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"The girl twists in her sleep, mumbling her fiancé’s name, and the sensation of victory reaches another high, for he knows that the other vampire won’t be here to save her tonight. She is all his, now, and no one can take her away this time. She is his forever." Can memories resurface?
Or are they lost forever?
Do they even exist?

I was feeling a little down today, when this idea hit me. So yes, it's a little depressive and gloomy. I wanted to try something new. I tried to use the present tense throughout the whole story, but I slip a lot and don't necessarily notice the mistakes when I read through the text again. You have been warned.

1. The Kidnapping

Rating 3.5/5   Word Count 1994   Review this Chapter

He stands there, in front of the human girl’s bedroom window, and relishes the feeling of finally reaching his goal.

The girl twists in her sleep, mumbling her fiancé’s name, and the sensation of victory reaches another high, for he knows that the other vampire won’t be here to save her tonight. She is all his, now, and no one can take her away this time. Julie is his forever.

Slowly, he creeps up to the window, and silently opens it with little effort. The warm air from inside blows in his face, and he breathes in the beautiful scent that always surrounds the girl. The impact is stronger than he would have believed, and he has to pause for a moment to compose himself again. But the centuries of practice allow him to calm down quickly, quieting the thirst he feels in his throat. This girl was not dinner. Not Julie.

It doesn’t take long for the presence of his greatest love to lure him into the room, where he now stands, gazing at the beautiful young woman before him. She is restless in her sleep; maybe a subconscious part of her knows what’s coming and fears it. But she has no reason to be frightened- She is, after all, finally being reunited with her love.

Her fragile body is curled up in a ball, screaming for the missing pair of cold arms to hold her. Soon, very soon, she will receive that frozen touch, though it isn’t from who she wishes it to be. Nevertheless, he knows she will learn, that she will remember the memories they both shared before the inevitable happened. And most importantly, he knows she will forgive his act of weakness that had taken place so long ago, and they will be happy, like they should have back then. Julie will live again.

Though the moment is priceless, and he wishes for it to last for eternity, he knows he cannot wait any longer; soon, all too soon, the other vampires will be here to keep him from accomplishing his mission. He glides over to the bed where the girl is sleeping and lifts her up in a swift movement, being careful with her like he always had before. Except for that one time, the time with disastrous consequences. But it doesn’t matter now, for she is back there in his arms, where she will stay forever.

Now the girl has awakened, her eye lids fluttering open, and she is staring at him with confusion. Apart from a tiny gasp, she does not make a sound. Perhaps she thinks she is dreaming, or knows that resistance is no use; either way, she is coming quietly.

He does not say a word, but carries her through the woods, letting the moonlight shine on her heart-shaped face. She looks so very different now than before- Her eyes have a depth in them that he doesn’t recall, her body slightly thinner and her face a different shape. Yet he recognizes her so clearly, the innocent soul and kind heart he has always cherished are still there, under all the superficial details. The love that has been absent for many years flares up in him again, and he cannot help himself. There, in the lightest part of the forest where the moonlight dances on her ivory skin, he bends down to kiss her.

This is when she notices that she is not dreaming after all, and lets out a scream, but his marble lips break the high tone and force her to quiet. He can sense that she is reluctant about the kiss, and that Julie still hasn’t broken free from her cage, and pulls back abruptly. After all, he does not want to kiss this new side of her, the side that belonged to somebody else. The side that would soon be silenced.

Now they have reached the highway, where his getaway car awaits. The vehicle is fast, too fast for the other vampires to follow. They will never see the girl again.

Gently, he sets the girl down on the passenger seat, and then sits down at the wheel, starting the engine. The girl’s features are twisted with confusion and fear, her body trembling as she looks up at his blood red eyes. No doubt she thinks that he wants her for dinner, when in truth he wants something much different. He does not want her to be scared, so he speaks his first words since her kidnapping: “It is alright. I do not want to hurt you, Julie.”

This did not ease the fear, but brought much more confusion to her eyes. Her full lips open and close a couple of times, like she doesn’t know how to say what she’s intending to. Eventually, she is able to form a phrase: “I-I’m sorry, but I think you’ve got the wrong person. I don’t know anyone called Julie.”

He considers the words for a moment, before he answers: “You simply do not remember, Julie. But you will. I will help you remember.”

The girl is not shaking anymore as she turns in her seat to face him. Her body looks tempting under the highway lights, and he resists the urge to swoop down and kiss her again. He would have to wait until Julie is back.

“I’m not Julie. My name is Bella Swan. And my fiancé will be looking for me already, and if your life means anything to you, I strongly advice you to let me out of this car.”

The words just pass right through him. They were not spoken by Julie, and so they are worthless to him.

“Be still. Do not talk until it is really you again, Julie. I wish to hear only your voice.”

Shock is plain in the girl’s eyes, as she shifts them back to the road. Her hands tremble while she goes through the possibilities in her mind, not knowing whether to do as she was told or not. But curiosity claims the better of her, and she asks: “Where are you taking me?”


“You took me away from home. Now, where are you taking me?”

The girl’s sharp tongue rips a hole in his chest, and before he knows it, he has slapped her across the cheek where a red patch is now forming on her skin. She quickly turns her head away, panic leaking through her very being. This reminds him of Julie again, and he immediately regrets what he has done.

“Forgive me, Julie.”

But she does not know that he is referring to more than just the slap, and does not answer, so he continues: “What happened twenty years ago was fully my fault, though you did play your part, as well. But it is only my job to apologize, and to hope that you will find it in yourself to forgive me. Do you?”

He forgets that this is not his Julie yet, or wishes it isn’t so the very least, so he speaks freely in front of her now, the memories flooding his mind once again.

It is silent, except for the soft sobs of his beloved one who is curled up in a corner. The house of her parents is empty, and if things were like they should be, they would both be dancing to their favorite songs at this very moment, instead of arguing like they always seem to be doing these days.

“Don’t cry! I have been truthful to you from the very beginning, explained to you what I am. Why are we still fighting about this?”

The girl in the corner looks up from her arms.

“Because I do not understand, Nicholas! Why is it so hard to change your eating habits? I can’t be together with a murderer like you… Here, read this!”

She tosses a newspaper article at him. He unfolds it.

Psychopath killer still on the loose

The little town of Charpense is still shuddering from fear after yet another unexplainable murder has taken place.

This time, the victim was a 39-year-old father of two children, who happened to be walking home from work when the apparently mentally sick serial killer attacked him. Like previously, no body has been found, but only the bloodless left hand was left at the scene. “Joe was a good man.”, the wife says to our interviewer, “He never hurt anybody. That’s why this is so hard to understand- Why him? I had read about all the other gruesome murders in the papers, and I warned him not to walk alone so late in the evening, but of course he didn’t listen.”

And indeed, this was not the first time the mystery killer struck. Joe Hindman is the now 7th victim in the row of murders in Charpense. The police are still on square one- The murderer never leaves any traces, and the only clue so far is the ritual-like removing of the left hand after the attack. According to police chef Robert Ash…’

The girl watches him while he reads the article. Once he is done, he looks down at her with a blank expression.

“I was thirsty, and this man happened to be there. People die all the time, Julie. One more or less doesn’t make a difference.”

This puts the girl in a state of pure rage, and she rises to her feet.

“Doesn’t make a difference?! A father of two small children, Nicholas! You think they don’t care? You think it doesn’t make any difference to them? They will have to grow up without a father now, all because you refuse to feed on animal blood! You’re a monster!”

Her harsh words sting him, and he answers with equal fury: “I already promised to leave alone the people you know, Julie! How much more can you expect from me? I cannot change what I am! How would you feel if I told you to feed on only stale bread and water from now on?”

“I would do it, if it meant saving other people’s lives!”

“You don’t understand!”

“Yes, I do! But you, on the other hand, don’t have a heart! Do you even have feelings? Maybe your love for me is only a game after all. Maybe you just want me for dessert!”

“FINE! If that’s what you want…”

The beast is in control of him now. As he crosses the room in a fracture of a second, all he feels is thirst, and all he thinks about is the warm blood that will soon be easing the itching in his throat. He is the hunter now, and the girl is his prey.

She screams as she grasps his intentions, but the noise doesn’t last long before the girl is silenced forever. The warm, sweat blood is pouring down his throat, and the sensation is amazing- How long the monster in him had waited for this day to arrive! But as soon as the girl is drained empty, he notices what he has done. He cannot move, cannot breathe, as he stares down upon the girl he once loved so dearly, who is now just a bloodless corpse among the others. Agony rips through him, tearing at his dead heart, his non-existent soul.

He does not know how long he has stood there, when he suddenly hears the sound of a car a couple of miles away. The parents are coming home, and he still hasn’t destroyed the evidence.

Caressing his dead lover’s cheek for one last time, he digs his teeth into the now cold flesh of the girl’s wrist, removing the left hand from the body. And then he heads off into the night, to bury the girl he once loved so dearly.

He remembers that evening perfectly, every scent, every noise, every touch. The girl next to him is still staring out the window, not knowing what to say to this beast. It is not Julie yet, but soon, she will be back.

And they can love each other like they had meant to do from the beginning.