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Chasing Love

When Edward gets off the plane, something's wrong. Alice and Jasper failed him, and now his first and only love is going to die. Edward chases his only true love, ready to die if she does.

I do not own the characters *weep*

4. Stay

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Bella screamed and thrashed as MY venom hit her blood. Her blood. It hit my mouth like a brick wall. I was swept away by the taste. The scent warmed my nostrils, and made my insides hot. I had never felt like this as a vampire. As a human, maybe the feel of swallowing hot soup on a cold day, as it boiled in your stomach, but never as a vampire. As the warm, light substance flowed down my throat, I purred with delight. Bella's yells were muted in my enjoyment. I felt like I was in another world. The purr was so low, only Alice heard, and immediately her thoughts broke into my head.

Edward, you love Bella, you have to stop!

The monster automatically snarled at the thought, but something else intruded my mind. . . . . a memory.


"Do you want me to leave?"


I chuckled.

Bella was on her bed, she had asked me to stay. I watched her sleep before, but the fact she had asked me to stay had made me euphoric. I sat in her rocking chair, breathing in her scent and watching the way the moonbeams tickled her face and hair.

"Edward," She breathed.

I leaned forward.

"I love you," She said, rolling over in her sleep.


"I love you too," I whispered softly against her skin, kissing her hand gently as I caged the monster inside my head with the immense feeling of love.

"Edward," She whispered, and I smiled gently.

"He's right here, Bella," Alice said, brushing her icy fingers over Bella's forehead.

"Stay Edward, stay with me . . . ."

"I will . . ." The recent strain of taking my mouth away from her blood was heard in my voice, but I had triumphed over it. I had saved my Bella.

Bella sighed, her breath blowing a sweet breeze across my face.

I stared adoringly at her as Carlisle asked," Is it all out?"

I leaned down again as the monster in my head strained against my will. "Her blood tastes clean," I spoke quietly, hoping she didn't hear me and get scared, "I can taste the morphine."

"Bella?" Carlisle asked.

She hummed, showing she was listening.

"Is the fire gone?" Carlisle inquired gently, like an adult questioning a child about a horrific accident.

"Yes, thank you, Edward." Bella let out a little sigh and my still heart jolted.

"I love you," I whispered, sincerity ringing in my voice.

"I know."

I chuckled weakly. How could she still trust me? If she had known what was going on in my head, she would run from me and never love me again. But then again, that would be for the best.

"Bella?" Carlisle asked again.

"What?" she seemed annoyed and I tried to hold back my laugh.

"Where is your mother?"

"In Florida, he tricked me, Edward. He watched our videos." Her outrage sounded more like gentle scolding. I smiled lopsidedly at Bella, even though her eyes were closed.

As I watched, she struggled to open her eyes.

"Alice, Alice, the video --- he knew you, Alice, he knew where you came from."

I watched carefully as Alice looked around the room, stunned. Her eyes settled on something and I saw a video camera....running. My lip curled as I felt a surge of hate for James.

"I smell gasoline." Bella announced softly, and I realized it was time to go.

"It's time to move her," Carlisle said.

"No, I want to sleep," Bella complained feebly.

"You can sleep, sweetheart, I'll carry you," I promised her, lifting her and resting her gently against my cold, hard chest.

"Sleep now, Bella," And before the words were even out of my mouth, her breathing slowed and her eyes closed.

As Alice went to collect the video camera, Carlisle and I stepped through the broken glass, and out into the sun.

Emmett and Jasper were there, nostrils flaring at the smell of blood. I raised an eyebrow at them, and they ran ahead of us, while we waited for Alice.

I looked down at Bella in my arms, and kissed her forehead softly.

I loved her to the end of the Earth, but I was so dangerous for her. I knew I loved her more than ever.

Now the question is, would I stay?