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you have found

finally you have found something perfect and
finally you have found ... yourself

Edward’s wedding day

* * * Inspired entirely by the song “Hard to Concentrate” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers * * * UPDATE: I've changed the category for this story to Breaking Dawn. Though written before the book came out, I see now that it still fits in with canon. Woo!

1. you have found

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* * *

finally you have found something perfect and
finally you have found ... yourself

* * *

You hear her heart flutter – beating like a bird trapped in a cage against her ribs – and the sound fills you up. No one else hears it like you do. You are fluent in the language of her heartbeats. The pulse, the rhythm … each an intimate whisper meant only for your ears.

She moves towards you – a smile lighting up her perfect face. Her father places her hand in yours and gives his blessing, however reluctant, but you do not pay attention to the concern in his thoughts. You are focused solely on the woman before you.

Her blood races.

You can feel the pulse as you hold her hands in your own. It rushes to her face, flushing her cheeks with a soft, rosy hue. Mindlessly, she chews on the corner of her lower lip. You find it hard to concentrate on the ceremony. It is like a dream happening around you and you are caught in the midst of something larger.

Time slows.

She is nervous, but for all the wrong reasons, and you wish only to calm her superfluous fears. You release one of her hands only briefly and run your cool fingertips along her jaw, your thumb brushing across her lips and her teeth release the tender flesh there. She smiles shyly up at you, her eyes hiding beneath her lashes. Her blush deepens, but you get the reaction you’d hoped for – her racing heart stops suddenly, briefly, and when the pulses return they are calmer than before. Steady.

The thoughts of those around you are many, but you cannot focus on them. You are utterly incapable of doing so. You are focused entirely on her.

You take note of her innocent, human beauty: the curl of her hair as it falls down her back, the natural hue of her skin, the twinkle in her eyes and the wetness she blinks away with some frequency. You squeeze her hands, holding back a smile at the subtle moisture from her sweating palms. Nerves, you know, and you don’t think it’s amusing … rather, it makes you happy. You like that you elicit these reactions in her. She makes you feel confident in your romantic skills, despite your own innocence. You’ve been around much longer than her, but you are as naïve as she is in some of these ways. It’s part of what has made you such a perfect match for each other.

If you were not cold, no doubt your own palms would also be moist.

You wish you could cry happy tears.

You are wholly blessed.

You do not hear the words of the officiant; they are lost on you. But you are aware enough to know when it is time for you to speak, and you repeat the words you’d memorized long ago. You’d made these vows to her well before this day, even if she had not realized. The words are not your own, but you stare meaningfully into her endless brown eyes as you speak each syllable and you know that she understands what you are saying. She understands that you mean more than just the rehearsed, scripted vows.

You are taking this woman and making her your family.

You will treasure her for eternity – for all of your days on the earth. You will do everything in your power to please her. All you want is to make her happy. You will serve her. You will honor her.

Because finally, you have found someone perfect.

Finally, you have found yourself – in her.

You watch the blood color her face when it is her turn. When she promises herself to you. When she confesses to the world that she is yours and always will be. When she makes it clear that you and she are not that unalike. That she, too, has finally found herself – in you.

The idea fills you up. You feel more complete than you ever have in your entire existence. You did not realize it was possible to feel so absolutely whole.

Together, you are one.

When it is time, you gather her in your arms and her warmth becomes your warmth, and you press your lips to hers and your love and greed overcomes you and you devour her in front of God and the world. You embrace your other half, absorbing her life and making it your own. You are bound to her entirely and nothing, now, can ever separate you.

You will never be lost again.

* * *