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"The girl twists in her sleep, mumbling her fiancé’s name, and the sensation of victory reaches another high, for he knows that the other vampire won’t be here to save her tonight. She is all his, now, and no one can take her away this time. She is his forever." Can memories resurface?
Or are they lost forever?
Do they even exist?

I was feeling a little down today, when this idea hit me. So yes, it's a little depressive and gloomy. I wanted to try something new. I tried to use the present tense throughout the whole story, but I slip a lot and don't necessarily notice the mistakes when I read through the text again. You have been warned.

4. Desperation

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"There has got to be some place we haven't looked yet."

The vampire is pacing the length of the living room, his usually light, butterscotch eyes darkened with anguish and worry. The gazes of the rest of his family follow his every move, but they do not interfere the rigid pondering. Their thoughts all lead in the same direction- the human girl, the love of their brother’s life, missing. Some minds are stained with more anxiety for their brother, some with more for Isabella. The honey blond vampire at the edge of the room senses Edward’s desperation, but nothing he attempts can ease the pain.

"Please, Edward. Sit down. Let's go through every detail again. Maybe we missed something the first time. We'll find Bella, I'm sure."

Edward does not sit down, nor show any other signs of calming down. The fragrance of his beloved Bella still lingers in the room, and if he were capable of crying, he is sure the house would be flooded by his tears by now. The misery it so deep, it threatens to bury him, but he cannot afford to drown in self-pity, for he knows Bella is out there somewhere, possibly terrified or in pain, maybe even dead…

No. He must not believe she is dead. She must be alive. For the sake of his sanity, she must still be breathing, if not for herself, then at least for him.

The hole that has been absent for so many months now is throbbing once again. The pain is different this time, as now he does not have the last resort of returning to her. He does not know where Bella is, who is with her, or why. This thought rips the gap in his chest even further.

But he must not feel his own pain now, for his misery is meaningless compared to the one of his love. She is surely in panic, fearing for her life, in not just mental, but perhaps even physical pain- What does his agony weigh next to that? So he forces his thoughts in a new direction, to think about the possibilities.

The pixie-like vampire sitting on the white couch begins. "We came back in the morning to find that Bella was gone."

Hearing the name causes a wave of pain to wash through Edward. The only thing holding him together is the calming effect of his blond brother, who must concentrate with all his might to keep Edward functioning.

The pixie continues. "Her future had disappeared earlier that evening, but that didn't get us worried because we thought the wolves were responsible."

The wolves. A fracture of the pain is replaced by anger. Why had they not kept an eye out for her? Why had they neglected their duties that very night? Wasn't that their task, to keep humans safe?

"You know, Edward, I still think it might have been that dog, Jacob. Considering that he is missing without a trace, he may well have something to do with this. It wouldn't surprise me. Maybe he got sick of seeing you and Bella together, so he decided to abduct her, so he could have her all for himself? They say mutts can be unpredictable when they get angry, so it wouldn’t be a wonder."

"No, Emmett. The wolves had nothing to do with this. Jacob has been missing for a fair while already, and nothing links him to Bella's room," the clear authority in the room defends their natural enemies.

The muscular vampire argues back, "Except for Alice's disappearing visions."

The interrupter of their short argument is the fairy. "How do you explain the vampire's scent in Bella’s bedroom, then? One of us was in there, that's for sure."

This causes the pacing vampire to cripple from the agony. He sinks to the floor, gasping for air he doesn’t really need, and struggles to free his mind from the pain. A vampire, a bloodthirsty vampire, was in his Bella’s room while she was alone, smelling as appetizing as ever. And he hadn't been there to protect her when she needed it the most. No, he had been hunting animals, drinking their blood, giving in to his needs while his fragile angel was in danger. The thought about what might have happened crossed his mind, try as hard as he might to suppress it - that if that vampire had been thirsty, and had killed her in her own bedroom? Edward can only imagine the expression on his love's face when she realizes the presence of her uninvited visitor, the terror slowly creeping in when she recognizes the blood-red eyes of her predator…

A pair of hands is pulling Edward into an embrace, but he shakes them off and stands up again with all the strength he can manage. He will not rest until Bella is found, not if it takes an eternity. If only he had that long!

The motherly vampire who had been kneeling next to him rises with him, only to give him a grieved look with little reassurance.

"Please calm down, dear."

"Calm down? Bella's been missing for a week already! The reason of my existence has disappeared into thin air without a warning, leaving no clue behind, and you tell me to calm down? We should be searching for her, instead of sitting here doing nothing."

"We'll find her, Edward. But running all over the place won't help at all. We need to go over the facts. I'm sure Bella's still alive, wherever she is. If that vampire had been hunting, why would he have left Charlie alone? The room was in perfect condition, with not a single drop of blood anywhere. If Bella was hurt, it wasn’t done there, in her room. And why would any vampire have kidnapped her for the sole purpose of drinking her blood? Why make it so difficult? Why refuse two meals?"

These words calm him down enough to think again. Sure, this theory is full of flaws, but he must not think about them. He must only believe that she's alright, wherever the world she may be.

The fatherly figure redeems their listing of the facts. "So we found an unfamiliar scent in Bella's room. We asked Charlie if he had heard or seen anything at night, but of course his answer was no. The vampire was careful not to disturb his sleep; he didn't even leave Bella's room at any point. He just came through the window, took Bella, and left."

He pauses there, to give the others a chance to express their ideas. No suggestions come, so he proceeds, "We followed the trail in the morning. He ran through the woods to the highway, but there the scent disappears. He must have had a car waiting for him there. By the manner in which he acted, I'd say he or she must be working alone."

"Aw, Edward, can I finish him off once we find him, can I? I know you'd probably like to kill him yourself, but I'm in desperate need of some action…"

Edward ignores his brother's humorous pleads. His mind can only think about his love, and his love alone. The hatred which he feels towards her abductor is so great that he knows he will not show any signs of pity once they are face-to-face. The vampire is going to die, for sure. Nobody touches his precious Bella.

"There's not much else we can say. We have searched all neighboring towns for her, without luck. No one has seen or heard anything."

He is pacing the room again, thinking of the possibilities. After a while of silence, Edward says with the calmest voice he can manage, "Maybe we should ask the Volturi. If they have something to do with this, they will not lie to you, Carlisle. Even if they have no hand in Bella's disappearance, maybe they know of someone who has."

"Very well, Edward. Shall I make the call? Or do you wish to do it yourself?"

The temptation to talk to Aro is almost overwhelming. After all, he and his guard might well be the cause of the abduction, and if so, there is no way he is escaping Edward's wrath. But from fear of offending the Volturi, he turns down the offer. If the Volturi were to confess any interference, they would not do so to a crazed fiancé longing for their deaths.

And so Edward continues to pace the room, seeing the face of his personal angel in his mind, remembering her touch, her smell, her voice. If there is justice for vampires in the world, surely God would not punish him by killing her, the quintessence of goodness?

He can only hope.