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From Her

Quil and Claire, now twenty-seven, are getting married. The darkest days are past. Perhaps further danger looms, but all on their minds now is the wedding. In the series For Her.

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1. Chapter 1

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The world was colored white the day I married Claire. It was the color and shape and very nature of heaven itself.

There was a long aisle. I had rented Duke Chapel. Claire worked for their hospital, so we got a substantial discount.

The beautiful old building shone with morning’s light. It was exquisite, really.

I remembered well her smile the first time she’d seen this place. I wanted to recreate that expression a thousand times, nay, for eternity. She should smile forever.

It was only right that the most precious thing in the world be granted such perfect bliss as my weak abilities could devise.

I straightened my tie. I was very, very nervous. Not any fear of commitment. I was afraid I would somehow fail to be enough, as I always was. I feared this would not bring her the joy it was already bringing me.

I walked through the door, and began to wait.

This part of the ceremony wasn’t exactly my favorite. Claire had decided to go the traditional route, with me not seeing her until the actual ceremony. Of course, I had deferred to her wishes. Now I was waiting. Standing and waiting and hoping she would get here soon…

Maybe she was frightened again. Maybe she’d leave again and this time never come back…

I barely saw the faces of the guests as they assembled, the arrival of every person I loved besides her.

Jacob was best man. Embry wasn’t particularly pleased with that, but he’d consented. The old schoolgirl friends of Claire’s, Lina, Aliea, and Tina, were the bridesmaids.

And of all the people in the world, Isabella Cullen was the maid of honor.

Bella had taken me seriously on my invitation, and she and Claire had instantly connected. I didn’t like that leech so close to my angel, but she was Bella and a leech, so I could overlook the fault… if Claire wanted me to.

In fact, the entire Cullen clan was there. Instead of devouring the innocent girl who smelled too good for her own good, they were at my wedding. Sam’s idea, not mine.

Embry, Jared, Colin, Brady, and Seth were the groomsmen. Sam was, however, playing “father of the bride”.

Claire had only shuddered a little when that tradition was brought up… she wasn’t much fond of being given away.

Emily was the matron of honor… I forgot to mention the birth of her first child a few years ago. Little Leah was four, and she was pleased as punch to be the flowergirl.

Also in attendance were the other imprintees, Leah, the parents of the pack, and what appeared to be the entire staff of Duke Hospital.

Claire’s mother came, sitting soberly in the back. Her sister, who I hadn’t seen since she was five, was also there, but she planted herself front and center.

They were all distractions. Even the distinctive reek of vampire couldn’t distract me from the pain of the waiting.

The organ began to play, a deep sinuous music that wound up the walls and sang the very stones alive.

The great oaken door swung open.