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What Happens Now?

When Edward left Bella in New Moon something happened with Alice he'd rather not discuss...Now the truth is out.Will Bella and Edward sort it out or will her & Jasper get closer through the pain?


1. Prologue/Chapter 1

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It’s amazing how everything can change in the blink of an eye. The shifting of reality to a nightmare is often a key feature of life. Are our lives pre-destined or is the future dependant of the choices we make? What if the choices we make, are wrong


Life in Forks was often repetitive, with the sun rarely visible behind rain clouds and interaction with the same few people each day. Bella and Edward didn’t mind this fact; they chose to revel in it instead. Their previously unsteady relationship had recently developed anchors, holding their once turbulent connection on a steady and flat surface. Edward had left her once before, causing her to crumble and almost cease to exist. After much persuasion, Bella agreed to trust in her soul mate once more, content in the security he offered her within their bond of love. The couple had never been happier- until that fateful day the world fell around them.


It was once said that the ‘truth will set you free’. The saying hangs in every creature’s heart, sometimes as a tool of encouragement and sometimes as a mocking form of torture.


Edward’s POV

“God I’m bored!” I let out an exasperated sigh as I flicked through the hundreds of available television channels, finding nothing of interest. Rosalie and Emmett were in the garage making modifications to Bella’s truck- well Rose was doing the work, Emmett was the jack, and Carlisle and Esme were having some rare ‘alone time’ locked in the privacy of their room.

I miss Bella.

Bella had been visiting Renee for the past week and the time away from her almost killed me- metaphorically speaking.

She should be home any minute now. Maybe I should be there waiting for her so she knows how much I missed her. No, she might want to unpack and settle back into her room before I start pestering her. But what if she’s upset that I’m not there and she is actually expecting me to be.

The clock read 5.46pm. I resolved to wait five more minutes and then I would call to see what she wanted. The last thing I wanted to do was intrude on her ‘human time’.

She must be exhausted after the journey back and Renee probably wore her out. I glanced back toward the clock- 5.47pm...Dammit, I’m calling now. I can’t wait any longer. I reached for my phone but was interrupted by Japer bounding down the stairs.

Jasper’s POV

Shit where did I put that CD? “Alice have you seen my CD? The one I burned the other day?” I turned toward my beautiful Alice, her face angelic in the shadows of the sun which flowed through our window. She was lying on our bed reading yet another fashion magazine and seemed deeply engrossed. My angel looked up to the ceiling, thinking for a moment before replying, “Didn’t you lend it to Edward the other night?” I jumped to my feet and kissed the top of her head before I left the room. I looked into her face and wondered where I’d be without this precious person in my life. She was everything I had ever wanted and I couldn’t believe she had chosen to share herself with me. Bouncing down the stairs I was hit with agitation and restlessness- poor Edward, she’ll be back soon.

“Hey Edward, do you still have that CD I made the other day?”

“Oh yeah sorry I meant to give that back. It’s in my room somewhere, I’ll go look for it in a minute.”

He looked deep in thought and his distraction was evident in the bouncing movement of his leg and the tapping of his fingers against one of the sofa cushions.

“Edward, if you want to call Bella just call her. I’m sure she’s as anxious as you.”

He looked up, startled by my words and then broke into a grin at the reassurance I provided.

“You’re right. God I’m crazy. Can I look for your CD after I’ve spoken to Bella or do you need it right now?”

I held my hands up and looked at my now euphoric brother, “no rush.” I was still shocked by the intensity of his and Bella’s relationship. The first time he had introduced her to me, I could tell that this was a match for life. He looked at her like she was a precious flower that needed protecting from the winter frost- fragile and beautiful; a gift to be treasured. As he reached for the phone I said; “tell you what I’ll go look myself, that way you don’t have to rush your conversation with Bella. Oh by the way, Alice said she would walk through her house door at exactly 6.07pm.”

I was halfway through his bedroom door, throwing down to him a feeling of happiness and excitement, when I heard him chuckle a reply, “thanks man, I needed that.”

Ok...Where do I start? I surveyed the mess in front of me. Normally his room was exceptional, yet the lack of Bella the past week had sent Edward into a state of depression and restlessness. I had heard him often listening to half a song, then skipping to the next in an attempt to find a distraction. He had cleared his unwanted clothes from his closet and left them in a pile near the foot of his bed, ready to take to a charity shop. He had removed his vast collection of music from the walled shelves and now had them scattered along the floor so that he had an excuse to re-organise them. I laughed silently to myself as I sat myself down beside the huge bed which dominated the room and began sifting through the numerous CD’s.

It was then that I noticed it.