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my ice cold charm

this is a poem about edward and how much he and the charm he gave her means to bella..... yay!!!! its my first post!!!!! :P i hope you like it!


1. Chapter 1

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A smooth body of ice,

So beautiful but cold

The face of an angel

With eyes deep and gold

His kiss like a spell,

Throwing me into a trance,

Hoping to breathe, if given the chance

He lets out a chuckle

I’m gasping for air…

He embraces me tighter to breathe in my hair

“Your heart is racing…”

He whispered with a grin

With his lips now circling the top of my chin

I attempted to speak but no words had come

My mind became blank… my body numb

In one quick second I was cradled into his arms

Dangling from my wrist, an ice cold charm

The small charm that has always meant so much

The symbol for each and every kiss… each every touch

The diamond that threw rainbows like he did

It was cold, hard, and fine, and as he had once told me…

Like his heart... it too was mine