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Chicken Soup

When Edward and Alice contract the flu, how does Bella react?


1. Chapter 1

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Carlisle’s POV

“What is it?” Edward asked, his voice strangely thick.

“It’s a mutant strain of bacteria,” I explained. “The common flu.”

“You’re kidding,” Alice sniffled. “We have the flu?”

“I’m afraid so,” I chuckled. “It seems that a disease had finally configured itself to slip past a vampire’s immune system. You two probably picked it up in Italy.”

“How do we get rid of it,” Edward groaned, holding his head in his hands.

“I can’t really answer that Edward. I don’t think that an antibiotic would help.”

“Uhg,” Alice whimpered. “Well, what do you tell your patients?”

“Fluids and bed rest,” I grinned.

“Great,” Edward grumbled.

“I’m going to bed,” Alice moaned.

Dragging herself up off the couch, she headed for the stairs. Following her on shaky legs, Edward left the room mumbling under his breath, but I only caught a few words. Something about the ‘good of being a vampire, if you could still catch the flu.’

Smiling to myself, I made his way to the telephone. Luckily, it was a Saturday. Punching in the digits, I wondered exactly why I knew Bella’s phone number. I chuckled again, knowing that when a whole day had gone to nonsense, I tended to find myself in jovial, ridiculous moods, almost drunken with contentment. This reflection was cut short when Bella answered.


“Hello Bella, this is Carlisle Cullen.”

“Oh, um hi.”

Clearly she was wondering what could possibly have me on the phone with her. I held in the laughter, determined to get out my message.

“I’m calling to let you know that Edward won’t be visiting you this weekend.”

“What! Why, what’s going on?”

I couldn’t blame her for being so startled. With everything she had been through lately, I actually thought her outburst was quite controlled.

“I’m afraid that both Edward and Alice have the flu.”

There was a brief pause.

“Uh, did you just tell me that two vampires have the flu?”

“Yes, Bella, I did. It’s just as strange for me to say as it is for you to believe, but there it is. They’ve got the flu.”

“Umm, okay. Uh, thanks for letting me know.”

“Sure thing Bella.”

Hanging up the phone, I finally couldn’t hold it in any longer. The laughter burst out in a way that it hadn’t in a long time. The disbelief in the poor girl’s voice was hilarious. I felt bad for my children, yes, but really. A vampire with the flu?

* * *

Bella’s POV

He did not just tell me that his kids had the flu.

Sitting at the kitchen table, I stared at the phone. It had been only a week and a half since we got back from Italy, and the Cullen’s were completely reestablished in their house. Charlie was still having serious issues, but if I thought about it, I didn’t really blame him. Of course, I tried not to think about it.

But the flu? I mean, was he serious? If it had been anyone other than Carlisle on the phone, I don’t think I would have believed them. But Carlisle would never have played a joke like that, especially after what had just happened. He must be telling the truth.

Without thinking, I headed to the cupboards and began rummaging through them. Setting a saucepan on the stove, I dumped in two cans of chicken noodle soup, then added the two cans of hot water. Turning up the heat, I stirred slowly, wondering what I was doing.

* * *

Bella’s POV

Charlie had been difficult, but when I told him that Alice was sick, he finally consented, warning me not to catch whatever she had. I didn’t think I needed to worry about that. Parking my truck in the Cullen’s driveway, I grabbed the fat black thermos off the seat, and headed to the door.

Carlisle answered my knock, greeting me with a hug. He raised an eyebrow at the thermos, but didn’t comment on it, only smiled.

“Edward and Alice are in their rooms,” he said, his eyes gleaming.

He disappeared around a corner and I started up the stairs, pausing halfway when I heard laughing coming from the den. Shaking my head in wonder, I continued on my way. Deciding that I still felt slightly more favorable to Alice, I passed her room quietly and continued down the hall.

I was surprised by what I found. Edward lay perfectly still on his leather couch, not even stirring as I entered. His skin was paler than I had ever seen it, and though his eyes were still honey gold, there were deep purple rings beneath them. Moving to his side, I gently brushed the hair back from his for head.

“Bella?” His eyes opened slowly, and he flinched against the light that streamed in through the window.

I crossed the room and quickly drew the curtains. Behind me, Edward moaned pitifully, a ridiculous noise coming from the fierce undead. Hiding a small smile, I knelt down next to his head.

“How you feeling?” I asked.

“Ugh. My head feels like a ton of cement, and my stomach feels like I’m on a roller coaster. I haven’t been sick in almost a century.”

“How exactly does a vampire get the flu?” I asked.

“Carlisle says we picked it up in Italy,” he groaned.

“Serves you right,” I murmured.

Edward reached for my hand, lacing his fingers through mine. His skin was icy cold, more than usual, and he shook slightly.

“Your freezing,” I said. “Here, sit up.”

“Why,” he grumbled. “I’m dying here.”

Snickering I unscrewed the cap of the thermos and poured some soup into it. The steam rose up, hot and savory, but I passed the cup to Edward.

“Umm, Bella? You do know…”

“Just drink it. It’ll make you sick eventually, but really, any teenager knows that’s the only way to get over the flu. One good toss of the cookies, and it’s smooth sailing.”

He made a face and I fully expected him to refuse, but he turned up the cup and downed it in one go. Taking it from him, I screwed it back in place and set the thermos on the floor. Climbing onto the couch beside him, I leaned against his side and wrapped my arms around him, sharing my body heat. He snuggled against my side, his eyes drifting shut.

I didn’t move, just waited patiently for the inevitable. It only took a few minutes before he leapt of the couch and stumbled toward the bathroom, locking the door behind him.

“Serves you right,” I said smiling.

Leaving him to recover, I headed towards Alice’s room, feeling much worse for her than I did for poor Edward.