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Chasing Love

When Edward gets off the plane, something's wrong. Alice and Jasper failed him, and now his first and only love is going to die. Edward chases his only true love, ready to die if she does.

I do not own the characters *weep*

2. The Race

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Bella was in a mirrored room; it looked like a ballet studio. James smiled at her. He was circling her, and she was just standing, wide-eyed.

Run, I pleaded. I knew it was no use. He would catch her. He would kill her.

James sank into a low crouch, his smile becoming a snarl of utter happiness. He had won the game. And the quarry was his.

Bella whirled and dashed for the exit. He was in front of her instantly and she went flying through the air, crashing against one of the mirrors. The glass fell all around her face but she didn't seem to feel the pain. He opened his mouth to talk and the vision faded.

I was in front of Alice in a split second, my face furious, to put it lightly. "Were is she?" I hissed lividly.

"She went to the bathroom, with Jasper, and it had two exits, and she ran. Her scent ended at the road. She picked up a cab and..."

"Where was that room? Were IS SHE?!" I was leaning closer and closer, and if Alice had been able to, she would have been crying.

"I'm sorry Edward! I don't know why she left, but when I had the vision I thought it was James who made the decision and---"

I picked Alice up by the shoulders so she was eye level with me. "Alice, I need to find her. I can't," my voice was failing.

"I can't lose her Alice," I whispered, screwing my face up in pain.

Alice took a deep breath, calming herself. "I think she said she went to a dance-studio on...Fifty-eighth and Cactus." Her eyes were sad and she sounded like she was taking deep breaths to cover up her small shudders.

"Let's go," I said tersely, flying toward the direction of the garages. The others hurried to follow, and I was thankful Carlisle didn't reprimand me.

Finding a fast car in the garage wasn't the hardest thing; almost everyone in Phoenix seemed wealthy enough to afford fast cars, which didn't bother me a bit.

We found a nice, black BMW with a dark tint, and I slid into the driver's seat, with Carlisle in the passenger; Emmett, Jasper and Alice in the back.

As I squealed out of the garage, ignoring Carlisle's words of caution, I tried not to think about what would happen if I failed. I had to focus on helping Bella. But still, it crept up on me. I was positive Jasper or Emmett wouldn't kill me, no matter how much I begged and pleaded. My family surely wouldn't help me with that.

Alice stiffened in the back-seat, and I glanced at her in the rear-view mirror.

Edward don't you dare.

I pursed my lips, and she looked panicked. Edward, we'll get there in time to save her . . . but . . .

A vision flashed in front of me. Bella was more beautiful than I'd ever imagined. Her hair flowed across her shoulders in long chocolate waves, and her lips were red and full. Her face paler than before, but still flushed; but here eyes . . . her eyes were blood red.

Then she ran up to me and threw her arms around me, and all I could say was, "I'm so sorry."

Bella leaned her head back to look at me, exposing her long neck, but as I tensed myself to prepare for her scent to hit me, it didn't. Her eyes, despite the thirst that I could imagine sent her stomach writhing, held something else. Happiness.

"I'm not. I'll love you, forever."

The road flooded my eyes again, and I blinked several times. How amazing, if Bella REALLY wanted to be with me . . . forever.

You're being an imbecile, I told myself. Bella was an angel, and I was being extremely selfish. I couldn't take her soul. As much as it hurt me to think it, it might be just a crush. How could she ever feel the way I felt about her, to me? Impossible. I'm a monster, and I know it, yet here I am, falling in love with a human. But not just ANY human. Bella wasn't just some normal girl, she was amazing, and beautiful, and caring, and sincere . . . and she had picked me. And look what you did to her, the little voice whispered. Now she's being tortured, and it's your fault. I wanted to put my head in my hands, but I was clutching the steering wheel so tight, it was about to turn to dust under my fingers. I loosened my hold, and looked at the dashboard. 125MPH. Not bad, but Bella was hurting, and there was NOTHING in this world fast enough to get there in the time needed.

Fifty-seventh and Cactus......I pressed my foot harder.

Fifty-eighth. I pressed down my foot hard on the brake and spun the car around the corner, hugging it so tightly, sparks flew up. I pressed my foot all the way down, nearly breaking the floor.





I saw the dance studio as I heard it. A scream, long and drawn out. Several snarls ripped from my chest.

"Brake," I muttered and everyone tensed. I slammed my foot down hard, and the car jolted to a stop and I threw myself out of the car, breaking through the glass door as if it were made of paper. Jasper and Emmett were right on my tail as I stepped into the room. I let out such an angry growl that I saw the hunter hesitate a bit. Bella was beneath him, head cut open, pooling down onto her white shirt, and her leg at an odd angle.

Her blood did nothing to me. I couldn't smell it. All I could see was James hurting my beautiful Bella, and he would regret it. I wrenched James away from her; her eyes were closing.