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A New Death

SECOND IN THE FATE'S COURSE SERIES! Three years later. . . Lizzie is now in high school. She's been living her new life for three years now. She's sixteen and just living each day, not looking towards the future, and what it holds; her death.
As she struggles to live out her last year as a human, she meets new friends and discovers new secrets.
I, EdwardBiteMePlz, am the narrarator to this girl's new life, and death. From thirteen to sixteen, Lizzie will finally choose her fate, but is it already chosen for her? By a vampire family far more powerful than the Cullens? They say she could take out the Volturi's guard single-handedly, and Aro knows it. He's not going to let the Cullens keep Lizzie without a fight. Image and video hosting by TinyPic





10. Love

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It was silent. I was going to have to ask. But I didn't want to.

I cleared my throat the paused.

"Uh . . . who?"

"Embry, my best friend, imprinted on Michelle."

I sighed with relief and Jake laughed.

I did too and demanded, "What?! I'm not good enough for anybody?"

Jake snorted and ruffled my hair.

"Geroffme!" I yelled as my hair changed from black to the blonde it should be.

"Whoa! Your hair just changed!" Jake exclaimed, letting go of me as if it was contaminated.

"I thought dogs were color-blind," I muttered but he heard and tried to hit me, but I disappeared, walking through him and appearing on the other side.

"Boo," I whispered and he jumped.

"I was wondering, does that mean you're a vampire?" Jacob asked, his lip suddenly curling up.

"Nope," I responded, flopping down on the sand and picking up a lucid purple rock, that was shaped like a rose, "Carlisle thinks it's because--"

"You know, you should really give that to Melanie, it would stink to have ugly orange seats in a car that awesome," Jacob interrupted.

Awkward silence.


"Never mind," Jacob muttered, looking confused.

"ANYWAYS, Carlisle says it might be because I was in a house full of vampires and after so much shock, I gained my powers before--" I stopped because Jacob stiffened and snarled, "I mean, when I'm not a vampire," I hurriedly fixed my mistake.

Jake was silent.

"Does Michelle know?" I asked quietly, changing the subject.

"No, but I think she likes him. She blushed when she saw him in the forrest behind me."

So that was why she blushed.

"Will she know about werewolves and . . . me?"

"Embry won't deny her anything, so if she asks, yeah," Jake shrugged.

I stood up. "I'll bet they've been home for awhile now. I'll give this to Bella," I assured him, making it vanish into my little black hole.

"Lizzie," Jake placed a hot hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah?" I asked cautiously.

"I just want you to know, you're like Bella was to me a few years ago . . ."

"Do you want me to punch you?"

"Not like that."

"Oh, well, as long as it's not like that, I'm okay."

"What I mean is," Jake continued, turning his black eyes on me, " Is that you're the only person who is in both worlds, and I can confide in you. Right?"

"Totally," I replied, trying to wrap my hands around him and he grinned, saying, "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"Why?" I asked, rolling my eyes.

"Because they'll get mad you smell bad."



I sighed, looking at the gray waves that vaguely reminded me of my hair when I was sad.

"You want a quick ride back?"

"I guess so, even though I could get there faster," I told him, grinning. I wanted company though.

"I bet you could," Jake agreed, grinning.

He ran into the forest, and I flung my hands into the air.

"Oh, brilliant!"

The beer commercial popped into my head and I grinned stupidly.

A large russet wolf came trotting out of the woods but slowed when it saw me.

I clamored up onto it, and it felt just like riding a horse. Captain flashed through my head.

"YOU!" I yelled suddenly and he jumped.

"You scared my horse! Oh, you dirty rotten mutt!" I harangued him, and his tail drooped.

"Just take me there," I paused as he started loping, "Hello? FAST!"

He took off and I smiled, leaning forward so the wind didn't completely blow me off the werewolf.

Oh yeah, it's bad day when I don't get to travel on a werewolf or vampire's back.

"WOOT!" I yelled, punching the air with my fist.

Jake howled and I laughed. Werewolves were so COOL.

Or should I say they're hot and vampires are cool? That works better.

We arrived at the house and I slid off, landing easily on my feet. I was USED to this kind of speed.

"See you later," I said softly ruffling the wolf's head.

He grinned, showing his dagger-like teeth and I laughed.

I had to wrench my keys away from Katie laughingly, but soon enough I was on the road, flying down the highway as the Volvo eagerly ate up the road.

I thought about the questions I had pondered earlier today and realized that they related so much to the life I was living in now.

Was love really that painful?

I remembered what Jake had told me.

"She looked like a hollow shell, not really. . . WHOLE. Like a zombie almost."

Bella had jumped off a cliff.

Yeah, love COULD be that painful.

Was it really that strong?

Obviously, imprinting was strong.

Jake had told me how you can't deny them ANYTHING, and how Sam loved Leah, but Emily blinded that.

If he was just walking away, she could still love him? I guess so, but it seemed like a lost cause to me, why is she still fighting?

That was proved in two points.

How Bella had acted after Edward had left.

And secondly, Jacob's reason:

"She loved him."

"I know. . . that's why I fought so hard, because I knew she would choose him, but I was in denial . . ."

Love, what I tangled world I wasn't sure I wanted to be a part of.

But then again, that's what Edward had been like.

Well, I suppose I just had to wait and let the chips fall where they may.