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The sequel to "TWISTED." Post-Eclipse. Lilly and Jacob set off to stop Lilly's vision from coming true. **I'm so sorry this is taking so long, I'm struggling to get this one written out. Thanks.** BTW: Reviews are nice, Reviews are what makes me want to write more. I could use the motivation, or the criticism if it's not going so well. Thanks.


3. Chapter 3

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It was half a day later that we were on the plane. I had to suppress a laugh when we took off. Jacob had clutched the arm rests so tightly that his tan hand went almost as white as mine. Lacing my arm around his neck, I stroked his face. He remained tensed.

“Jacob,” I whispered in his ear, “this is a fifteen hour flight. You need to relax. Your face will get stuck that way.” He growled at me and I laughed. I tipped my head against the headrest, eyes closed. So far Jacob hadn't broached the subject of what we were doing. I didn't know what I would tell him. As far as I knew, Ambrosi hadn't left the country, or Washington for that matter. I couldn't tell Jacob that though. He'd never forgive me if he knew we'd left Bella in danger.

She's not in danger, I thought to myself. Ambrosi can't attack until he regroups. Bella was safe for now. Besides it was her future, not her present, that had me fleeing the country. My face must have registered some of my fear because Jacob slid his arm over my shoulder. Obviously, he'd realized he was trapped in this sophisticated tin can for the duration and at least some part of him accepted it. He smiled down at me. Even though I didn't want to, I analyzed his face for a brief moment. To the casual observer, it would appear that Jacob cared about me, loved me even, but I could still see the walls. When he looked at me, it was almost as if he were wishing for her. Just before I left, I'd worked up the courage to ask Bella about Jacob. She'd gotten teary eyed and shook her head regretfully.

“I'm glad he's going with you,” she'd said softly. “He needs... someone else. Jacob is my... friend.” She'd swallowed as she said it, like she'd had a lump in her throat. For the remainder of my stay, I hadn't been able to look Bella in the eye. Now, sitting here next to Jacob, I considered the possibility that Bella could have chosen differently. Instead of marrying a vampire, she could be warm in a werewolf's arms. Where would I be then? Would she still be a threat?

“What are you thinking?” asked Jacob, interrupting my brooding. He tightened his grip on my shoulder. Leaning over, he planted a hot, gentle kiss on my forehead. I tried to give him a smile.

“Just wondering what I'm going to do for fifteen hours.”

“I hear they're gonna show a horror movie,” he replied with a genuine grin. Right then, for just a second he was all mine and she was a thing of the past. I drank it in greedily.

“Oh boy,” I said sarcastically. I shot him a wicked half smile. “Hope it not too scary. You might have to protect me.”

He laughed, but I could see the moment had passed and he was hers again. I hated her then, even if just for a minute.