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A New Death

SECOND IN THE FATE'S COURSE SERIES! Three years later. . . Lizzie is now in high school. She's been living her new life for three years now. She's sixteen and just living each day, not looking towards the future, and what it holds; her death.
As she struggles to live out her last year as a human, she meets new friends and discovers new secrets.
I, EdwardBiteMePlz, am the narrarator to this girl's new life, and death. From thirteen to sixteen, Lizzie will finally choose her fate, but is it already chosen for her? By a vampire family far more powerful than the Cullens? They say she could take out the Volturi's guard single-handedly, and Aro knows it. He's not going to let the Cullens keep Lizzie without a fight. Image and video hosting by TinyPic





8. Red Eye

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I grinned at their faces as I pulled up to their house, my hair probably sticking up all around my face.

"You like it?"

"Eep!" Michelle cried while she and Katie fought for passenger.

I laughed as Katie managed to push Michelle away and wrench the door open, diving in.

"No fair!" Michelle pouted, crossing her arms as she slammed her back against the back-seat. Leather. Heh heh.

I laughed out loud. "You can have it on the way back!" I smiled as I turned the key.

A song blared from the CD I had put in after Bella had given me the letter. The letter Jacob WOULD respond to.

The CD was Cascada and the song on right now was What Hurts The Most, and I turned it up. The whole way to La Push, we sang along to the songs.

I can take the rain on the roof of this city house

That don't bother me

I can take a few tears now and then and just let 'em out

I'm not afraid to cry every once in awhile even though that's going on with you still upsets me

There are days every now and again I pretend I'm okay but that's not what gets me

What hurts the most

Was being so close

And having so much to say

And watchin' you walk away

And never knowing

What could've been

And not seeing that loving you is what I was trying to do

I tapped the steering wheel with my nails, pondering the meaning of the song. Was love really that painful? Was it really that strong? I suppose it could be, knowing how much I loved my family, but if he was just walking away, she could still love him? I guess so, but it seemed like a lost cause to me, why is she still fighting?

The piano in the song sounded alright, but I suppose even the best piano player in this generation would only sound alright compared to Edward's wonderful compositions and playing talent.

I barely noticed the turn-off, and had to slow up drastically to compensate for my ignorance.

"Oops," I said, amused at my own mind wandering.

As we entered La Push, I kept looking at the woods anxiously. As if, I thought to myself. It's not like a gigantic wolf is gonna leap out of nowhere. There aren't any vampires around.

Despite my inner debate, I wasn't entirely reassured.

"We're here," I announced as I pulled in to First Beach. It was the first time I'd been here, and I was taken back by the beauty.

"Wow, it's gorgeous!" I said, and I noted my voice was surprised.

The twins laughed.

"Yeah, it really is. Surprised were you?" Katie teased and I shrugged sheepishly.

The stones on the beach were beautiful; different colors that glittered in the rare sunlight. There was a light, salty breeze that stirred the course sand and the gray waves that calmly lapped at the edge.

"Looks cold," I observed and they nodded.

"But we can make a fire at least," Michelle responded and Katie's eyes lit up.

"The colors are beautiful," Katie informed me, looking down the beach, as if searching for something, "We need some driftwood though," She murmured.

"Let's go look," I cried dragging her into the cold waves despite her screams. Michelle yelled and charged in behind us, splashing water with us when she dipped her hands down into the clear gray.

I pulled my hair out of its bun and let is cascade down my shoulders. I pulled my T-shirt over my head, revealing my white bikini with red skulls on it. My bright blonde hair tickled my back.

We splashed each other for ten minutes straight, then emerged out of the water, legs salty and covered in sand. We flopped down on the sand, not even bothering to take our towels out.

I want to keep some of these rocks, they're gorgeous," I stated, turning over a maroon rock in my hands.

"They are," Michelle agreed, picking up a teal one.

I flipped the maroon rock and ran my thumb across it, looking out across the gray ocean.

"Ooo! That looks like an eye!" Katie exclaimed pointing to the flat rock I held.

I dropped it like it had burned me, staring down at it with a horrified expression. The rock had a large, dark circle in the middle, just like the eye I had seen yesterday. Except that one had been thristy. The twins cast worried looks at me, but they only thing I could see or hear, was a memory that had been burned into my mind.

I materialized on the porch again, right next to Carlisle. I looked at him with my eyes wide and he was shaking his head. He looked scared.


"The Volturi. They won't rest until they have you. Your powers can branch out in so many ways, you could destroy their entire guard, single handed, still as a human."

He looked down at my terrified face. They won't rest until they have me... My happiness disappeared.

I screamed.