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Bloody Hurt

Edward left Bella... again. Bella moved away and was changed into a vampire. She returns to Forks 70 years later with the rest of her "family", but what if he is there? Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT OR NEW MOON THEY BELONG TO STEPHENIE MEYER!!!!!

I worked really hard!!

5. "I'm sorry Edward, but I cant"

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Chapter 5:

Edward’s P.O.V.

After Bella excused herself, she walked out of the room, Alice clutching her hand and trailing behind her with the look of a lost puppy on her face. I’m so glad she forgave me. I love Bella. I’m soooo excited that she is still my friend. I don’t know if I could have taken it if she refused to forgive me. I tuned out Alice’s thoughts. I’m jealous… it is hard for me to admit, but it’s true. How could Bella except everyone else back, and completely ignore me, did she have any inclination at all as to how much that hurt. She loved me. I knew she did! Jasper told me so! I had to talk to her. I had to. I loved her. I wouldn’t give up. No matter what it took. I would crawl on the ground like the worm that I am. I would beg and plead with her until her ears hurt. I was going to find her and attempt to explain why I left.

I was about to get up, when Jasper’s thoughts entered my mind. I really think you should give her time Edward. She can’t take all this stress right now. And she hasn’t forgiven you, yet. She loves you. Just take what you can get, and roll with it. You’ll get your chance soon. I ignored him, and walked out of the room swiftly, trying furiously to figure out what to say.

Bella’s P.O.V.

“ Bella… please” Oh so he was begging now, was he. Well lets just see how far he was willing to go. After Alice and I was done glaring at him, we turned around and walked off. He…being Edward,… had followed us, and had commenced pleading and begging. God this was NOT my Edward! What happened to my baby??!!??!!

I turned to Alice. “Alice, please go, me and Edward will be back to the house in a minute.” She looked at me like I had just smacked her. “Sweetie… we’ll be back in a minute,” I said doing my best to reassure her. A small smile cracked across her perfect lips, and she turned to Edward. I didn’t see his face, but I saw him flinch.

The most menacing growl I had ever heard slipped from her mouth, and a hiss as vile as the devil’s itself followed soon after. “If you hurt her… I’ll hurt you, you made me lose her once, and I refuse to lose her again.”

And with that said she stalked back in the direction of the house.

I turned to him, trying very…very hard not to cry or bite his head off. I would be civil… for Alice.

“What?” God I sounded like and old lady! What was wrong with me. Was that the best I could come up with, I wanted to say something, snappy and meaningful, and in its place came a grizzly “what”.

He looked at me for a moment, completely shocked.

“If you don’t speak within the next 30 seconds, I’m going to turn around and leave you standing here like an idiot,” I said through clenched teeth. And then came the words.

“ Bella I love you… I am so, so, so sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you like that, but they threatened me what was I supposed to do. I knew what you wanted me to do. I knew you wanted me to change you, but I couldn’t not after I had done all of that to keep you human, I couldn’t risk it. But now that I see you standing here in front of me, with you long brown hair and shimmering gold eyes, I see what a huge mistake I made. I am so sorry, I love you so much,” By this point he had dropped onto his knees, the scary thing was that he wasn’t even near done. “ I would completely understand if you never wanted to see, or speak, or look at me again, and I can’t even think to ask you to love me again, but could I at least try to pull myself back into your good graces??” He didn’t give me time to answer, he just continued babbling. “I mean It wasn’t my fault, I swear it! They made me! I didn’t want to. But they said I must that if they didn’t They would kill you and couldn’t take that. I did what I could to try to talk them out of it, to explain our once was love to them, but they wouldn’t think of changing their minds, and so I had to do what was best. And that was leaving. I was coming back to get you, but when I did you were gone. Apparently, I heard from Mike Newton’s head, that you had moved to Jacksonville to live with your mother. I’ve been looking for you forever. I love you… Forgive me??”

I was stunned, so I said the first thing that came to mind…”Wow, you said that in 27 seconds… that’s impressive.”

He glared up at me. “ I just poured my heart out to you and that’s the best that you can come up with,” But I could tell beneath the anger, he was anxious to hear my answer.

Suddenly anger burst through my body.

“ If you had really wanted to find me as much as you said you did, than you would have. Its not that difficult. If you had looked in the Jacksonville phone book, you would have seen it right there in front of you. Isabella Swan… 634-9964.”

He glanced down at the ground obviously ashamed.

“I didn’t think of that” He mumbled quietly.

“ I WAS IN THE FLIPPING PHONE BOOK EDWARD!” I cried at the trees exasperated.

He just stood there.

I just stood there

We just stood there.

“Please forgive me… I…I can’t… I can’t live without you. I love you” he whispered. I could hear the tears that wouldn’t fall from his eyes, stuck in his throat. I could see that this was really hard for him. But how could I possibly forgive someone who broke my heart. Who ripped it out of my chest and stuffed it in the blender. If he couldn’t give it back the least he could do was sew up the hole he left. It took my 17 years to seal that whole. And I had dropped the needle so many times, and did stupid things. I couldn’t forgive him. Even if I did love him.

“ I’m sorry Edward, but I can’t,” and with that said, I ran at full speed into the forest.

God please help me get through this. If I can’t we are going to have to leave.