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Bloody Hurt

Edward left Bella... again. Bella moved away and was changed into a vampire. She returns to Forks 70 years later with the rest of her "family", but what if he is there? Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT OR NEW MOON THEY BELONG TO STEPHENIE MEYER!!!!!

I worked really hard!!

11. Date Rape

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The next day passed much like the day before. Edward and I both spent the day glaring at each other, masking our pain, and holding our “lovers” close.

My family didn’t go for my plan much. John was upset because he couldn’t wrestle Emmett although I tried to explain that Edward and I were friends and that he could “open full whoop-ass” on whomever he chose.

Minnie was furious that I was just “throwing away true love”. And Ali was disappointed because my plan didn’t involve beds or racy lingerie.

I laughed when she said that, and told her to get he mind out of the gutter.

It was two hours till my date with Logan, and I was really not looking forward to it.

After I finished hunting… again (I didn’t want to hurt Logan), I made my way to the shower. My strawberry shampoo relaxed me a bit. (A/N: I use strawberry shampoo! I know random ;p. Suave Naturals Fresh Mountain Strawberry to be exact. This stuff smells SSSSOOOOO good!) I hadn’t gone on a date in 70 years. Needless to say, I was a little nervous.

Blow-drying my long brown hair quickly, I ran into my room and into my massive closet. Ah! A skirt… perfect! Black rhinestones sparkled brightly on the back pocket, and it was short enough to show enough skin to make Logan and Edward drool, but not enough to be the school prostitute.

Grabbing a plain black halter with a silver buckle on the front and black wedges I ran back into the bathroom to apply make-up and finish my hair.

A little silver eyeliner, a little lip gloss well… so much for make-up. I twisted my hair up in different directions and used black hair sticks with sliver sparkles to hold it in place.

There I thought to myself… perfect.

I ran down the stairs just as the doorbell rang.

Opening the door carefully, so as not to go to fast, I smiled at Logan. He looked handsome in his football uniform, and I had to admit those spandex pants…yeah…they were quite a number on him. LOVVE THEM!

He was fidgeting, and I could tell he was nervous… very, very nervous.

“HI” I said attempting to break him out of his current state of oogling.

“H-Hi… are you ready?”

“Umhmm… lets go,” I flashed him a seductive smile and grabbed his hand, leading him out of the house towards his car.


We arrived at the game, and Logan automatically ran out to the field, while I found a seat on the bleachers near the player’s bench.

During half time when the cheerleaders came out, I almost choked. There was the girl Edward was supposed to be dating… Samantha Bennet, I think her name was. Though she preferred to go by Sam. I glanced around the bleachers and saw Edward sitting up near the top.

However, his eyes were locked on me… not her. That surprised me a little I’ll admit. I winked at him… just to throw him off, and sat patiently till the game was over trying very hard not to burst into tears. He was supposed to get all jealous and do everything in his power to win me back. Not pick up the first glossy, hoochy chick he could find. It was then I realized that I had done the same thing.

We won 42-30, and Logan was in such high spirits after the game.

“Let go eat!” He said, and I could tell he was really excited.

With our arms firmly around each other waists we made our way over the car.

I caught Edward watching us with envious eyes, and for the first time in 71 years… I gave him a real smile. Not a huge smile, but a genuine one none-the-less. He gave me a small one back, and then caught Sam (gags) up in his arms and hugged her firmly.

We made our way to Port Angeles, and I almost begged him to take me to a different restaurant when I saw the sign. HOW COULD THIS PLACE STILL EVEN BE HERE?!?! Be there it was scrawled across the sign. La Bella Italia (a/n: not sure if that is the name of the place so bare with me). The same place of Edward’s and my owns first date.

He opened my door and roughly yanked me out, but I didn’t really take much notice.

I refused the food, and sat in the booth surrounded in memories, while Logan stuffed his face with Fettuccini Alfredo.

After dinner and his dessert we made our way over to the car. We started back in the direction of Clallam Bay, but then he did some thing peculiar. Pulling the car into a abandoned ally way, he turned off the motor and roughly grabbed my thigh. What did he think he was doing?

“Doesn’t the star of the night get a reward?” He asked an evil glint in his eye. I figured I was much stronger than him, so I simply glared back at him.

“No… Logan, I’m not that kind of girl,” I said forcefully. I tried to remove his hand but for some reason it wouldn’t budge. What was going on here?!?

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, now now Bella, your powers don’t work on me. I know what you are. You can’t beat me.” He grinned at me his eyes still holding that malevolent sparkle in them.

“What are you?!” I whispered horrified.

“ That is something I’m not a liberty to discuss with you at present, so just relax, and try to have fun,” he said his voice getting shadier.

Oh no! OH GOD NO! I tried fiercely to push his hand off, but instead it started creeping farther up me leg.

“ Let go of me!!” I screeched, I was starting to get angry now. I pushed him, and he slammed into the windshield, which shattered, but it didn’t seem to faze him.

He lunged at me, and I tried to push him off again, but he was too strong. Pushing me into the backseat, he used one hand to hold my wrists above me head, and the other to start yanking at my skirt.

“Oh no…oh no no no, oh please god no…don’t do this please… no no no no!” I whispered like silent prayers. I felt as useless and as weak as a human again, but for once there was nothing I could do about it.

Suddenly I felt him inside me. I screamed at the top of my lungs. And suddenly it was all gone.

I was yanked out from underneath Log… the evil thing, and was thrown into a wall, I was just conscious to hear a loud possessive roar that was so protective it made me smile, a fight occurring, and then footsteps. I felt someone pick me up, and then I smelt his smell. I gripped tightly at my savior’s shirt… my Edward.