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Cinderella Undercover

Makeup, Picnics, and Secret Spy Princesses? Emmett and Axelle get into quite a bit of mischief! The long awaited Emmett/Axelle one shots! Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Banner by Iris!! :D

These will be in all sorts of people's POV's :) I hope you enjoy them! They explain quite a bit, I think!

5. Happy Christmas

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I sat there anxiously as I awaited Axelle's arrival. If there was one, single thing that I had to get right for her, it was Christmas Day. It was the height of every five-year-old's year, and I would feel terrible if everything didn't go exactly to plan.

The tree was up and decorated, filling the entire room with multicolored light and a fresh pine scent. The ornaments sparkled slightly as they twisted delicately on their individual branches. It took me longer than it normal would have to get ready for Christmas. I wanted everything to be perfect. Esme helped a lot, of course, but I made sure to make this Christmas extra perfect.

When I heard Bella and Jasper pull up, I ran out the door to greet them. Axelle hopped out of the car, all bundled up in one of her ridiculous marshmallow snow outfits. She was already tugging it off by the time I scooped her into my arms.

“Merry Christmas, Axy!” I exclaimed.

She giggled. “Happy Christmas, Unc!”

Jasper and Bella were following behind, their arms filled with gifts. I couldn't even see their faces.

“Axelle decided to make presents for everyone,” said Jasper from somewhere behind his massive pile of gifts.

When we entered the house, I put her down. She gazed in awe at the Christmas tree and all of the decorations.

“It's like Santa threw up all his Christmas spirit in here,” murmured Axelle, her eyes wide. I figured that Santa throw up was a good thing in this case.

A minute later, the entire family was was seated in the living room. Axelle was sitting in front of the Christmas tree, eagerly bouncing up and down while waiting for her presents.

“Other people first, then me,” she said as I started to pass them out. I was crowned the Official Present Passer-Outer. It was quite the lofty position.

The first present was Rosalie's. It was a tiny box, and it almost seemed as if it was empty. Axelle beamed. When Rose opened it, she almost looked like she was going to laugh. It was a tiny purple Barbie hairbrush.

“It's cause you look like Barbie!” explained Axelle.

Rose grinned. “Thanks, Axelle.”

Alice's box was flat and square. When she opened it, she pulled out a picture that Axelle drew. The picture was of Alice in her closet. She had even colored in all the dresses with glitter pens.

Alice laughed. “Did you go into my closet, Axelle? All these clothes look awful familiar.”

Axelle's eyes grew wide and she turned to me. “Next present!” she exclaimed, her voice higher than usual.

Carlisle's present also went with the Barbie theme. Instead of a brush (which Axelle insisted he could share with Rosalie... they have the same one, duh), Carlisle got a little plastic jeep. He laughed as soon as he opened it.

“Now you can Rosalie can go on pretend car rides,” said Axelle, grinning. “And you'll both have pretty hair! It'll be so good!”

Edward started laughing as soon as I pulled his present out of the pile. It had holes poked in the top.

“Cheater,” I murmured. “You're reading her mind.”

He stifled a laugh. When he opened it, I saw what he was laughing about. Axelle got Edward a pet crab.

“Unda da sea!” she sang. “It's cause you're like Eric!”

Edward peered into the cage. “It's lovely, Axelle.”

Axelle got Esme a camera because she was forever taking pictures of everything. It was a disposable camera, so Axelle decorated it with all sorts of stickers. As soon as she took it out of the package, Esme started taking pictures with it.

I pulled the box that said “Daddy” out of the pile and handed it to Jasper. When he opened it and pulled out his present, he looked very confused. In his hands was a bracelet made of sparkling, pink beads.

“Thanks, Axelle,” he said, an eyebrow raised.

She giggled uncontrollably when he opened it. “That was for mommy!” she gasped. She ran to grab the bracelet from his hands and then give it to Bella.

Bella laughed. “I love it!” She slipped it onto her wrist and then gave Axelle a hug.

Axelle grinned, got Jasper's present from under the tree, and ran back to him.

This is your present, Daddy,” she said. She waited patiently as he opened it up. In the box was a simple necklace made of twine. Hanging from the middle was a single red bead. “Cause I'm your only daughter,” she whispered.

He scooped Axelle up and have her a kiss on the forehead. “Thanks, baby,” he whispered.

“Happy Christmas, Daddy,” said Axelle. She plopped happily into his lap.

The only present left of Axelle's was mine. It was wrapped in plain white paper with stick figures drawn on it. There was one giant stick figure with short, curly brown hair, and one super small stick figure with long, curly blond hair.

“Us,” clarified Axelle.

I nodded and took the paper off carefully. I didn't want to ruin it. As I slowly peeled it off, I saw what was underneath.

“Awesome!” I exclaimed. Axelle had drawn a picture of she and I like we were actually in Mario Kart. It looked like she had spent a very long time on the picture. She had even decorated the frame with stars, mushrooms, and even the occasional picture of a banana peel.

“Do you like it?” asked Axelle, leaning so far out of Jasper's lap I was surprised she didn't fall.

“Yeah!” I exclaimed, still gazing at the picture. “Wait right here.”

I ran into the garage, took a hammer and a nail from Rosalie's stash, and hung the picture right next to the TV, where I would see it more than anything else. I would never move it for as long as I lived.

“And now it's time for Axy's gifts!” I announced.

Axelle looked at the massive pile of presents under the tree. “All of those are for me?” she asked, her eyes wide.

“Yep!” I exclaimed.

The rest of the presents were opened right before Axelle's lunch time. Some of her favorite things that she got were her three new Barbie dream houses, bubble bath that smelled like vanilla, a Little Mermaid outfit (which I got secretly while we were at Disneyland), new hair ribbons, a tiara, a squirt gun, a new sled, chalk, a book of Charlie Brown comics, and a lollipop the size of her head... and those were just her very favorites...

“It's a good thing I'm done,” yawned Axelle. She was totally surrounded by her presents. You couldn't even see the floor. “I'm pooped!”

All of the women left the room to go make Axelle lunch and talk about things that I didn't really care about. Carlisle, Jasper, and Edward were having a conversation about some sort of current event that I also really didn't care about.

I lifted Axelle into my arms and plopped into the window seat next to the front door.

“It looks like were inside a shark,” commented Axelle, pointing at the icicles hanging from the window.

“One time, I ate a shark whole,” I whispered.

She giggled and buried her face in my neck. “You fibber.”

“I'll show you sometime,” I laughed.

“Eww! He'd be all floppin' around!”

“Of course! That's how fish are!” I exclaimed.

She laughed my favorite laugh and said, “I love you, Unc.”

I smiled. “Love you, Axy.”