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Bloody Hurt

Edward left Bella... again. Bella moved away and was changed into a vampire. She returns to Forks 70 years later with the rest of her "family", but what if he is there? Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT OR NEW MOON THEY BELONG TO STEPHENIE MEYER!!!!!

I worked really hard!!

6. I love you, DAMMIT!

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Bella’s P.O.V.

I kept running, and didn’t dare stop. I hadn’t even realized where I was going until I found myself in Alice’s giant closet, locked inside their (A/N: By “their” I mean Alice and Jasper’s), bathroom. My arms automatically wrapped around my chest, and I found myself in the same position I would always end up in when I was hurting. Curling myself into a ball I prayed freverently.

Please don’t, Please don’t, PLEASE! Don’t.

My prayers were ignored. Footsteps pounded on the stairs.

Go Away Edward!! Was all I could think, and I was about ready to throw up when I heard a knock on the closet door.

“Your hurting… please let me in” Finally a voice I could trust! Flinging the door open I hurled myself into his arms, clinging tightly to his chest, my fingers digging into the solidness of him.

“Help me,” I whispered, “I think I have fallen off my rocker.

“No!... you haven’t you can’t yet. Who would take care of us??” John said as he lowered both our bodies to the floor.

I was able to squeeze out a choked laugh for his benefit, but it was cut short, when the front door opened and Edward’s aroma hit me full in the face.

The moment the door closed, I heard two thing one right after the other. BAM! BAM! Like boulders falling together, and I knew that if Alice and Rosalie had slapped his jaw any harder it probably wound have fallen off. I had to smile at that. GOD, how I loved those two.

“How dare you, Edward… HOW DARE YOU?!?!” Rosalie screeched.

“ Do you have ANY idea how bad she is hurting!” Alice followed immediately after.

“ To go running into the woods after her was just plain stupid, Edward” Jasper??

“YEAH!!…What?” Poor Emmett, he was so confused. I truly had to laugh at that.

“ I TRIED! I wanted her to know I still love her! Because I do I swear I do! You all KNOW it wasn’t my fault! It was Stupid… I’ll admit, but I need her to know how I feel.” Edward cried… exasperated. I could tell he was getting aggravated now... and that was a good thing, in my opinion. I was, for some odd reason, proud of him for talking back to them that was the Edward I knew. However, then, he seemed to deflate. “ I may want to her love me, but I really don’t think that she does,” he whispered dejectedly.

After I heard him say that, I ran down stairs, fury filling my body. That was my power. ANGER. It would completely take control of me. I would act out of my anger, and feed off of it, until I was so angry that I hurt someone. I had killed people before because of it, and it was something I had been working on controlling. However, I obviously wasn’t doing a very good job, because I was just about ready to rip Edward’s head off.

I ran up to him, and my hand shot out before I could help myself. The slap sent him into a wall. Shaking he stood up, shocked. Esme gasped when she saw the whole in her elaborately decorated wall, but I was a little to pissed to truly care.

“ Minnie, hold my shit,” I growled throwing my purse at her, and removing my earrings. Neither John, Ali, nor Minnie dared touch me let alone try to condole me, when I was like this. Emmett however, was slightly denser. Before he even reached me, my hand flew out behind me and jabbed him in the chest. He flew into the couch, and both it and he proceeded to topple over.

My fist slammed into Edward’s chest, all I saw was red. It burned through my veins. A feeling much like being changed, except it didn’t really burn. It was more like power, and maybe even electricity running through the empty tubes of my body. The red covered my eye sight, and I automatically knew my eyes were solid red again.

Edward broke the stair rail as he flew into it. Again, Esme gasped, and stifled a sob, but I hardly heard it. My anger was so substantial that I could taste it.

Jasper roared…loud. His pupils were pitch black, and his nostrils flared in fury. It took both Carlisle and Emmett to hold him off. Everyone finally understood, and backed off to let Edward and I handle this.

“Don’t ever say that!” I snarled at Edward, bearing in teeth, as growls emancipated from my torso.

“Don’t you DARE!!” I screamed so loud that every window in the house shattered. I think Esme just passed out. OOOppps.

“Don’t ever, ever for even one second doubt my love for you,” I roared lifting his off the stairs by the front of his shirt, and slamming him into the wall.

His granite-like head hit it with a sickening thud, and he winced slightly.

“If I don’t love you then why did I keep this?” I pulled out the ring, our engagement ring. It slipped easily out of my pocket, and his eyes grew wide at the sight of it. I quickly pushed it back in.

“I love you… I love you,” I screamed in his face. A small grin started to breakout over his flawless lips… and I hated him for it. My anger was draining now.

“But I love so much, that it hurt like hell… OH god! It hurts!” I mumbled.

I couldn’t stop the tears then. The crimson drops streamed down my face, as I pounded lightly on his hest with my fist. Burying my head into the indentation between his breath plates, I listened closely. His broad, cold, strong chest expanded and contracted under my cheek, and I heard the hollow sounds in his chest cavity as I continued to pound.

Suddenly, my hands stopped.

“What are you doing?!?!” I whispered, panicked, as I glanced up to see my hands and fingers entangled tightly with his.

He grinned down at me like an idiot, and took my breath away. He could have it, I didn’t want it, especially after his next words. The words I had longed to hear for the past 70 years.

“ I love you, too,… sweetheart”

And then his lips met mine.