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Head On

  Do you ever wonder what would have happend if Jacob came back to get Bella and to destroy Edward whatever the cost? I am not against anyone in the book exept for the bad vamps, like Bella said 'I am Switzerland.'

Hope you like!

1. Chapter 1

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Edward’s P.O.V.

It was our honeymoon -Bella and mine, and I didn’t want anything to go wrong- so Emmett, Jasper, and I went out into the forest by my meadow. We were hunting - I don’t like leaving Bella alone even if Alice is there- and here he came. I thought I was beginning to trust him; to like him even. I knew his every thought, his every longing, even his jealousy towards me. When I invited him to the wedding I knew I’d tipped him over the edge. He was behind me only him no Embry or Quill. I was surprised by his approach. I was about to pounce on a deer when I heard his disturbing thought. If I come at him from a side he can’t get away and I can kill him that way. Emmett and Jasper were a ways away from me, but knew what was going on without being able to hear his thoughts.

We didn’t want to kill him -and I didn’t- but Emmett and Jasper had no choice. By the time I turned around to face him he was in the air in an instant my arm went into the forest.

“What is your problem?!” I asked about to kill.

“You’re my problem!” Jacob screamed at me in his thoughts. “You stole the one I love and are going to make her into a filthy bloodsucker!”

I knew he wouldn’t have enough time to live to burn me, so I just let my brothers watch my secret plan in action I warned them not to move with the look I gave them that said ‘I have a plan.” I was going to let him tear me apart, then Emmett and Jasper would kill Jacob -with great pleasure on Emmett’s part- and last, gather me all up and help me reassemble.

I stood there waiting for him to strike, I knew Bella would be mad at Jacob for trying to kill me, and me for allowing my brothers to kill him for me. She would be sad that he was dead and I would be sad with her. In the middle of that thought my head was off I was hurting extremely bad not because of the pain I felt but because of the pain that this would put Bella through. Then everything went blank. When I reassembled myself I was relieved that I had not lost any of my memory. No one but Emmett, Jasper, and I would know of this happening until a later date. Unless for the inevitable fact that Alice could have told someone. Hopefully she didn’t, especially Bella.

I shuddered at the thought of what Bella would do. If Alice saw me, then I disappeared then she would probably freak, making life a lot harder for me to explain what happened between Jacob and me. I still couldn’t go home after I had reassembled because I was thirsty. Really thirsty. I guessed that when a vampire reassembles it uses up all of their energy, and I was not about to go home to Bella in that state.