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Cinderella Undercover

Makeup, Picnics, and Secret Spy Princesses? Emmett and Axelle get into quite a bit of mischief! The long awaited Emmett/Axelle one shots! Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Banner by Iris!! :D

These will be in all sorts of people's POV's :) I hope you enjoy them! They explain quite a bit, I think!

4. Speed Limit

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It was early in the morning one Friday when Jasper and Bella brought Axelle over. I was sitting on the living room floor, branching out form my usual gaming territory. I was playing Super Mario instead of Mario Kart... which really is different, no matter what Edward said.

The door opened and Axelle was standing there. As soon as I saw her, I couldn't stop laughing. She was wearing a huge, puffy blue snow suit. It had a built-in hood, and she looked like a marshmallow. The only hint that it was Axelle were her icy blue eyes, and her long locks of hair peeping out of the opening for her face.

“Oh ay!” she exclaimed, jumping up and down.

I dropped the controller and clutched my side. “What did you say?” I asked, nearly breathless.

She took off her gloves, pulled off her hood, and beamed at me. “Snow day!” she exclaimed.

She rarely had Fridays off from kindergarten, so when she did, she got very excited.

Jasper and Bella looked at her lovingly. “She really, really wants to go sledding, Emmett,” said Bella, looking at me suggestivly.

“And I hear that you have nothing to do today,” added Jasper.

Axelle giggled.

I looked at her, standing there in her snow marshmallow, with her cheeks all red and her hair all messy, and had to agree.

“We'll be back after Jasper hunts,” said Bella, smiling her thanks.

“Uh-huh, after he hunts,” I said, grinning. Hunting wasn't the only thing they did every Friday. I was just glad Axelle was away from them.

Jasper smiled. “Keep her busy.”

“I'm sure you'll be keeping Bella busy,” I said.

Jasper chuckled and Bella threw her shoe at me. It hit me in the side of the head, but she had it back before I could throw it again.

“Be back tonight!” she called before grabbing Jasper's arm and pulling him out of the house.

“Who throws a shoe? I mean, honestly?” exclaimed Axelle, throwing her arms into the air, quoting Austin Powers. Her parents didn't exactly know that I accidentally let her watch that...

“So are we going out in the snow?” I asked.

Axelle laughed. “You bet your boots!”

“Hey, Esme?” I called.

“Yes?” she replied from somewhere upstairs.

“Do we have a sled anywhere?”

“In the garage, I think.”

Axelle laughed. “We are going to be zooming down that hill so fast!” she exclaimed.

Ten minutes later, she and I had found a wonderful sledding hill. It was massive.

“That's magnormous!” gasped Axelle.

I looked at her, an eyebrow cocked. “Magnormous?” I laughed.

“Oh yeah,” she said, not taking her eyes off of the top.

“Race ya,” I said, poking her in the side.

She started running “Ready, set, go!” she said after she was quite a few feet away from me.

I caught up with her quickly and was soon running just behind her. It was the strangest thing, running behind a marshmallow... What I didn't realize was that she had gotten a handful of snow and made a snowball. She tossed it over her shoulder with surprising strength. It hit me in the chest.

“Axelle!” I yelled.

She giggled furiously and kept running. I scooped her into my arms and threw her into the air. When I caught her she could hardly breathe, she was laughing so hard.

“Surprise!” she gasped.

When I set her back on the ground, she fell over. I figured it wasn't very easy to maneuver in a giant marshmallow. She started making snow angels immediately.

“Come on, Unc!” she said, smiling up at me. She stood up and looked proudly at her work. She was in the perfect outfit for snow angel crafting.

I plopped onto the ground, but accidentally messed up some of her snow angel while making mine.

“Why in the world would you do that?” she asked, her hands on her hips. “Why in the world” was something she picked up from her mother.

“It was an accident!” I exclaimed.

She ignored me and started trudging up the hill. I grabbed the sled and followed her. By the time we were at the top, she was winded.

“Whew!” she exclaimed. “I'm pooped.”

“We haven't even done the fun part yet,” I said, throwing the sled onto the ground.

She looked at it as if she just now realized why she was climbing a hill. “Oh yeah! Let's go!”

It was a sled big enough for the both of us. She sat in front of me.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Mmhmm!” she replied.

When I pushed of, she started screaming in a way that only girls her age could. It was piercing, loud, and horrifying.

“We're going over the speed limit! We're going over the speed limit!” she yelped. “Unc, the speed limit!” She slapped my hand.

We were at the bottom of the hill by then. We landed in a particularly deep part of snow. When Axelle stepped of of the sled, she sunk in to her thighs. She struggled to get free for a second before sighing.

“I think I need help,” she admitted. “I'm a bit stuck.”

I plucked her out of the snow, put her on my shoulders, and started pulling the sled back up the hill.

Axelle bent over me, her stomach on the top of my head, and her face at mine. “I hope you know you were going over the speed limit back there,” she said formally.

“You think so?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” she said. “I think so.”

“Well, I think we can go even faster next time,” I said.

She sat back up. “I don't know... we were going fast that time,” she said skeptically.

The second time, I gave us a huge push down the hill. Axelle was screaming, laughing, and by the time we were at the bottom of the hill, she was slouched over. I could only see her marshmallow outfit shaking.

I picked her up and turned her to face me. If she was crying I'd feel terrible.

She wasn't crying at all. She was laughing so hard, she was shaking. She buried her head in my shoulder and kept laughing.

“We'd be so busted if there was a cop!” she said between giggles.

After many, many more rides down the hill, Axelle finally collapsed at the bottom. “I don't know if I can do anymore.”

I sat next to her, and she looked at me with all of the five-year-old cuteness she could possible muster.

“I love you, Uncle Emmett,” she sighed.

I grinned and tickled her in the side. She was my Axy, and she always would be.