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The sequel to "TWISTED." Post-Eclipse. Lilly and Jacob set off to stop Lilly's vision from coming true. **I'm so sorry this is taking so long, I'm struggling to get this one written out. Thanks.** BTW: Reviews are nice, Reviews are what makes me want to write more. I could use the motivation, or the criticism if it's not going so well. Thanks.


13. Chapter 13

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I had no doubt Edward was correct in his assessment of the wolves. One foot over their line would be the end of me. Strangely, I didn’t care. As I approached the spot in the woods where the air changed, the boundary, I considered this epiphany. Life, even eternal life, meant nothing to me. It never had. I had no sense of self preservation before of after the change. And now? Well, it meant even less without Jacob. Without him, I would welcome death from a flurry of gnashing teeth. I stood at the line for a long time, smelling the air. The wolves were closing in, but Jacob was not with them.

I had a pretty good idea of where Jacob’s house was, based on his description. I sucked in an unnecessary breath and began to run. I felt the wolves change direction, barreling toward me with alarming speed. I doubled my effort, determined to reach Jacob before they reached me.

I had barely stepped a foot into his driveway when they overtook me. There were four this time. The black one, Sam, held the lead again. I stopped, certain they’d pounce, but nothing happened. I could smell them, hear them, but they made no move toward me. Sam phased, I could feel the air change.

Before he could speak, I stated my case, “I just want to see Jacob. After that, I’ll leave, or you can—“

He cut me off, “Jake doesn’t want to see you.” His words tore at me. They burned a searing hole in my chest.

“Please?” was all I could say. He stepped around me, planting himself firmly between myself and the front door.

“Jake made the mistake of trusting you, he won’t do it again.” Sam’s hard face was cold.

“You’re wrong!” I cried before I could think. “Jacob loves me!” Behind me, a wolf snorted in what could have been laughter. Sam’s face flinched at the words, but he made no verbal response.

“If you don’t leave,” hissed Sam, “we’ll kill you.”

“Fine,” I said, stretching out my arms, “kill me. Just please, let me see Jacob first.” Sam said nothing. He shot one look over his shoulder, at the house, before he phased.

“Jacob!” I screamed, my voice raw. I could feel tears rising in my throat. “Jacob! Jacob! Please!” I dropped to my knees. I could feel Sam and the others advancing. I could feel their searing heat. I closed my eyes and whimpered. I waited for the first blow, but it didn’t come. I could still feel the heat, but the growling had ceased.

There was a sudden warmth on my cheek, a familiar rough hand. I didn’t dare open my eyes, for fear it would break the illusion. The smell of him made me tremble, how could I have ever thought it was unpleasant. I opened my eyes. Jacob was kneeling in front of me. Even so he had to lean over so his eyes were level with mine. His eyes were red and puffy, like he’d been crying. His hands were burning against my face. There was a sad smile on his face. I felt fragile in his grasp.

“Lily,” he breathed, “you’re so stupid.”

“I’m sorry,” I bubbled. I felt myself choking up. I wanted to touch Jacob. I wanted him to know how I felt, to know everything.