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Bella goes to the mall

It is a happy-go-lucky tale of a time Bella and Edward go to the mall. It is completely wierd so enjoy!!! =D

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters.... God owns me and Mrs. Meyer and she owns these characters.

1. Chapter 1

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Disclaimer: I own none of these characters.... God owns me and Mrs. Meyer and she owns these characters.

Bella and Edward entered the mall. Edward was gliding, Bella was skipping. The mall was full of a lot of people since the stores invented a Chinese New Years sale. Edward smiled and whispered the embarrassing thoughts he had heard from the crowd to Belle. She giggled to. One man over heard his thought being discussed between the couple and shouted, “Oh great!!! My rash is that noticeable!!!” as he ran away, out of the mall.

“Bella, dear... would you mind if I left for a second… look at any store you want… I have something to take care of.” Edward said to Bella. He rushed of to a shoe store that said that all shoes were half-off. For a rich man, Bella knew that Edward could resist a good sale.

Bella skipped on through the mall, past the pet store, the souvenir shop, and the “Freedom” corner. That was the spot where troubled kids and adults said their opinion. Today, a group of Port Angeles rejects had a sign that stated the world would end soon. There also was a local teen standing there with a sign that said, “Damn you all!!!”

Bella stopped outside a wedding dress shop. “Cools, a place fully of pretty dresses! I must try them all on!” She dashed inside and asked the lady if she could try on the dresses. The lady, board from doing nothing all day, agreed. “Yah!!!” Bella squealed. She sat on the chair with her legs swinging wildly all over the place.

“Bella!!! At last!!!” It was Jacob. “Why are you in here…. Oh no he didn’t!!!” As he yelled that he did the Z formation (where one snaps their fingers four times, creating an invisible Z).

“Jacob, no be a sourpuss. He didn’t. I just want to try on some prettiful dresses!” Bella chimed in the cutest way.

“Oh Bella, why don’t you likey me!” Jacob said sadly.

“I likey you, but not like-like you!”

“No one like-likes me! Am I that annoying! Why don’t they return my calls! Or give me the right number! Oh darn it Belle, Why do they not like me.” Jacob pleaded as he began to cry.

“I don’t know, other than the fact that you have been crushing on me and paying any attention to any girl but me for the past two books.” Belle answered him.

“I guess…”

“And the fact that your grades are dropping and you have no free time or any kind of social life other than me and your werewolves…”

“I get the point, Bella”

“And that you have no manners around food, blow off appointments, can’t identify the difference between sarcasm and the truth…”

“Stop it now!” Jacob said. He put his hand over my mouth as I continued on with my long list of complaints, but they came out as if I had a sock in my mouth. Just than Edward walked in.

“Medwarth!” Bella called out. Jacob was already inching toward the door so Belle thought about why she still couldn’t speak normal. Just then she hacked up one of Jacobs new stretchy socks.

“You owe me a sock Bella!” He yelled as he ran out of the shop.

“Edward you came back!!!” Bella said as she hugged Edward tightly.

“Of course, I got all the best deals on the sales at the shoe store.” Edward replied as he picked me up and carried Bella out of the store, leaving the store lady the all-alone, she wiped away a tear before closing the door. As Edward and Bella passed the “freedom” corner a sign had been put up be someone that said vampires walk among us. We laughed all the way home.