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"The girl twists in her sleep, mumbling her fiancé’s name, and the sensation of victory reaches another high, for he knows that the other vampire won’t be here to save her tonight. She is all his, now, and no one can take her away this time. She is his forever." Can memories resurface?
Or are they lost forever?
Do they even exist?

I was feeling a little down today, when this idea hit me. So yes, it's a little depressive and gloomy. I wanted to try something new. I tried to use the present tense throughout the whole story, but I slip a lot and don't necessarily notice the mistakes when I read through the text again. You have been warned.

5. Tick Tock

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Tick Tock

The clock on her prison's night table makes an unbearable noise. Every day, every night, every breathe, every sigh…

Tick Tock

The seconds tick by. She knows that with each second, time flies on, but the knowledge does her no good. Time has ceased to mean much to her.

Tick Tock

She sits on the bed, not wanting to sleep, but not wanting to stay awake, either. The house is silent, the only sound her uneven breathing and…

Tick Tock

Horrendous. The girl snatches the modern clock from the table and throws it at the wall with tremendous force. The clockwork pieces shatter in front of her eyes, making the loudest noise of the day, but soon silence takes its place again, now even heavier without the ticking.

The sound has alerted her captor, however, and she knows that he will soon be up to see to it. Strangely, this fact soothes her, for now she can at least prepare herself for his arrival. The days usually consist of nervous waiting, not knowing when he might rush in with a new plan of some sort. Knowledge is a privilege she does not often enjoy.

And sure enough, soon she can hear the bolts on the outside of her door being turned, and light enters the room from the hallway. He steps in, closing the door behind him.

"Ah, Julie… Why do you keep your room dark? I'm sure you would be much more comfortable with some light."

He clicks the switch on the back wall, illuminating the room for the first time in hours. The girl flinches, as her eyes are not adjusted to such light, but does not make a sound. Now, with the room alight, her face is visible, too- the swollen, red eyes that have already used up all their tears, the messy memory of a hairstyle that might have once been elegant. She is shivering, like she always is, and is not looking the vampire in the eye.

"Did you break your clock? How silly of you. Now you won't know what time it is! I could get you another, I suppose, but you would probably break that one, too, would you not?"

The girl does not think it was very silly of her at all. Time is just an endless void, flying in a spiral towards an end that is not yet in sight. Will it ever be?

"Accompany me downstairs. I hate leaving you alone like this, and I hate being alone, myself. You're trembling - I'm sure you could use some warmth from the fire. Come."

She stands up shakily, knowing objection is no use, and follows the man out of the room. A meal is waiting for her downstairs - laid out on silverware, candles burning in the middle of the table. Her dinners are always like this, yet they bring her no joy, the rich foods only taste like cardboard in her mouth. Nicholas is holding the chair for her, and she slides on it, turning to her evening meal. Turkey and vegetables.

Nicholas sits on the opposite side of the table, and observes the girl as she picks up her fork and stabs a slice of carrot. He can see the lifeless look in her eyes, containing the only emotion they ever display - fear. She has stopped arguing with him days ago, having no more energy left to do so. Every now and then, she will still utter a short plead, but they remain unheard.

The evening is like every other, yet there is more desperation in it than before. The girl is stubborn, and still insists that she doesn't remember. The vampire is beginning to feel hopeless, for he has gone through every plan he can think of, with no luck. This angers him, the exasperation standing out more than before. He is irritable tonight.

"Julie, please try to remember. I feel like you aren't putting any real effort in this at all, and that frustrates me more than you can comprehend. Of course I know you are stubborn, but this is not the time for games!"

The girl only shrugs, keeping her eyes firmly on her plate as she does so. There's nothing she can say- Contradicting will only set him off more, and she cannot lie by saying she will try. The apparent nonchalance of the girl angers him even more.

"Damn it, Julie! What must I do? Are you still angry at me, is that it? You're punishing me for what I did to you, torturing me with your silence! But I have apologized, have I not? Many times. How can you still remain so full of dispassion?"

These screamed words startle the girl. Never before has he gone this far, never before has he even raised his voice, and now he is standing, shaking with anger. The situation is threatening, she recognizes, and knows she must act immediately. She shifts her eyes to the vampire before her, and mumbles, "I'm not punishing you for anything, my… love." The last word burns in her mouth, as it is only meant for a particular person, a vampire that was nothing like the one at present. But it is the only word that can calm him down. The effect is instantaneous.

"Julie! So you do remember! Ah, I've missed you, my dear! So many years…"

The girl is thrown into a hug so tight it knocks the breath right out of her. She can feel wet, cold lips in her hair, on her cheeks, and tries her best to ignore them, thinking of her angel instead. How horrible he must feel when he finds out what she must pretend to be… the lover of a monster. Words fail her, so she nods as an acknowledgment to his exclamation.

"This is wonderful! We must celebrate. Hold on, I will get the champagne! That's what humans do, don't they? When they wish to celebrate something?"

In a flash of blurred white, he is gone, only to return a few seconds later, holding a bottle and glass in his hands. He sets them down, pours some of the bubbling liquid in the clear, crystal glass, and hands it to her. She takes a small sip, not enjoying the bitter taste of alcohol on her tongue, and twists her lips up in a small, unnatural smile.

"Are…Are you not thirsty, Nicholas? Your eyes are pretty dark."

True enough, his irises are a shade of the darkest ruby, reaching pitch-black at the centre. He has not hunted for a long while, making him more of a threat to his love than before. He struggles with the craving of drinking from her constantly, but it surprises him that she has noticed. She never noted his eye-color when they went camping together twenty years ago.

"I suppose I am quite thirsty. I will need to hunt soon. But I hate to leave you… I only just got you back! Do not worry; I am not a danger to you, my love, never!"

A plan forms inside the girl's head. If he goes out to hunt and she is left alone, surely she must be able to find a way to escape? He would be gone for hours, for they are far away from any other humans, and she would have enough time to explore the house. There must be a way out!

"I-I don't want you uncomfortable, love. Just go. I'll be fine. I-I could take a bath or something. I look a mess."

And she is a mess. Though the man had forced her to wash herself twice so he could do her hair, and she had changed clothes every day, the exhaustion of being held captive had clearly rubbed off on her. When she takes a bath, Nicholas cannot be with her. So why not use that time for his needs, as well?

"Very well. If that is what you want. There is a town nearby; I should be back in an hour if I leave now. Have you finished with your dinner, dearest?"

With that he stands up, pulling the girl with him, and plants a kiss on her cheek. There he realizes how thirsty he really is - the aroma of the girl's blood calls to him, intoxicating, filling his mind with gruesome images of draining the life out of her. How sweet her blood much taste, when it smells so exquisite already? The temptation to bite her is hard to resist. But then he remembers that night twenty years ago, and abruptly pulls away. He will not make the same mistake twice!

"I must leave. The door will be locked, for I am still a little mistrusting. I hope you can understand that, Julie. If you need anything, just call. I'll have my cell phone with me. The number is on the table. Take that bath of yours, and make yourself nice! Tonight, we will be playing cards, like we always used to do. And now you remember! It will be relieving to be finally able to touch you, to feel you, to kiss you… But after I have hunted!"

The girl does not move as she watches the vampire walk out of the room. She dreads the evening already, when she will have to be playing the part of the lover, letting him touch and kiss her like only the other vampire had the right to. When the front door closes, she can hear the lock being turned, and sighs in defeat. She yearns for freedom, for the safe arms of her fiancé, but the thick, wooden door hinders her from fleeing. But the house is big- Don't all houses have another exit? Perhaps an open window? Soon she will know.

She knows that he is still listening to her every move, so she pretends to climb up the stairs to the bathroom. There she fills the tub, adding soap to the hot water to make bubbles. This does not take her long, but now she knows that he is out of hearing-reach, convinced that she is, indeed, taking that bath. She turns off the tap and begins her journey through the house.

The bottom floor seems like the most sensible place to start. She runs down the stairs and arrives in the living room, where the cursed front door is also standing. Apart from her own bedroom, this is the room she has been in the most, and she knows there are no exits here. The kitchen on the east side of the room is also barricaded, so she might as well spare herself that effort. To the backside of the room, however, is a row of closed doors, leading to parts of the house she has never visited before. She hurries over, and finds the first door unlocked. Cautiously, she steps in.

The room is smaller than she thought it would be, and to her great disappointment it has neither doors nor windows, just bare, white walls. A big table, similar to the one in the living room, is positioned in the center. On it, the girl can see endless numbers of sheets of paper, laid out chaotically. The curiosity gains the better of her, and she walks over to pick up one sheet. It is covered in old-fashioned, elegant writing, almost indecipherable, but she can make out a couple of familiar names:

"Carlisle Cullen – Doctor. Changed 1663. NSA

Esme Anne Platt Evenson Cullen – Housewife. Changed 1921. NSA

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen – Changed 1918. Mind-reader (side note: power has no effect)

Rosalie Lillian Hale – Changed 1933. NSA

Emmett McCarty Cullen – Changed 1935. NSA

Jasper Whitlock Hale – Changed 1863. Used to be in an army of newborns (side note: danger?) Senses and controls emotions (side note: ability will not be a problem)

Mary Alice Brandon Cullen – Changed in the 1920’s. Psychic (side note: power has no effect)

Isabella Marie Swan – "

The last name is followed by a long description or habits and flaws. The other sheets on the table contain parallel information, birth certificates, copies of passports, old pictures… Nicholas' amount of knowledge of her previous life shocks the girl, and she rushes out of the room, closing the door behind her. She must not waste time by thinking about this now.

There is another door on the left, and it, too, appears not to be locked. Hoping for better luck, the girl walks inside.

This room is slightly bigger than the last, and not as disturbing. It is furnished with large couches, rugs, and some table lamps, placed on antique counters. There is a window on the far side of the room, but to the girl's great dismay, it is tightly closed, the iron bars discarding the idea of breaking the glass. The room brings no solution, so the girl steps back out.

Desperation and helplessness cloud the girl's mind, causing tears to emerge. She glances at the clock to find that she has only ten more minutes. The determination that had been such a prominent emotion in her a while ago disappears, giving the despair full reign. What does it matter if she manages to escape the house? The forest is big, and her captivator so much faster than she is, her strong scent would leave a clear trail for him to follow. No, it is hopeless! The girl shrinks on the floor, curling into a ball. Deep down, a small voice is telling her to run, to keep searching, but her pessimistic thoughts are prominent. She has failed - disappointed her fiancé by not being safe for the one time he leaves her!

Sobbing and weeping, she remembers all the happy memories from the past two years. They cause her pain and solace at the same time, making her forget her surroundings, her situation. All she can see is him, hear his voice telling her to run.

Amongst all the anguish, the girl can hear the door crash open.