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From Her

Quil and Claire, now twenty-seven, are getting married. The darkest days are past. Perhaps further danger looms, but all on their minds now is the wedding. In the series For Her.

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5. Chapter 5

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The party was really quite lovely. If I’d been interested in paying any attention to it at all, I would have had the time of my life.

Unfortunately, I was too busy staring at Claire.

She was mine? This girl, woman, angel, was mine, forever?

It was incomprehensible. Such a gift was too great to understand.

The music swelled again, this time a soaring instrumental, played on a piano imported for the purpose, as dinner was brought out.

I was hungry- of course- though not particularly interested in eating.

I noted that the musician was the mind-reading leech. Obviously, he was considerably less food-inclined than even the most preoccupied of werewolves.

As the salads are brought out, Sam stands up.

Toasts. A wedding tradition I was not looking forward to.

“Quil, my friend, I know I’m embarrassing the crap out of you, but you’ve returned the favor on several occasions. And I just want to say… I’ve seen you and Claire from the very beginning, and it was always meant to be. I know it will last forever. So here’s the best of wishes to you, my brother and my dear friend.”

I could slug him, but Claire is grinning, so I forgive the indignity. The next to stand is Emily. I note with surprise that her hair is turning white- and I am certain that Sam hasn’t noticed. This will be us in twenty years. I observed the way Sam looked at her, and I knew time could change nothing. That was even more meaningful than Emily’s words… “Claire, sweetheart, you are such a bright star. When you were a baby, I knew you would live for something great. And you have. I see how happy you are- as happy as I am…” Sam smiled here, so brightly, “and I know you’ve fulfilled all the potential. When you have someone who loves you, you have something to live for. I’m so happy for you, dearest.”

She sat, smiling kindly at Claire. I had for so long seen Emily through Sam’s eyes, as someone adored- not by me- and precious, that I hadn’t realized something I saw clearly right now. She was the closest thing Claire had ever had to a mother.

I owed her for that.

I could never repay the debts to all the people who’d helped her heal…

To my shock, the next standing was Carlisle. Another assistant in the quest to help Claire. “Hello, Quil, Claire. I am honored you invited me today. I must admit I was somewhat surprised… but the more important thing is what even an outsider like myself can see. You love each other. I can personally vouch for the fact that feeling love like that is enough to guide you through many years- or forever. My congratulations to both of you.”

Touching, for a leech. I hoped, however, that the rest of the bloodsuckers didn’t take this as an invitation to rise.

They didn’t.

But someone no more welcome, in my opinion, did.