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The sequel to "TWISTED." Post-Eclipse. Lilly and Jacob set off to stop Lilly's vision from coming true. **I'm so sorry this is taking so long, I'm struggling to get this one written out. Thanks.** BTW: Reviews are nice, Reviews are what makes me want to write more. I could use the motivation, or the criticism if it's not going so well. Thanks.


10. Chapter 10

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Jacob and I cautiously approached the group of vampires. They parted, giving us room to sit next to Avery. She was still wearing that disconcerting smile and eyeing Jacob with a particular lustiness that made me angry. I planted myself squarely between the two of them, which only made her smile more. A male vampire sitting near Jacob sniffed him and crinkled his nose. Any other time, I would have laughed, but in my unnerved state it was far from funny. I cringed close to Jacob and his burning warmth.

“If you are here,” began Avery, “then the girl must still be alive.” I swept my gaze at all her followers dangling on her every word. I furrowed my brow and turned back to Avery, who caught my meaning immediately.

“Go,” she commanded in a low voice. They all obeyed automatically, leaving only Jacob, Avery, and I to speak.

“Yes,” I replied, “but she won’t be if Ambrosi has his way.” Jacob stiffened. I put a firm hand on his knee, but didn’t take my eyes off Avery. She was as beautiful as the last time I’d seen her, in New York almost thirty years prior. Long dark hair that flowed around her face in waves, pale flawless skin, and eyes so piercing you could die by staring at them too long.

“We have two problems, my dear one,” she said, her voice the consistency of honey. “One, why have you sought me in this matter?” She stopped, obviously awaiting my answer.

“I saw something.” Here I shot a look at Jacob. “I was concerned, I wanted to confirm, ask advice.”

“Of me? Last time we saw each other Lillian, I almost killed you.”

“Tried to kill me,” I corrected a grin on my face. “You didn’t spare me any mercy if my memory serves me right. You just outright failed.”

“Next time I’ll be more thorough.” She grinned again. Jacob growled. I tightened my hand on his knee.

“Your canine disapproves,” she said, the smile still playing on her lips. When I gave no response she continued. “I’ve seen what you’ve seen, what the Volturi already knows about. Though the devil himself would have had to tell them.” She sighed at this.

“They want her dead because alive she terrifies them. They’ve seen that they can’t control her and they don’t want to risk it.”

“So you’re saying it’s fate? Bella’s going to be this…” I paused and shot a sympathetic look at Jacob. “Bella’s going to be a monster no matter what?”

“There’s no such thing as fate Lilly,” spat Avery. “You know that. You see that futures change. It ain’t fate that changes them neither. It’s choices we make. This girl could be a monster sure. She could also stay a human. And who knows maybe, just maybe she could get her wish marry her prince and live happily forever after. It’s about choices.”

“I saw it,” I said with resolve, “There weren’t other paths, other choices. I didn’t see happy. I saw death, a lot of death. Humans and vampires all the same.”

“Then maybe the right person hasn’t made the right choice yet,” said Avery cryptically. “I don’t know why you came all the way out here. It’s not my choice that’s gonna change anything.”

I stood then, knowing instinctively that our conversation was over. Jacob rose beside me, but he was at a distance. I could feel his heated anger. I would have to deal with that later. I gave Avery one more look before I began to walk away.

I turned as I remembered, “You said we had two problems. What’s the second one?”

Avery smiled again, this time it was a genuine smile. “Why do you care so much?” I couldn’t give her an answer I didn’t know myself so I just turned and continued to walk away. “Oh and Lillian,” called Avery. I stopped, but didn’t turn. “If I ever see you again, I’ll kill you. That’s a promise.” I smiled to myself.