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And We Loved, With A Love.... That Was More Than Love

Bella and Edward..... they'll always love each other and never stop.

Well.... right now i will say im sorry for any spelling and or grammer errors. Also this is my first Fan Fic ever. Reviews are kindly welcomed! And of course i do not own any of the characters.

1. Chapter 1

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Bella loved this creek. She had found this one-day when she was wondering around aimlessly from the meadow with me in tow. I had known the small river of water had been there, but I never thought to show it to her. Or that she could possibly like it so much. Bella decided to come here more often. Normally on the week’s end, or after school Her eyes went wide and her smile rather big.

I sat by th creek, my love laying against my chest. Her head rested on my shoulder as I stared into her eyes. There really was no one I could ever see myself with. She was put on Earth for me, and I, her. Every now and then she’d run her hand down my arm or my chest. The warmth felt lovely, but only seemed to burden me. I couldn’t give her that same joy of warmth. Only a harsh chill.

We could sit here for hours on end. With only the sound of the creek and the occasional bird. The days the sun shone was great, but when it didn’t… we loved it all the same. There was always the small sentences to each other now and then, but we’d hardly say a thing. We never really needed to. I could see it in her face, and - of course - she could see it in mine. But if there ever was a time that our love had to become more apparent, we’d lightly exchange a kiss. Bella’s heart would speed up, as always, and then settle in her chest once more. That’s when I’d smile at her and she’d return it with the same love.

Bella would sometime decide it was my time for affection and she would have me lay my head in her lap. I didn’t mind when she did this, for it only gave me a better view of her face. She’d like to run her fingers through my hair and study my features. I have noticed that she seems to love my eyes the most. Bella would stare into them long enough to make me feel transpaerent. I would sometimes have to give her the smile- the one she has grown to adore- to get her to look away for a moment so I could regain my solid form.

“Edward, what are you thinking about?” Bella had always been a curious soul.

“You.” She’d give me a light giggle and I would smile back. “What are you thinking about?”

Bella would turn her head to the side. “Edward Anthony Cullen, I think you know perfectly well what I’m thinking about,” she’d tease me with a light smile. And I did know. She was thinking about me. That’s all we would ever think about during these times.

The corners of our mouths would turn upward. Then I would slowly bring my face up to hers and kiss her lips again and again and again. Once we’d pull apart, the normal agenda would resume. I’d stare into her eyes and she'd stare into mine.