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Bella & Edward continue fighting the odds, including surprise vists from unwanted guests, and a surprise set-up by Charlie.

First Story, Be easy. I don't own any of these characters.

2. Whole Again

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She needed to know the truth, of how much I truly loved her. Allowing her to go on believing a lie, would surely doom us both. I could tell she didn’t entirely believe that I loved her, and it hurt me more than anyone could understand.

“I’m so sorry about everything Bella. I was being a coward when I left you all those months ago. You were willing to fight for us, and I didn’t want you to. I thought that by leaving, all of the dangers before you would follow me…” I began, carefully selecting the right words. “You survived, and to my dismay, without my help. I shouldn’t have believed that the danger would have left when I did. You dodge karma, and every time you do, it returns, only to push a little harder.”

I should have learned that no matter how I argued, she would never benefit from me leaving. I would never benefit from leaving her. She’d faced months of vigorous trials, and passed each one, without my help.

The odds of the world were greatly turned against us. We would simply have to fight a little harder to survive. And, as I’d said, I would always be asking her forgiveness, until eternity’s end.

“Well…I have a knack for getting into trouble…” She mumbled with a grin. I could tell she was trying to lighten the subject, which I wouldn’t allow.

“Yes, and you also have a knack for upsetting those who are out to get you. I guess you know that, with me by your side, nothing can hurt you.” I added, finally settling with a smile, as her cheeks blushed to a rosy hue.

My insides were melting again. That smile that played across his lips was making it impossible for me not to believe him. But, he needed to know the truth also. That he had helped me survive. It was his voice, the memory of him that had pushed me every extra step I’d taken.

“It’s not true, Edward!” I spoke, shaking my head, needing him to know.

“What do you mean?” he spoke, his beautiful pale face looking confused, as he splayed his hands out questioningly.

“You did help me survive. Your voice, the mere thought of you, pushed me along. I made myself wake up in the morning, believing that you would be disappointed in my lack of strength.” I spoke, my voice breaking and hollow, at the memory.

“Lack of strength? You are anything but weak, Bella. Why would I have been upset, about you having a lack of strength, when I was weaker than I’d been in 90 years?!?” He spoke this in a silent voice, pleading with me to understand. I finally did understand.

He had believed that I was in danger because of him. He believed that he was attracting danger to me. When, in reality, it had been the complete opposite.

I murmured, “Oh, Edward!”

In a second, I was back in his iron grip. That iron cage that protected me from all of the dangers of the world. That sheltered me with love and hope.

“I know!” he whispered, almost too low for me to hear. We understood each other now. We were made whole again. After such a long time of holding back, letting go of the past, felt intoxicatingly wonderful. Or, perhaps the intoxication was simply the scent of him?

Morning broke the darkness, and Edward left to get ready for school. We rode to school together, which was normal now. He told me about the baseball game tonight, and wanted me to actually see it all the way through. Last time…Well, that had been a disaster.

The school day had passed quickly, and uneventfully, I thought, as I quickly made my way to my truck. Edward had left school early, because the sun had come out from behind its sheltering cloud. I had groaned the moment I saw the rays of sunshine touch my paper, knowing I would have to go the rest of the day without him.

Taking my time, I made my way out to my truck. But, rushing past Mike in his attempt to make polite conversation, I pretended I was in a hurry. “Can’t talk…” I’d muttered quickly, as though I was in a hurry, “I’m cooking a BIG dinner for Charlie…”

It was, of course, a lie. I was in a hurry to get to Edward’s house, for the baseball game. It was supposed to storm tonight, and I couldn’t wait!

I pushed my truck as fast as it would go, in my hurry to be with Edward. Adjusting the dial of my radio, in attempt to find a station that wasn’t fuzzy, I groaned. I took my eyes off of the road, but only for a second. When I looked back up, Victoria was sitting atop the hood. I blinked, and she disappeared. Shaking my head quickly, I muttered out loud “Just my imagination…”

You have a silly imagination!

I turned my head quickly, to see if anyone had joined me in the truck. “Who said that?” I scowled.

I did! The voice replied.

The voice was in my head. As though it were a thought, of my own creation, I’d listened to it. Now my imagination was really freaking me out. I pulled the truck over, and prayed that Alice would have a vision, and Edward would come and get me. I didn’t want to drive anymore, with that voice in my head.

Five minutes had passed, and Edward was no-where. Alice hadn’t even come for me. Muttering out loud, yet, incoherently, I pulled the truck back to the road, and hummed my lullaby the rest of the way.

Reaching the Cullen’s, I climbed out of the truck, slamming the old door quickly.

“What took you so long?” Edward smiled as he embraced me with one arm, and held the bats in his other.

“Oh, just truck problems. But, someone helped me fix it.” I lied, as I glanced around. “Where’s Alice?” I asked, hoping to ask her what was going on.

She just finished hunting; she’s on her way back now…

“Alright…” I said, hoping that Edward had replied, while I wasn’t paying attention, and I’d subconsciously heard him.

“What?” Edward spoke, as he loaded the bats into Emmett’s jeep.

“To what you said…” I muttered, and pushed myself towards the outskirts of the woods.

Nearly missing, Alice bumped into me, tumbling me over, only to be saved by Edward’s strong arms.

“Are you ok, Bella?” they asked in unison.

“Yes!” I scowled and spoke “Alice, have you had any visions about me lately?”

“I just had one about you pulling the truck off the road. Did you have problems with it?” Alice inquired.

Edward smirked lightly, and muttered “Now can I get you a nice little compact car?”

“Uh…Yeah…” I spoke to Alice, hearing Edward’s sarcasm; I quickly shook my head “Well, let’s get going!”