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Chasing Love

When Edward gets off the plane, something's wrong. Alice and Jasper failed him, and now his first and only love is going to die. Edward chases his only true love, ready to die if she does.

I do not own the characters *weep*

3. Monster

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I threw James to the side, where Jasper and Emmett were waiting, both with deadly smiles on their faces. They started with the arms, saving his head till the very end, so he could feel himself being ripped apart; piece by piece. I felt a rush of gratitude towards my brothers and Jasper smiled, but continued his snarling and tearing.

But then, my gratitude was marred by my horror. "Oh no, Bella, no!" I cried. Bella was paler than I had ever seen her; she was losing way to much blood. She wasn't moving and I could hear her heartbeat; very very, faintly.

"Bella, please! Bella listen to me, please, please, Bella, please!" I begged.

Nothing. Her heartbeat was slowing.






"Carlisle!" I called, hoping he could save her. He had to. My angel and I were dying, with every weak heartbeat.

Carlisle glided forward, Alice beside him. He inserted a needle to numb the head wound; working quickly and efficiently.

I was thinking hard. There's Italy. Yes, the Volturi would surely help; one of them had lost their mate a long time ago. I could only now start to comprehend how he might feel, and Bella still had a chance.

Alice shot a dark look at me. No, Edward.

I looked down at Bella. She needed me now. She still wasn't coming to.

"Bella, Bella, no, oh please, no, no!" I was sobbing, without tears. They were aching, dry sobs that through raked my body like hot metal.

Now, I heard her breathing falter. I was practically on my knees. Please, let her live, please.

She cried out and looked as though she had just overcome a struggle inside her head. Her breathing and heartbeat picked up. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

"Bella!" I cried in relief.

Carlisle talked to his hands as he probed her, " She's lost some blood but the head wound isn't deep. Watch out for her leg, it's broken."

My face was snarling and I was shaking as I snarled.





I regretted instantly handing him to Jasper and Emmett, who had disposed of him much too humanely. He hurt my Bella, and I want to kill him. it was done though, so I sat and stared at Carlisle as he helped my Bella.

If we had been any later she wouldn't be alive. . .

That was Carlisle.

I moaned and mashed my knuckles to my eyes.

"Some ribs, too, I think," Carlisle said quickly.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean for you to hear that.

I wished I could cry. I wished I could feel the hot tears running down my face and blurring my eyes. But I couldn't. I couldn't cry for my poor Bella when I wanted to immensely.

Any later, and my angel wouldn't be alive. It's my fault. I felt the deepest loathing for myself. I hated me more than I had ever hated James, or anyone who had wanted to hurt Bella. Because the truth was, I was Bella's greatest enemy. Because of my own selfishness, I had introduced her to my world and all the creatures who would harm her. I utterly loathed myself.

And then she spoke, "Edward."

Her voice was weak and a human wouldn't have heard it, but I did. Because I was the foulest monster, with acute hearing.

"Bella, you're going to be fine. Can you hear me, Bella?" And then I compulsively added, "I love you." What kind of foul creature was I? Did I think she would love me, after what I did to her? She wouldn't.

"Edward," She said with a slightly stronger voice. Maybe she still DID love me. No. She doesn't. Stop thinking like that.

"Yes, I'm here."

I was here, and you should tell me to leave. Tell me I disgust you and you never want to see me again. Tell me I'm a monster and you hate me. For you own good, tell me.

"It hurts," She whimpered softly.

That hurt me more than any of the foul names she could call me. I had hurt her.

"I know, Bella, I know."

Suddenly, my mouth filled with venom. How could I still want her blood? I don't. I want my Bella to love me, because I'm selfish. I loathed myself more than ever as I backed away.

"Can't you do anything?" I was furious Carlisle was letting my Bella hurt.

"My bag, please . . . Hold your breath, Alice, it will help," Carlisle instructed. Alice was dealing with this better than me. I loved my sister so much. She truly loved Bella like a sister.

"Alice?" Bella groaned. My insides turned.

"She's here, she knew where to find you," I said hoarsely.

"My hand hurts," Bella whimpered again. That puzzled me. Her leg was broken and her head was bleeding much more than her hand. Why would her hand burn? Then the hint of a vaguely familiar scent drifted in the air.

Bella's eyes fluttered and then she screamed.

"My hand is burning!"

No, no, no! It couldn't be. It's not possible . . .


"The fire! Someone stop the fire!" She screamed.

Then something clicked. "Carlisle! Her hand!"

Please don't let it be true! Please, please, please--

"He bit her," Carlisle said, shocked.

I sucked in a breath. Why did I have to be right? No, no, no, no, no! She had a life to live. She could grow up, and be happy. She could even get married to someone else, I would be happy for her. She'll hate me. She will. . .

"Edward, you have to do it." Alice brushed away the tears on Bella's face.

I've seen it Edward, you have to. We have to bite her ankles, wrists and neck...

"No!" I moaned loudly.

"Alice," Bella pleaded. She was in pain.

I knotted my hands in my hair. This can't be happening. She needs a happy life. A life with sun.

"There may be a chance," Carlisle said.

"What?" I begged. Anything, I'll do anything.

"See if you can suck the venom back out. The wound is fairly clean." He was stitching her head back up.

Anything but that. I would kill my Bella. I would keel her, and myself. I hated myself. The deepest loathing.

"Will that work?" Alice asked in a strained voice. She saw me failing; Bella dead, and my eyes bright red. I wanted to kill myself, but Bella needed me. She NEEDED me.

"I don't know, but we have to hurry," Carlisle said, as he and Alice looked at me.

Bella's eyes were closed. She had already given up. She knew I was going to kill her, like the monster I was.

"Carlisle, I . . . I don't know if I can do that." How would I stop? It would be impossible. We would both die.

"It's your decision Edward, either way. I can't help you. I have to get this bleeding stopped here if you're going to be taking blood from her hand.

Bella was moving on the ground, trying to escape the fire. I remembered the fire. I remembered it and still feared it.

"Edward!" she screamed, opening her eyes and meeting mine for the first time in days.

"It's like you've taken half my self away with you."

"Come and get it then."

Soon, as soon as I possibly can. I WILL make you safe first."

"I love you."

"Could you believe that, despite everything I've put you through, I love you, too?"

"Yes, I can, actually."

"I'll come for you soon."

"I'll be waiting."

She was waiting. She was watching me, but she was quiet in her fiery torture. So brave.

"Alice, get me something to brace her leg!" Carlisle was working on her head, but his words broke the illusion that the world had stopped, as we looked at each other.

Bella. I want you to live a happy life. I do.

"Edward, you must do it now, or it will be too late."

I saw it in her eyes. Trust. over all the pain she was enduring, her eyes blazed with trust, and LOVE.

I set my jaw. I would not hurt her. She would live her life.

I locked my fingers over her warm hand, holding it in place. I bent my head down, finally breaking eye contact, and dived into heaven. The monster in my head purred.