in my mind, and I could reason with myself in seconds. If ever the delectable scent caught my attention, I would always know how much it would hurt the ones around me, and if that didn’t work, there was always the more humorous option. Hunting animals was much more fun, and running the speed I now could, I embraced the challenge that it could actually fight back.

Alice always knew the right things to say.

“Bella I believe in you,” She looked into my eyes. “And I can see that no one will die by your hand today.”

“Today.” I mused.

“You have self control, Bella. Now all you need is self-confidence.” She rolled her eyes.

We were already on the highway, going well over a hundred miles per hour. I gripped the wheel with my fingertips, enjoying the rush that came with rapidity. For some reason, the natural love of speed came with the territory of being a vampire.

It had been almost a two-hour drive, when we pulled into the infamous Rodeo Drive. Numerous people crowded the streets, towing bags and bags of unknown merchandise.

I looked over at Alice, and tossed her the keys.

“Lets get this over with.”

We walked into countless stores and I became the walking mannequin for Alice, who almost literally made me try on almost every item of clothing in any one store. It wasn’t that I disliked shopping; I just didn’t feel the need for fancy and unnecessary accessories. I knew, or at least hoped; that Edward would love me no matter what I wore. So instead of buying the clothes, I would just scan the stores, hoping I would get lucky and find a trinket or something along the lines that Edward would be fond of. It was then when I recognized the profile of the last person I wanted to see…but it was too late.

“Alice?” The familiar voice called.

Alice whipped her head to look at me, her eyes wide. She mouthed the words ‘Let’s GO!’

“Alice Cullen, it’s me!” The voice began to grow louder.

We tried our hardest to keep our faces hidden, as well as stay out of eyesight, and at the right moment, we were out of proximity, and we let the force of nature pull us away in unnatural speeds. We were safe…

“I can’t believe it…” I breathed.