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A New Death

SECOND IN THE FATE'S COURSE SERIES! Three years later. . . Lizzie is now in high school. She's been living her new life for three years now. She's sixteen and just living each day, not looking towards the future, and what it holds; her death.
As she struggles to live out her last year as a human, she meets new friends and discovers new secrets.
I, EdwardBiteMePlz, am the narrarator to this girl's new life, and death. From thirteen to sixteen, Lizzie will finally choose her fate, but is it already chosen for her? By a vampire family far more powerful than the Cullens? They say she could take out the Volturi's guard single-handedly, and Aro knows it. He's not going to let the Cullens keep Lizzie without a fight. Image and video hosting by TinyPic





6. Rap & Tickets

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I stopped and tried to pull myself together.

"Ready?" Matt turned with a joyous expression on his face.

"Sure," I said, but my voice sounded strangled.

Mike let Matt have the passenger seat --curse him --- and sat in the back with a smug expression on his face.

I shut the door and ran a hand through my now shortish hair, but froze when I saw Matt watching with a wide-eyed expression. Creepy.

I settled one hand on the steering wheel and turned the key with the other one. I drummed my black painted nails on the wheel as the engine purred to life. I saw the volume dial on the radio and Edward read my mind and burst out laughing while Alice saw the results of my planning and sniggered.

I turned the volume up so only I could hear it and debated what station. When I thought of rap, Edward and Alice both nodded at me in the side mirror. I changed stations, keeping the volume low, as I pulled out of the parking lot. Mike didn't even try to explain anything about the car. Worthless. This was all for Matt.

Matt kept goggling at me and I was feeling sick. I really wanted to punch him or something.

Then the commercials ended and I turned up the volume, grinning. Pay-back time.

She had them Apple Bottom Jeans

Boots with the fur

The whole club lookin at her...

I turned the volume as high as it could go without totally killing my eardrums and started singing along. It was so loud I couldn't even hear myself. I must look like a moron. Who cares, wasn't that the point. I starting beating the steering wheel in time to the rhythm.

"She hit the floor

Next thing you know

Shawty got low low low low low low low low . . ."

Volvo: An insane amount of money

Gas: $74.78

The look on the guys' faces was priceless.

"Them baggy sweat pants

And the Reeboks with the straps

She turned around and gave that big booty a smack

She hit the floor

Next thing you know

Shawty got low low low low low low low low!"

I sang louder, trying not to laugh and give it away. I rolled down all the windows, letting the wind blow my hair. I bobbed my head so violently it felt like I was having a seizure. Some air drumming and I few head shakes later I made a U-turn and drove back towards the parking lot, parking just as the song ended.

Edward looked nauseated.

"I don't really liiiiiike this one," I said, shaking my head again so my curls bobbed-- I was honestly impressed they had stayed in--- and added, "Thanks, though."

I shut the door and turned, walking to Edward and Alice.

"Let's go look at some more," I said, tugging on Alice's wrist until we were way out of hearing range. The boys were still in the car, talking animatedly. probably trying to find the nearest mental institute. I was in a jolly mood and my hair glowed.

"I didn't know you hated rap," I said conversationally, as I took in Edward's still queazy face.

He shook his head.

"Your plan back-fired," Alice explained, "Now BOTH of them like you. Edward has gone into shock because of the . . . content, of the thoughts, I guess. He hasn't really said anything."

"No............" I groaned.

"I know," Alice said as she rubbed my back. I would just have to avoid them from now on, that's all.

I sucked in a breath. A car had caught my eye. "That's it," I breathed.

Alice grinned. "You like it? You don't even have to try it out...unless---"

"NO!" I shouted, covering her mouth.

"Okay, and I have the money in cash to make it easier," She pulled my hand off and gestured to her large bag.

My hair glowed white and started to float around my face.

"I get it, I get it!" she laughed and towed me towards the building.

I was driving home in my Volvo C70 hardtop convertible. The top was down despite the clouds, and Alice was riding passenger. The paint was "Celestial Blue Metallic" and I loved it. It went nicely with the Cullens' collection of cars and Edward was proud of my selection. He said it was nice to drive and perfect for me. He was a little dubious about my selection of the convertible; he was surprised a place like a Seattle dealership would even have convertibles.

"Convertible?" he had raised an eyebrow at me.

"For road trips, maybe we could go on a vacation to Phoenix or something," I said jokingly. It had been a vain hope.

Alice was watching my hair fly around my face with a worried expression.

"Please, Alice, you're ruining the fun!"

She smiled guiltily, and tore her gaze away, looking in the rear-view where Edward's Volvo was following mine.

"Isn't mine SO much better than Edward's?" I asked Alice, watching Edward scowl in the rear-view mirror as he heard me.

"Totally. I can't believe he drives that hunk of--" The rest of her sentence was drowned out by a loud roar. Edward's car blurred as it made a silver streak past us and veered in front, cutting me off. I smiled at Alice who grinned in return, mouthing, road rage.

Something ahead of us flashed and I laughed out loud.

"Forks doesn't have the speed radars, do they?" I called to Alice and she shook her head happily. The rest of the ride was passed singing to the radio.

We pulled into the driveway behind Edward and Bella, who were emerging from their car, Edward sulking.

"Eddie's first ticket!" I sang as I threw my arms around him,"Congratulations! I can't wait to tell Carlisle!"

I skipped up the porch steps and immediately sobered my face, and gestured to get Alice's attention. She saw my plan and nodded.

I banged the door and slouched through as Alice harangued, "I can't believe it! A ticket! Why on Earth where you speeding?!"

The whole family flooded into the entrance hall and Carlisle frowned.

"Lizzie, if you got a ticket hours after getting your car, I think we'll have to take it for awhile while Edward drives you to school."

I put on a whipped puppy face and Alice burst out laughing.

"Carlisle, I don't think you'll want Edward driving her to school. Edward's the one who got the ticket!" Alice howled, clutching her stomach.

Edward was standing on the porch, looking mad, embarrassed and trying to put on a puppy dog face all at the same time. The result was Emmett's, Alice's and my laughter.

"Edward?" Carlisle raised an eyebrow.

"He didn't know they had speed radars that took pictures," I snickered, adding, "I bet all the female police officers are grateful for his ignorance."

I disappeared just before an object hit my face. It was traveling so fast I couldn't tell what it was.

"Edward!" Esme exclaimed and Bella punched him.

"Edward I'm sorry but we're going to confiscate your car. If you want a ride you're going to have to ask Lizzie to drive you."

Esme and Carlisle were the only ones with straight faces. Everyone else was struggling to keep from laughing, but little snorts were erupting from Emmett. Edward looked, well I couldn't exactly tell.

"But....I'm a vampire!"

"We're all aware," I muttered and disappeared as another object flew my way.

"You're sabotaging your only chance of getting in a car Edward," Bella reminded him, "The rest of us won't give you rides. This is too good."

I smirked at him.

"When will I get it back?!" Edward demanded.

"When we think you can handle yourself," Carlisle replied, "It's an open punishment."

Emmett finally roared with laughter and we all joined in.

This was going to be interesting.

Edward looked for something to break. His eyes shone as he saw my car but it disappeared before he could hurt my baby.