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Bloody Hurt

Edward left Bella... again. Bella moved away and was changed into a vampire. She returns to Forks 70 years later with the rest of her "family", but what if he is there? Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT OR NEW MOON THEY BELONG TO STEPHENIE MEYER!!!!!

I worked really hard!!

14. The End

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He smiled.

“Bella… Marry me?... again?”

I couldn’t speak I just nodded.

I knew it was soon, we had only been back together again for a few hours, but the love I felt for him was as strong—if not stronger—than ever before. I could only hope he felt the same way.

I stuck my hand out… and he slipped the ring on my finger.

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A few minutes after that we had returned to kissing feverishly, and few hours after that we ended up sprawled in the flowers and ferns… unclothed. Needless to say… we had fun.

After a few “times”, we lay together his back facing me. He was so perfect; I couldn’t help but to reach out a run my finger down his shoulders, and spine, ending at the initiation of his bottom. He moaned.

“If you say thank you one more time I’ll slap you,” I threatened playfully. I felt different. Not sick or wrong, just weird, and I had a fairly good inclination as to what it was. But I wouldn’t tell him.

He chuckled, and turned to flipped around to face me. His eyes darted down my body, stopping at his choice spots. I didn’t feel uncomfortable, but maybe just a little self-conscious like all of a sudden I wasn’t pretty enough for him. His eyes met mine again and they were full of desire, lust, but stronger than both, love.

“Every time I look at you… I fall in love all over again,” he whispered pulling me hard to his chest as though he couldn’t get enough of me.

He pulled away, and I pushed him on his back so that I could really look at him.

The sharp, crisp lines of his body and the wiry muscles under his sparkling skin were stunning, and his abdomen was perfectly sculpted as was his legs.

To be put simply, he was beautiful.

I stood up quickly and dressed only to find him already clothed and standing in front of me, grinning.

I finished and grabbed his hand. We ran through the trees, when suddenly I couldn’t breath. Dropping to my knees I ended up jerking Edward to a stop.

He looked scared as I weakly dragged myself over to a bush and dry heaved for ten minutes. He rubbed my back, and held me to try to stop the convulsions.

Then I passed out.


Carlisle’s voice broke me out of my drifting state.

“Bella…Bella… come on, girlie… wake up,” He said in my ear.

My eyes opened and I saw everyone looming over me, as hot wash clothes were being placed against my cheeks. Now let me illiterate everyone. I meant everyone… as in the entire Cullen family and John, Ali, and Minnie. Alice had a goofy grin on and a knowing looked in her eye. I shook my head at her quickly to tell her not the share a word with anyone.

Edward’s voice broke through my train of thought.

“Well!” he demanded, “What wrong with her?!?” And I knew Alice had blocked her mind from him, or else he would know.

He was furious and scared, and I hated to see him like that, but I need answers from Carlisle before anyone else got them. After all, I was the moth…OH GOD!

“Edward there is nothing wrong with her, per say, but…”

“But I saw her, she was…” Edward had interrupted Carlisle, so I was going to interrupt him.

“Edward, please leave”

He turned to me, hurt.

“Everyone…please?” I asked.

They all turned and marched through the door Edward including. Alice stopped for a moment just before exiting, and winked at me.

Carlisle was about to start, but I stopped him.

“ Hold on for just one moment Carlisle… Edward! Get away from the door!”

A muffled “damn it” could be heard, and he silently stalked down the stairs, and out the front door.

“Continue please,” I said to Carlisle as soon as I was sure Edward was out of hearing range.

“Well Bella, I’ve never seen anything like this, but…”

He told me his theory, and I sat wide-eyed.

“How?” I whispered.

“Well… this was about the peak of your fertile period when you were human right?”

I just nodded my head.

“Well I think that there might be a chance that Edward was able to do that for you.”

“But how could it happen so fast?”

“I think that vampire ‘reproductive juices’ are faster than human’s so I think that it happened much faster,”

“Will I be this way for as long as a human would be?”

“Yes, I believe so”


“Is that all?”

I nodded.

He leaned over and tucked the blanket around me and placed a kiss on my forehead and then on my stomach.

“So do you need anything else?”

“Just Edward”

“Alright… rest up girlie”

I nodded for the millionth time that day.


I was starting to get excited. This could be a good thing.

Edward was in the room within moments, and kneeled by my bedside.

“What’s going on? Carlisle wouldn’t tell me anything, nor would Alice. What’s wrong with you? Why are you sick? Are you sic…?” I placed a finger over his lips to stop his incessant chattering.

With a huge grin, I grabbed his hand and pressed it to my abdomen.

“Congratulations… Daddy”

His eyes grew wide.