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Head On

  Do you ever wonder what would have happend if Jacob came back to get Bella and to destroy Edward whatever the cost? I am not against anyone in the book exept for the bad vamps, like Bella said 'I am Switzerland.'

Hope you like!

5. Chapter 5

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Man oh man she had better tell me ALL the details. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Speaking or thinking of all the details, I still have to explain to Bella about Jacob before her father beats me to it. So I figured that it would be easier if she heard it from me then from her father and risk her trust. When I had gotten to the room I started, but when I seen her I lost track of thought and had to try to concentrate.

“Honey, after I tell you this you won’t have a need for that tonight or ever if you cant forgive me.”

“What are you talking about I will always forgive you for anything you do. What happened?”

“Jacob is…?”

“Jacob is?” she repeated.

“Dead. I am so sorry. I had no other choice. I understand if you want to leave me.”

“this might, no, will hurt me a lot more than you, but…” then she walked up to me and smacked me just in the nick of time I moved out of the way so that she wouldn’t hurt herself.

“What was that for?”

“For saying that it always makes me so mad! I won’t ever leave you. EVER! So stop giving me that option. Unless…”

“Unless what?”

“Unless if you don’t want me anymore.”

“DON’T ever say that again nothing in my life is more important than you. You know that. Anyway, do you want to know why Jacob is dead?”

“Yes if you killed him there had better be a very good reason. Unless if he was the one that Alice saw rip you to shreds. He was, wasn’t he?!”

“Yes, but first off I didn’t kill him, I was in more than one place, Emmett and Jasper had to because in his mind he was planning on killing all three of us. I just didn’t have time to warn them if my plan was going to work right. Again I am so sorry that we had to kill him. None of us would have done it unless we absolutely had to.”

By this time she was sitting on my lap leaning into me crying softly. Then about an hour later she perked up, “well you were right, I will not use this tonight maybe three or four days after our honeymoon. You know, I think I’ll be fine. With you I can do almost anything. I love you. I know you would never kill my best friend on purpose. I forgive you and you should have already known that I would have forgiven you. I love you more than anything; you are the most important thing to me now.”

“You know that I love you just as much as you love me. Now you need to go to sleep we have to pack in the morning and get on the plane ok?”

“Ok, honey, goodnight. I love you.”

“Goodnight, I love you too,” and that was the end of our conversation; from then until I fell asleep. The next morning came sooner than I really wanted. I have been waiting for this day ever since I found out that I was inevitably in love with Edward Anthony Mason Cullen. And now I am his wife my new name is Isabella Swan Cullen and three days from now I will officially be a Cullen. I am so excited yet scared at the same time. I am excited that I wont have to be at the center of their existence. But right beside them in any type of combat they may face! I can not wait for our honey moon is over, because then I will finally be equal to Edward.

That is what I have been looking forward to since Alice and I saved Edward in Volterra. The only two people or should I say vampires that are against me becoming a vampire are Edward and Rosalie. Only two out of seven. Those are good odds and even better is that Edward is the one that is going to change me. Not Carlisle, Edward. My Edward. Our flight seemed like it lasted a lifetime.

“Oh my gosh, I think that I aged like ten years on that plane. It took forever!”

“My little angel you don’t know what forever is yet.”

“Yet, but soon. When I will be with you for eternity.” he made a face when I said that so I had to go on, “are you saying that you don’t want to be with me forever? Is it going to be that bad living with me?” I most defiantly got him. His face went from scowling to pained.