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Bloody Hurt

Edward left Bella... again. Bella moved away and was changed into a vampire. She returns to Forks 70 years later with the rest of her "family", but what if he is there? Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT OR NEW MOON THEY BELONG TO STEPHENIE MEYER!!!!!

I worked really hard!!

1. My wonderful family

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Bella P.O.V.

I glared out the window of my Z07 Chevrolet Corvette trying furiously to block out the screeching coming from the back seat. If they didn’t shut up, they were going to have to walk in a minute. Well for them that would have been so bad. “I refuse to go, NO NO NO NO NO!!” John hissed from the back seat. “ But you promised, any store I wanted!!!” Ali yelled, glaring at him. “ That was because I didn’t think that you were going to pick the worst store on the entire…” “WILL YOU SHUT UP BACK THERE!!!!” I screamed at the top of my lung cutting Johns sentence short. “You sound like a bunch of children” Minnie put in from the passenger seat as she stuffed the earpiece to her i-pod back in her ear, and turned the volume up.

Breathing a sigh of relieve, I continued at my 126 mile per hour pace to Forks High. Of course my siblings and me couldn’t find a home in Forks so instead we settled into a large house in Clallam Bay, about and hours drive from Forks at human speed, but with my driving it only took about 15 minutes. My family, what a special and… odd group of people. There were four of us in all. Me, Ali, Minnie, and John. I suppose you could say I was the “leader” of our happy little clan. After the Cullen [wince] family left me again for a second time, without so much as a letter or warning, I completely gave up on them. I waited for four months, before trying to forget. It was painful, almost as bad as changing, but not in my veins. In my heart instead. That stupid phrase always came to mind when I dared thinking about him. You know the one that went “ you can shatter my heart but I will love you with all the little pieces” yeah, the exact analogy for my feelings towards Edward. A year later, while visiting my mother in Phoenix I was attacked, but my attacker couldn’t finish sucking me dry, and left me wailing in pain. I changed all three of my other siblings, all-dying from a bus incident in a hospital in Maine where I had been staying at the time. Minnie was 15, John was 18, and so was Ali. John and Ali were together and happily married, however fought constantly, or well… enough to drive me crazy. After having to move again, we decided Forks would probably be the best place to come, so we packed all our stuff and headed out. After all I hadn’t been back to Forks in 70 years. So here we were on our way to Forks High School.

I pulled carefully into the parking lot, and jumped out of the car locking it after all my siblings were out with their bags and all the doors were shut. Followed closely by my siblings, for they had never been to Forks before, I glided toward the front office and through the door to be meet my and unfamiliar woman standing behind the counter. “ Isabella, Minnie, John, and Ali Swan please” I said, my voice like honey to human ears. Her mouth dropped open and she stuttered a bit but she managed to form a somewhat coherent sentence. “Ye…Yes…I ha…have your schedules r..r…right here” She said rummaging around on her desk trying futilely not to look at me, as my siblings snickered behind me. I turned to glare at them for a moment. She handed me a small stack of papers, which consisted of a schedule for each of us, and a small paper stapled to those. “ Get the small paper signed by each of your teachers and then bring it back here at the end of the day” she said rushed a she looked at the floor, her cheeks bright red. Nodding quickly I rushed out of the office handing each of my followers their schedules. I muttered “be safe” under my breath so low that no human could hear as we all departed.

My first four classes passed uneventfully, with no more than seven guys trying to ask me out, all of which I quickly shot down with cold glares. After the bell for forth period rang, I ran out of the classroom and into the cafeteria, grabbing a tray some food paying and sitting down at a small table near the back door, my back facing away from everyone. Soon the rest of my family slid into the seats around my with trays of their own. Minnie sat down across from me and promptly leaned over to tell me something. I leaned in time to hear her say “There is another group of vampires across the room”. I could feel my eyes widen in shock, as I slowly turned around to face five beautiful faces all eyes trained on me. Once my brain caught up with my actions and I closed my mouth, and did the one thing that I knew would hurt them the most. I narrowed my eyes and sent them the most ferocious glare I could muster, before turning around and pretending I had never seen them. But that still didn’t stop the pain. The ripping agony that was pounding in my chest. I bent over gasping, clutching my chest, as I raced out of the cafeteria, and into the cool fall air of Forks.